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Last Update: January 07, 2021

Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well staying safe and healthy.

Recently there has been a fair bit of controversy over blog posts and comments in the WA forum. I just visited the page where Kyle has outlined the rules put in place to protect against spam and certain other items. Now, this is a copy and paste, so I am not sure if it will be published or not.

Here goes:

1) No unsolicited messages to be sent through private messaging. This will lead to the immediate removal of your ability to post anywhere within WA.

2) No copied content allowed to be posted here at Wealthy Affiliate. This content will be immediately removed and you will lose posting privileges.

3) Do not copy content from WA and post it somewhere else on the Internet. This includes copying your own blog content and putting it on your website.

4) No promotions with comments or chat. Although these may seem like subtle ways to promote, if you are caught doing this, you will likely lose privileges. If a link is posted out of an act to help someone, not sell something, that is OK.

5) No training should be focused on the promotion of a product or service or give half information. If it does, then it will be immediately removed from the training at WA and you may lose all privileges to post-training in the future.

6) No blog or forum posts that are created for the pure purpose of promoting a product. This does include product reviews. The rants are OK.

7) No adding affiliate links to any blog, training, discussion, or private message

8) Do not post content that is irrelevant to the online business world or your respective journey through the online world. Anything that is "niche" specific should be posted on your external websites.

9) Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more". All of the content must be self-contained within the post itself.

10) No soliciting phone numbers or asking people to call you

11) Asking for personal contact information

12) Any inappropriate content (adult content, website URLs, or related images)

13) Soliciting communication outside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform

14) Using incorrect or misleading headlines within your discussions or blog posts

15) No faith or religion based posts

16) No signatures at the end of your posts (posting your website URL, image, etc)

17) No politically driven posts

18) Promoting ANY product whatsoever

19)Anything else that you are knowingly doing in an attempt to sell something.

20) We do not allow any form of fundraising or charity including that campaigning for members here within WA. Please keep all fundraising campaigns external to WA.

We are all here with the ultimate goal of success, if you try some "sneaky sneak" spam attempts within WA, you will be caught and you may be in for an "account explosion"! We are flexible on every other aspect of WA other than spam. No exceptions. Just don't do it!

We truly are a community of help and if you see any form of spam going on, please do let us know and we will handle it accordingly.

Well, I am going against rule 2. These rules have been copied from a post by Kyle. I however I think everyone should read them, perhaps certain things have been forgotten. It happens.

Recently Kyle posted a reply to a member:

"We are going to be adding more controls and intelligence to the "cut off write access"

algorithms in the future,

Carson and I are discussing some good solutions for that. We have things in place to prevent

abuse of that already, but we need to add some additional logic"

The WA I joined over two years ago was a great friendly place, unfortunately perhaps due to certain frustrations caused by personal, or other world issues people are not dealing too well with, and are taking their idle time to cause conflict here. Please be respectful. The rules are very simple and they make sense to me.

I apologize I just read a post that pretty much sums up the way I feel. I hope this gentleman does not mind me sharing a few words from his post.

Talk2Ray just posted "Don't Lose Hope"

"I love to read all the blogs that are being posted, especially since this community is a worldwide community. I love to read all the blogs that are being posted, especially since this community is a worldwide community."

"I find hope in the fact that people from all over the world want the same thing - hope for a chance to do better in life. This is something that I do not find in the news or social media, there is always something that divides people that is being spread like wildfire."

"But, here I find hope. I find hope that there is a way to get out of debt."

This excerpt is from a wonderful member here at WA and I thank him for sharing it.

Best wishes,


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YvonneBray Premium
We need to have guidelines in place because there are so many members here at WA online. Without rules, we are open to spammers and trolls. I agree we do need protection from those who try to take advantage of us through scamming.

However, as members, we can make mistakes, some of us are also getting older and at times can be forgetful and we often need reminders.

My goodness, the number of mistakes I have made from misreading something or typing a sentence which I think makes sense to not make any sense at all, and so, in turn, gets misinterpreted, and often has been pointed out in return. I have been lucky, it has been mentioned to me through pm and I have been given the opportunity to apologise and fix it and to try to not do it again in the future.

Now isn't that how we learn?

Rather than spam or troll someone who may have genuinely made a mistake, it would be better if you pm them and reminded them kindly of the WA Rules so that they can then retract or apologise.

I agree with Chuck below the laws of Wealthy Affiliate I believe should be included in the training.

As a reminder, it is a good idea to save Kyle's post so that you can go back and check on something before doing it.

Always have the question in your mind Is it okay to add this? or Can I say that?
LesGreen Premium
Yvonne, you are the voice of reason and I very much appreciate your viewpoint.

I had a friend who very carefully followed rules and the rules became the most important thing, other than his doing his due diligence thoroughly and completely. He was a very successful real estate broker in Las Vegas. I shared an office with him and he was instrumental in getting me started with new clients for me.

Every morning he read the newspaper and then he worked on putting deals together and before long, every deal had something wrong about it. Every one had flaws. He didn't do the flawed deals. He focused exclusively on his rules and his criteria. This kept getting worse and worse.

Money stopped flowing to him, but the economy was very good.

The very last time I heard from him was a phone call. He was begging me to buy him a bag of groceries for his wife and himself.


