How do you know when it is time to give up and start over?

Last Update: July 04, 2014

I have been actively (but slowly) building my site for about 5 months now. I am feeling rather despondent about the progress my site is making and I think I may have made some fundamental errors when I chose my niche.


Content: 25 pages / posts (I know this is not great quantity)

For a beginner I think I have chosen a niche that is either difficult, or too broad. Too few searches vs too much competition.

I don't think I am even close to getting good rankings on Google.

I need to decide on a way forward.

To keep going with this niche or to find something else that is more specific and not so broad?

To find a sub-niche and focus on that for a while and build out other topics later?

To focus on my bootcamp site and come back to this at some time in the future? This bootcamp site is still very small and getting little attention because it is not my priority at the moment.

How do I decide which is the best course of action?

I know that Kyle says that ANY niche can be profitable. My problem is that this niche does not have a specific product to target - there are numerous different products for various areas of the topic. When I re-look at the niche, there is no advertising on any of the Google searches (or very few anyway).

My feeling right now is that I would rather start over with something that I can possibly make a success of in 3 to 6 months and not stick with something that might take me 1 to 2 years to get success with.

I would really value the advice of some experienced members with this decision.

Thank you


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DBSTAR Premium
Count it as learning experience develop it or start a new one, it does not matter, but try to be realistic, too little content for real success. Would you frequent a shop that offers si little a choice?
Rike jobs in the "real world" this requires time and dedication.
So try to be realistic when you take a decision.
There are a lot of people out there to compete with you, what will make you an authority and convince people you are the best choice?
RickBell57 Premium
I read some of the remarks but wanted to put my own in. 6 months in is about one third of the way here on any niche site. 100 posts all about different things...not just bats, of course, makes all the difference in the world. You do have a narrow niche. But it could be expanded into other areas.
Engaging your reader is where I myself fall short of the mark. And picking the niche, WA promotion site, that I picked has caused me to have to rethink my own thoughts. Especially after not making a sale from the site in 5 months!

Kyle says any niche is profitable. That is if you have the passion to stick it out the first year, and on into the next. There is no way to start marketing a website and be making money in 6 months. Not here. Not unless you are so lucky you don't even have to work for a living!

I do more then feel your pain. I am in the same spot you are just with a different niche.
Kyle says it doesn't matter, even wa promotional reviews sites make money and he said I need 50 reviews to begin seeing traffic start to flow.

You and I have to make a choice, either to stick with affiliate marketing, or going off and doing something else. I am impatient also, as you are, maybe more. And I have lost lots of the excitement I had in the beginning. Just like you.
It is the season for mosquito's. You can write ten articles on that. You have a good foundation and you can spread out some with the niche you have if you feel it to narrow. I would definitely do that before scraping all the work and time. Sit back and think of ways to make it more interesting, by adding different product reveiws, like new mosquito controlling devices. Not everyone likes mosquito's around.

However, if you have lost your desire to write about, and for this all means, you need to sit back and think of a niche you will hold your interest even more so then this one. Because most members here have an interest in something usually and start out, only to fail because it was not a passion. Without the passion to continue on...failure is eminent.
lauracb Premium
Rick, thank you for the good words. I also needed them. :)
Lesmyb Premium
Thank you Rick.

I am tending towards the sticking it out option right now. It is definitely a topic that I am interested in, although it does offer some challenges too.
Thank you for the input.
dch1959 Premium
Very well said Rick!
dch1959 Premium
Personally i like what you have going on with your site. You have so many different topics you could write about and target. I found your site very interesting. Are you finding good keywords for your post titles?
Don't get discouraged, just keep improving your site with images, content, maybe some affiliate banners in the sidebar. This will be the process no matter what niche we are in,it just takes time, and we have to keep trying to find the best keywords and write the best content we can until we get there.
Are you doing anything with social media such as Pintrest, people love pictures of nature and such. maybe get involved more with sharing your images, posts.
Lesmyb Premium
Hi Dennis,

I think the problem is exactly that there is so much to write about. By trying to touch on some of the many different aspects I have probably lost focus. Maybe I am also suffering from being overwhelmed. when I started I did not think that it was such a huge topic. this is definitely more of an authority subject, rather than a niche.

I am still getting started with social media and Pinterest.
Thank you for the encouragement.
lauracb Premium
Hi Les,
I completely understand you. I think there were moments when we all felt the same. I know I do feel just like you right now.
If you have the necessary energy, maybe you should get a more specific niche. (Though in my opinion, this is just fine.)
Anyway, you should do what's more comfortable for you. Start something else, you already have experience now it will go more faster. But don't give up this site entirely. Keep putting one post per week, and it will grow slowly but steady, along the new one.
This is what I've been thinking to do myself. I am still thinking, I'm not sure what to pick.
If you think you need time to research for the garden site, then transform it into a more personal blog. Write about your life in the garden, what you did, what happened, what insects visited it, what picture you took... your experience there. Without scientific facts. And without trying to sell anything. This is the least you can do for that site if you don't have time for it. Just don't kill it. After all it came out from your passion, right? Don't kill your passion.

