7 weeks of utter frustration!

Last Update: January 29, 2017

What would it be like for you if, all of a sudden, you had no internet connectivity at home for a full 7 weeks?

Where I live, 6 km out of town, we have no fixed line internet service available to us. While this is already a frustration, at least there are cellular networks to turn to. I have been using a mobile data solution for my internet at home, and it has kept me going well enough - though a little slow.

Then, 7 weeks ago, nothing! Without warning even the slow mobile connection I had disappeared. It was so bad that we had to walk outside to a "certain spot" where there was coverage just to make a call. There was absolutely no way that I could get a data connection. I am working full time and have 2 children at home to take care of, so finding a place to work in town after hours was not an option. I was beginning to wonder if my site was going to start dying a slow death.

For 7 weeks I was unable to do any work on my site!

Thank goodness that the cellular data service has come back and it is better than it was before. At least I can begin working again. I am looking at other options for my internet connectivity, but there aren't many and some are even more costly that mobile data (which is very expensive in South Africa at R360 for 3GB).

It really is a relief to be back on line and to able to engage with this wonderful comminity again.

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SamiWilliams Premium
I live in an underserved area.
Yes, being without service is frustrating!
Being retired I am able to workaround, somewhat.
However, I connected to offer encouragement. Know that this too will pass.
This is a great community! I miss having more time here.
drjec Premium
Sounds very frustrating. Glad things are up again.
TJ Books Premium
That would be frustrating. John