Story of Two Wolves

Last Update: April 27, 2021

Hi WA family, hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.

I know what do wolves have to do with WA. Well, hopefully, I will be able to establish some sort of link with what we do here at WA. This story was sent to me and I figured I would share it with you. Here goes:

Historians typically attribute the tale to the Cherokee or the Lenape people.

A young boy and his Grandfather are sitting together...

Wistfully looking off into the distance, the Grandfather sighed and said, “I have a fight going on deep within my chest."
“It’s taking place between two wolves. One is black-hearted – he is full of self-pity, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, guilt, resentment, distress, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

The Elder looked at his grandson and went on.

“The other wolf's heart is full of joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, healing, compassion, and faith.
Both wolves are strong and fighting to the death."

After a long pause, the Grandfather said, "The same fight is going on inside you, my son... and every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a long while... and then asked, “Which wolf will win, Grandfather?”

The Grandfather simply said, “The one you feed.”

I need to feed myself with WA information on a daily basis. My brain is not the sponge it used to be. There have been several occasions I have looked at the Premium Plus and almost clicked on the upgrade, it has so much to offer and I know there is a lot of information I can feed myself and win. It may happen today or tomorrow, I just don't know at this time.

Wishing you all the very best,

Your friend always,


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SHeisey1 Premium
Thank you for sharing this story. I have seen it before, and always like it, because it is so true. I never equated it with success, as is here applied, and ALSO, so true!
We all have choices to make. Outcomes depend on which choices we make. We greatly influence our own destiny.
lesabre Premium
Hi Shirley, I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Best wishes,

webcash2us Premium
Hi Michael, that is so good and it's a very true metaphor. It reminds me of the image of the devil on one shoulder saying do it and the angel on the other saying don't do it.

We reap what we sow and whether it's good or bad the one who gets fed wins. Great analogy.

I'm waiting until my sites are ranking well in Google before I decide to go premium plus. They rank well in Bing and Yahoo so far...

It's a bummer that we premium members used to get all the training available here. I understand for WA it's business but...

Somehow, I feel like we're missing things here that used to be available to all premium members. Yet, I'm doing well so I can't complain, progress is moving forward.

One day when I'm a Wealthy Affiliate I'll upgrade.... lol

lesabre Premium
Hi John, thank you for your comments. They are very much appreciated.

All the best,

Suzay Premium
Oh Michael, I was reading this part of your quote and thinking of Bill Gates buying huge tracts of farm land, when he doesn't farm, “It’s taking place between two wolves. One is black-hearted – he is full of self-pity, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, guilt, resentment, distress, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”
Greedy and insecure,seeing life or the end of life coming soon, wanting to amass as much as possible, and KiLL all competition.
This wolf will give you nightmares, It's destructive sneaky nature will drain you of peace, scare away happy, healthy and loving relationships.
You want the other wolf.
My dog Rikki would help me walk around the park. I'd put the long lead around my hips and he go into a pull mode, to help Mommy, bless his heart!
The wolf that loves, and blows kisses to the children riding in the car along side, blowing kisses back!
The wolf that sits with me in the garden bench, like the story of The Little Prince, we look in the same direction, and share the silent words of one heart beating together with no words.

Or Rikki howls while I howl with laughter and play ukulele and laugh till I cry! Because I chose the wolf that makes me kinder, sweeter,a better listener to hearts sort of person.
PS Michael, I'm so happy with just premium. Until I can get full value out of it, I'm not changing lanes. And you are a lot farther ahead than me!
I actually fell down outside a little while ago, and whacked my head hard against a stack of concrete pavers. I'm OK. good I had a hat on, so that took up some of the blow.
Thank you for your post today! I appreciate you.
lesabre Premium
Hi Suzay, what a compelling story. It is something I have to save for now and will re-read it tomorrow. I thank you for sharing it.

I appreciate you too Suzay.

Will chat tomorrow,

Suzay Premium
Thank you Michael, have sweet rest full. healing sleep.
Dhind1 Premium
Feed the beast within - that is true. The question is which one do we believe in and which one will triumph.

WA helps in so many ways as there is always optimism around the platform and we can see that WA does work and will work for us.

Never give up.
lesabre Premium
Thank you Alex. Appreciate your comments.
davebux Premium Plus
What a fantastic little story Michael.
This is one to remember and recall at the right time.
Upgrading, don't rush if you have to pay full price. Another day or so of contemplation won't hurt. It's a long game after all.
Put a record on and relax, but not a sad one, something uplifting.
I'm not making that mistake again.
lesabre Premium
Thank you Bux, appreciate your comments