But I know there are periods and periods, there are hard moments and easy ones, and I have to be patient and stubborn. Sometimes the universe helps. Really! I was able to see signs happening around me that told me to keep doing it. You know my site is about honey, and when I was overwhelmed by how good the competition is, and how much I have to learn about honey, about health, about SEO, about making this site work..., something happened. Like a bee coming inside my room, or finding a book about apitherapy, or somebody brought me a jar of honey...

Nobody can decide for you. You should just listen to your gut. And if it says try something new, then go ahead. All the big wealthy guys here, have tried different roads till they found their way. Different sites, different niches, different approaches to SEO. I have recently read Nathaniel's story. He says somewhere that there was a moment when he bought 40 domains, trying to make many sites, to.... I forgot! :)

I wrote this here to you and to myself. I knew right from the beginning that this was not a way to make money in a few months. Maybe not in a whole year. And that I have to be really committed if I want to be like the ones I admire on the internet.

Good luck with your decision. And let us know how it works.
coolcity Premium
Yes Laura makes a good point there, that many of the more successful ones here have tried many things before finally hitting on one.

I would, however, persevere for some time yet and aim for AT LEAST one new post a day, not one a week. You will need hundreds of pages to make any impact in all likelihood but if you build it big enough, they will come. The more content a site has the better it will rank.

I would center on the gardening aspect, look at things that people might buy for their garden, things like garden tools, hoses, bird tables and ornaments, even garden furniture, rather than havens for bats and butterflies which are going to be far less popular. Yes, there are many people selling the more popular items but there is a good reason for that ;)
Lesmyb Premium
Thank you Laura.

I think I just want to have something that I can see that tells me that I am making progress of some sort and not wasting my time. I have been targeting low-hanging fruit keywords and it seems I am still off the Google map. I also get that I am probably being impatient.

I will evaluate all the ideas and advice I get and hopefully will have a firm decision and direction by Monday.
coolcity Premium
OK first of all you are going to find it very difficult to be successful at ANYTHING in 3-6 months, in any walk of life. Even the dot com success stories took years to become established, and often then it was more luck than judgement.

On to the website, and to begin with I personally would not start the site off with an article about bats. That isn't going to interest the majority of people coming to the site to look at possibly more friendly types of wildlife. Your home page really needs to be a sort of directory or index of the content. As it stands the site is just a collection of articles that are not very well organised.

As for monetizing it, it isn't actually that easy to find anything to buy. Something more mainstream like photography equipment or nature books and DVDs would appeal to more people. Start with something much more popular, like birds, and build it out from there. Look at the top nature sites and the first thing you will realise is that 25 pages is literally a drop in the ocean. The site is so small nobody is ever going to find it.

I personally don't believe any niche is too large but you are going to need hundreds of pages to make any sort of impact in a popular niche like nature in my opinion. It can be done but it's a lot of work and it will be for very little reward initially, but 25 pages isn't going to hack it unfortunately unless they specifically target one area. It needs to be much more focused.
Lesmyb Premium
Thank you.
You are confirming some of my thinking here. Instead of giving up on this the one option is to focus on one particular area of wildlife gardening and stick to that for some time. It will then be the focus of the site for the near future.
As for the blog roll that has my latest bats article up-front. Perhaps a sticky-post of better taste? (If I can figure out how to do that) This then followed by whatever the latest blog topic is?
Or perhaps a blog menu item with the latest posts there? This way I can create a home page that is more a directory or index style.
I think I am starting to see a slightly different picture.
coolcity Premium
Yes I would agree with that, target a particular area and concentrate on that, then expand from there. You could add a few more items, such as latest news or special offers, to the space on the right.

The basic format is right, the site looks great with excellent, easy to read and well spaced out content and plenty of interesting pictures to break it up. It just needs expanding with more content, but in a more specific way targeting, say, the nature-loving gardener. Maybe have a row of clickable photos introducing each section or 'department' at the top. Take a look at competing sites to see what they are doing.

As much as it needs to be interesting my personal belief is that you should never lose sight of the fact that you need to monetize it at some point or it's all been for nothing.
Lesmyb Premium
Thank you Gary.

I think one of my difficulties is choosing something to focus on. There is so much. I guess the weekend will be spent brainstorming and trying to create a plan for the different topics and then prioritise them.

Thank you for the ideas. It is giving me a lot to think about.
coolcity Premium
Think of it this way - there is so much to focus on, it makes it easy! Lots to choose from! Take something as the centrepiece, such as a wildlife garden, then think about what people are likely to buy for their garden as mentioned.

Garden furniture is a large outlay which means higher commissions, so how about a section on how to enjoy your garden and it's wildlife? to do that people will need to care for the garden, which means they will need tools and accessories and so on.

You could, for example, start with that then expand later to photography, books and so on. The more there is to explore, the more likely people will stay there and buy things. But don't do too much at once, imagine you are building your own wildlife garden and what you would need.

I know very little about gardening and somebody might come along and tell me I'm talking rubbish, but hopefully these ideas will help a little.