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I joined Wealthy Afiliiate because I have always wanted to be my own boss, but with a purpose. In my opinion being financially stable and debt free is the best way to truly enjoy life.

I believe the purpose of financial freedom is to mentor other like-minded individuals whom seek to be entrepreneur or earn extra income to secure their financial future without depending on a bi-weekly income to meet their needs.

However, to do this I must learn and be the example of a person that has financial freedom a d stability. This is where Wealthy Afiliiate comes in for me as long as I take full advantage of all it has to offer there is no reason for me not to succeed and secure a future were money will never be an issue and paying it forward by helping others.

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David-Salt Premium
Thanks for the follow! Welcome to WA! There is so much to learn even if you have done this before! Everyone here is very helpful, so ask if you have any questions! I wish you all suceess here!
grampamike Premium
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for following me. I’m pretty impressed with WA training and I think we will find a gold mine of information. Hmmm, seems like geniuses like us tend to gather in the same place (lol). Anyway, here’s wishing you all my best for your success with online marketing … GrampaMike
levonM Premium
Thank you, thank you grampamike I totally agree. I wish you much success as well and looking forward to meeting you at a WA conference or reading about you in a millionaire magazine.
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
TKinser Premium
Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it. Best wishes for your success here at WA
Vince OMWV Premium
Hey Levon!

Just wanted to run something by you, in case you didn't know, so you won't miss out on anything here..

There's 1 day left for you to get a 59% discount on Premium. I highly recommend this for you. I think it'd be a great move! But, it's optional.

Vince OMWV Premium
Hey Levon....

I noticed you still haven't setup your account completely with a photo and/or description.

Just dropping by to see how you are doing.

Typically, those who fill out there profile info do receive a better response time and get more help.

Good to have you here :)

Vince OMWV Premium
Hi Levon, how are you doing? My name's Vince and I actually referred you here to WA through my website Online Marketing With Vince. I just wanted to introduce myself.

Here's the instructions in case you missed it on how to get started here:
Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)

Let's start 2015 strong!!

Let me know if you have any questions about WA!

levonM Premium
Sorry for not responding sooner Vince. Thank you so much for referring me to WA. This is the best site for beginners like me. And yes I am looking forward to start 2015 strong. I will defiantly keep you on my A-list for questions.