Just had to go Premium...!

Last Update: October 21, 2014

Oh my gosh...Yeah!...! I did it..."Premium"

This is so a big deal for me and a success in itself.

My first blog ever...wow...success..lol loving it. Thank you wealthy Affiliate for the opportunity to allow me to comfortably give it a go with no stress or pressure or obligation attached.

The more I read the lessons, everyone's blogs and supportive comments I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel....I can actually see myself creating a website...that's huge. The more I read I can see how I'm going to make money...and the potential to make lots if it...that's huge. Especially when I don't have much. Lol...$19 is allot of money to my 3 little daughters and I but I can see how it's a definite worthwhile investment.

The growth I've experienced in just 2 days of joining is incredible. I use to be afraid to even attempt building a website or blog or compete with the big online money makers out there...until...I came across Wealthy Affiliate, It's' community and Kyle.

I'm very greatfull to Kyle and Carl for taking the time to develop this opportunity for all to pursue and share in the benefits.

Oh...and what benefits from going Premium...! I can't wait to post this so I can read more and complete my tasks.

Welcome to all those who have just signed up for the free trial, you have made one of the best choices ever and thank you again Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing everyone joy on their journey.

Please if you think I can help you with anything I'm more than happy.

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tradercalif Premium
Welcome to WA community!
MurieB86 Premium
Congratulations on going premium Liana! For sure you'll learn a lot. I can relate to your fear of starting a blog or website, but I decided to push ahead. Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to do this and it allows me to help others with technical stuff. I can actually put my IT degrees to use here.

Just follow through all the courses and lessons at your own pace. I repeat, your own pace. Don't feel pressured that you have to "complete the courses" within a certain time frame. If I can help you with anything, feel free to send me a PM. Good luck!
Liana Premium
Thanks so much Murie, I may call on you some day soon perhaps, once I get my head around everything....and I will follow the lessons as best I can...I've just finished reading up on jazzy.com and understanding how that all works...just so much too take in, so, yeah.. thanks...will keep in touch...
MurieB86 Premium
Take your time Liana :) No pressure here.
Liana Premium
Such lovely support...really appreciated thanks Murie...have a awesome day..
Alan Hocking Premium
Congratulations Liana!

You now have all the tools, training and support you will ever need to build and maintain a successful business online.

Wishing you every success in your future ventures her at WA :)
Liana Premium
Thank you Allan. Your wishes are much appreciated.