If a member is going to push the nuclear spam button, should the person be trained and also qualified and mentally healthy? Think about it. How should that be tested and verified? Maybe members shouldn't act like secret police? Administrators do this on social media censoring activities.

I know that some police love focusing on rules and laws after a few years, some seem to think that everybody is bad and that there are no good people anywhere.


Laws make sense and rules make sense, but it's possible to take things too far and when that happens, things can and do collapse. People sustain businesses. Rules are needed, but rules don't sustain business. It's just a perspective. I've been around long enough to see a lot more than I could ever write here.

I just want to make things work for my family back in the U.S. I believe that is not wrong.
YvonneBray Premium
Thank you for your response which I greatly appreciated. My opinion is members should not have easy access to spam buttons, maybe a written response requesting removal of inappropriate content may go down much better.
LesGreen Premium
Yes! Consideration, compassion and manners should be in fashion. How bad would that be?!
YvonneBray Premium
true, it's not hard its a sign of respect.
miloncashgal Premium
I've read your reply over past week. I agree to behave best i can. I'm just known for getting in trouble and don't want be kicked out. I don't mean to, it just happens to me lol. I will pay better attention.
Please let me know if I screw up like Christopher and my cuss words.
YvonneBray Premium
Hahaha great comment
miloncashgal Premium
Thanks but I am serious about straightening me out when I tend not to be "politely correct " or proper, in some cases. You know what I mean lol.
LesGreen Premium
I think that it is good to have rules and since Wealthy Affiliate is bigger in population than some countries, I look at the rules like they are law. If you do a background check on me, you'll discover that I do not break laws. Anarchy is something that can never succeed.

I also think that everyone should not act like they are the police, even though theoretically people can do a citizen's arrest. From being licensed professionally in architecture, building construction, and insurance, I had to study law in each area to pass those tests and get licensed. Should the laws of Wealthy Affiliate be included in the training, and fully explained? Maybe as something early on, since they are held to be, at times, as training and building the business, and sometimes seemingly the most important aspect of all.

Rules do make sense and I'll point this out and hope that it is considered. I also have been a professional singer, musician, and composer and have a vast amount of experience in that. I say that, not to promote myself and you'll have to have a thing called trust (something not in rules), but rather to qualify the statement coming forthwith.

Writing is an art. Some writers would make you think that it is anything but an art. They don't sell. Bad writers lose credibility rapidly. If you write and don't engage a reader, you may do so and follow all the rules, but you will more than likely fail as a blogger.

Writing is communication. Communication and art can fit into the rules. Communication is paramount. Without it, business dies. There is plenty of evidence for that.

In universities, grading is done by those who fully understand the subject being graded. It is reasonable and fair that oversight, at the very least, be done, rather than to have unqualified people judge whether a written piece (a blog) is in conformance and compliance with all the rules of blogging.

We don't allow citizens in the country in which I live to carry guns, but the police do and we must trust them, because they ARE trained to understand and enforce laws. It is reasonable to keep peace. That's my two cents worth. Trying to keep things in perspective.
drjec Premium
I agree that rules are always reasonable when two people or more are in any kind of activity together. As with everything else, the rules are interpreted individually which means that something I think is good and reasonable, someone else may see as breaking a rule. In a group like WA, there are ways to suggest that someone think about a rule without making it public. Rules are set up to try to provide the best experience for the most people. That's a good thing.
LesGreen Premium
We do agree on what you wrote!!

LesGreen Premium
I don't know how to write blogs that are useful or helpful. I have deleted a total of 500 during the last inquisition and the current one. I give up.

Hundreds of hours I spent and I question if a single one written by me was fully compliant with the requirements. I know that I violated NONE of the promotional aspects EVER.

I wish the best to all those more intelligent than I am and that it all works well and makes for wealth with blog writing on the platform.
lesabre Premium
Please Chuck, one, I think you are a very intelligent person. Two in the last month I have seen a substantial increase in your blogs within the comment forum.

Thank you for commenting,
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing this information with the community, it will help them to understand the agenda and focus of the co-founders of this great platform.

However, I feel the paragraphs leading to the rules, the content after the rules, and the blogging rules are just as important as the rules themselves.

So I am providing the link to the main rules so everyone can read the complete blog from Kyle, not just the rules themselves: Additionally, many may not know that there is also a set of blogging rules (screenshot of them included below). They used to be posted in the blog submission platform but when the new interface was implemented they were not carried forward?

I notified Kyle of this in the "official bug discussion thread" for the new interface, but I received no reply from Carson or Kyle to my comment?

I hope that this additional information helps prevent other members from receiving a write ban. Seems how the WA platform members apparently are having an issue with the "report spam" system as you noted in your blog above.

By educating yourself of the rules will also allow you to create material to submit to the WA platform that is compliant with those rules and avoid a written ban completely without any worries.

Educate instead of castigating,

JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Good on you Michael, thanks for making people better informed to make WA a better place. We can be 100% better than the other online training courses and their Facebook groups.
Our community can be better than that - lets ensure we make it that way.
Sure a few "weeds" come in from time to time, but lets remind the innocent mistakes and report what we should report.
lesabre Premium
Well said, John. I appreciate your comment. Every garden will have some weeds. There are a few innocent mistakes that are made, but there is no reason for certain individuals to go ballistic about it.

All the best,