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Does google ban some people for life?

Does google ban some people for life?

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I have heard horror stories of people beinhg banned from Google, for life, for not having repeated a keyword anough times. Is that true? Can that happen? What is the reasoning

A Google "ban" requires a lot more context and typically it can happen in 3, VERY RARE circumstances:

1) You are building a site with basically no no topics that are just illegal things basically.

2) You are using black hat methods to grow your website via SEO that Google doesn't like, so they penalize your site. It's not a "ban", but your site is basically dead in the water then and it's better to start a new one.

3) You run a Google Ads account and violate numerous policies they have so they suspend your account with very difficult means to bring it back.

The likelyhood of this happening is extremely rare if even possible especially if you are following what WA teaches.

I suppose it would be possible for serious violations of Google's terms of service but I haven't ever heard of it happening for lack of keywords or content.

It is possible supposedly violating its terms of service.

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