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Last Update: May 22, 2020

They take a lot work to bring into the world. Creating something from an idea, something momentous.

Nurturing and encouraging, feeding, growing. Those first hesitant steps.

Sleepless nights and worry leading, to frustration, sometimes anger

Moments of great joy and laughter.

So much to learn, endlessly seeking answers. Creating boundaries.

Do this or do that. Which is right. Researching, more learning, then you begin to settle into it, become more relaxed as it gets easier.

Then it all changes, the pushing against boundaries, growing suddenly.

Things happening, changes and then rethinking much you knew. More learning. What do others do?

You never stop learning, growing, just as they do. Once it's grown to adulthood the responsibility is still there. Didn't expect that!

Thought you could sit back and rest on your laurels. NO WAY!!!

It will just keep going, the responsibility never ends. You keep moving into the future, with that which YOU created.

How does that feel?

So, what am I talking about?

A child, a Business........................ or Both?

You wouldn't give up on your child while it's young, so don't give up on your business to fast either.

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Babou3 Premium
What a magnificent analogy! Yes, we are raising our children to be strong and self-confident enough to move forward in life on their own. Well as you say so nicely have the same respect for our work on the internet. The most beautiful projects are often the most difficult to achieve, but the end result is a real gift.

Linda103 Premium
Very well put, thank you Ingrid.
a1jonuk1 Premium
Both and also anything else that is worthwhile in life.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Andy, you are spot on.
Twack Premium
I'd go with both.

"It will just keep going, the responsibility never ends."

That wasn't in the manual, who am I kidding, there was no manual.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Twack, it made me laugh because its so true. No manual, just working it out as you go along.
To be fair, I wouldn't have read the manual anyway.
chrisvs Premium
Thought-provoking stuff, I have come to the conclusion that we should be renowned with all wisdom when they are born. Then turn stupid when the job of raising them was done.

Boom! - gone is responsibility at that moment too! That would have been the better way around, for sure.

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Chris, the job of raising them never really ends though does it? They come for advice, to get you to do stuff and then leave the children with you, lol.
zcfpbaby Premium
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Sandra, definitely both.