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February 25, 2021
Broad Niches Are BroadIndustry is the biggest picture. Auto industry is the manufacturers of cars and that is not really a niche. Niche is a little indentation in a wall, not the whole wall. So, what could be niches in the auto industry? What is sold in the physical world? What are some nitchy products? Tires for cars could be a niche. It's not the whole car, so why not? People sell them. People buy them. Are they sold online? Maybe there are other things for tires that are a narrow
February 25, 2021
The CaveI had a story idea about a man trapped in a cave. He was an avid spelunker and had been in hundreds of caves and the one he was in was one of the most fascinating to him for the pools of clear water and many stalactites in multiple colors, hung from the ceiling of the cave. As he made his way though the cave, he photographed everything he could, to have a record of his solo expedition. Normally, he told his wife precisely where he was going and when he would return, but not on this t
February 24, 2021
Who Uses Checklists?"Make a list and check the boxes." - my daughter. She makes lists, gets things done and checks the boxes as she goes. A to-do list is not just for groceries. It can be for chores or anything. It can be all the things to do when you get divorced and set up your own place. That's a lot to handle. Regardless of what it is, she checks the boxes. Check the boxes. It's her mantra. Oh yes, get the 5000 dollars from parents is on the list, you know, to pay the attorney. Wo
February 24, 2021
Study The SuccessfulEmulating, not imitating (or maybe), the successful is a way of obliquely being mentored, which is great if you have no mentor. If you keep doing things as you are, you may or may not reach your goals. Successful people who already have reached goals have insight and more about getting there.There are levels of success, as it were. A writer named James Patterson, according to one source, has a net worth of 560 million dollars. Another source puts it at 800 million dollar
February 23, 2021
Universal ConnectionHere we are connected but distancing still. Is it even correct to use the word distancing? In English, we have a magical thing that we can do to verbs and by sticking -ing on them we have a thing called a gerund. Not everyone knows that. I don't know that you have to know that or that you have to know anything at all, but a gerund exists in this universe.Now we have a grammar connection. Think of grammar a little like grandma. She's much older than the infants and she
February 23, 2021
The last in the series of what motivates trolls.Some are around to get free stuff. Some are around to steal your information. Some are around to con you into buying something from them that you do NOT need. Some of us notice and some of us write about it.If you know about what lies behind the words, the insults, the attacks, then it gives you insight into the behavior. You'll spot them instantly. Consider this:Symptoms displayed by some trolls are below.From The Mayo Clinic We Discover:Ant
February 23, 2021
I Learned The Hard Way About TrollsThis is the last in a series of three posts about trolls, or maybe not.Not knowing, at first, that trolls are actually mentally ill (even though one told me that he is), I fell into the troll trap once upon a time. It is embarrassing because I knew about symptoms of anti-social personality disorder. I didn't spot them at first. Troll traps are clever narcissistic control mechanisms to manipulate us and to draw us in, under the bridge at the sewage treatment
Trolls On The LooseFrom time to time, comments are made on websites and on platforms by people up to no good. What? OMGosh, yes! Some of these can be ignored, as I have come to discover. Some of these are from miscreants, some of whom are criminally insane or just criminal in intention. Some are fishing for your personal data, including passwords, or they try to scam you into getting hosting with them instead of who you are with.Some trolls have an agenda and seem to just want to stir up tr
February 22, 2021
Daydreams And NightmaresYou lie on a limb, languishing in the sun. It feels warm and almost safe. You think about things you want, places to go, people to meet, and what you'll do with the rest of the day or the rest of all your days.Thoughts come and go and you may make a whole movie out of your daydream and build your fantasy of your wonderful life. It's A Wonderful Life, isn't it. Sometimes there are happy endings but more often than not you must work for them. If you're fortunate, you'
February 21, 2021
Not For Myself NowThere are people in this world who are very happy making others' lives miserable, or trying to. I had one for six years in my life and even though we were on the same football team and even though we had trained at the same boxing gym, he felt it was a good idea to bully me and I had forgotten about that until recently.Lots of people have this kind of story. I don't write this today for myself. There are actually some people who have messaged me about my writing, so this is