Beware of The Bait

Last Update: June 21, 2019

Hi WA friends,

Here is a story of a man who is broke. Yes that man is me. Heavy sigh!!

Going into WA, I had a feeling that I would be making some money by at least month three. Well I am going into month nine and have not broken the barrier to making that online income

During my time here I have seen numerous stories of success. My friends have been making money, and even been able to win trips to Las Vegas.

So, why not me? Well sometimes me knows the answer's, but chooses to use wear a blindfold. A heated argument ensued with my mirror. I realized a few factors that answered my own question.

1) I initially joined WA to learn. My gosh me building a website, not a chance. Well I did it. Thank you to WA, and the incredible community I care about. I have a functioning website. Awesome!!

2) First learn, gain the power to create, and establish success through knowledge. This is unlimited here. Kyle, Carson, Jay, the Ambassadors and the many of you who have this incredible talent in writing these amazing blogs, the tutorials you share and your willingness to help just amazes me on a daily basis. Thank you.

3) Uncharted territory, and not making use of the training road map offered through WA. Ingredients to demise along with my stubborn nature. When the going get's tough, the frustration sets in. I used to drink several beers and dip deeply into the alcohol to get me through the tough times. That all backfired in very nasty ways. I am a recovering alcoholic. I do not want to pick up again, it is a better life being sober.

4) I have this incredible ability to complicate the most simple things in life, a brain with a bad attitude at times. My life has always revolved around the automotive technology field. Sometimes I feel like a fish trying to climb a tree when it comes to the Internet. Not going to happen. I yam, what I yam.

5) This is a new journey for me. Sometimes I do get lost going around in a circle. You show me the way out. It is only since I started with WA that I began to ask for help, it is still hard. Overcoming obstacles, slowing down going over that speed bump before crashing. These things I have to keep in mind.

6) Realization of my abilities and not judging or comparing myself to anyone else. I know there will be a day, hopefully in the near future where I will be winning those trips to Las Vegas and I, along with you will create a nice supplemental income through WA. Today may not be that day for me, but that is OK.

Well this broke guy did try another program to make money. Ended up a bad idea!!!

To stick within the rules of WA, please consider my experience as a review. In no way am I suggesting the program I joined is nasty. It just did not work for me.

Below is a letter I wrote early this morning about this great money making scheme I joined to the owner of the program, the gentleman offering the tutorials, (no feedback to questions) and the gentleman who sold me the program.

I purchased the Aurora Pro Program on June 10/2019. The price initially started at S16.67. Being a resident of Canada after the monetary conversion it cost me 22.69 in Canadian dollars, still not a bad deal for all the claims it made. I spend a day going through the tutorials and realized the only way this program would work, is if I purchased the Pro version of this system. This cost me an additional 89.59 Canadian dollars. I am now up to a total of 112.28. I am on a fixed income as I am disabled physically. I have to make this program work. Going over the videos again, pen and paper in hand taking down notes as I listen intently. An excellent presentation on how to make this program work, earn up to a 1,000.00 dollars a day by Mr. Jono Armstrong. I commend you sir. I see there are other trace amounts I have to still invest in this program. Instagram, Bitley, Pinterest Incognito, (some being free) and other programs at a cost. After several attempts, I find out there is another upgrade to make this program easier to work with. 197 plus dollars. Wow, this started at $16.67. Wait, there is another upgrade more money, more money. After two weeks of working on Aurora Pro, I decide to contact the seller, a Mr. Paul Prissick. In establishing contact with Mr. Prissick, I was sent a reference to contact Mr. Brendan Mace. The genius behind the program. I have been trying to contact this gentleman for the past three days. My access to Mr. Paul Prissick does dot go through anymore. Microsoft is unable to make contact, and I get returned e-mails. Even more amazing is Mr. Prissick is trying to sell me another program. Yes, I could unsubscribe from his e-mails, but until I choose the specific time I wish to keep these gentlemen in my loop.

The frustration and the lack of communication leads me to do more investigating into Aurora Pro. Is it a scam? NO. Feedback from people who have tried this Aurora Program... Generally Negative.

Name: Aurora

Website URL: aurora

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong

Launched in: May 2019

Price: $16.97 + up sells

Recommended? No

The above information is from another site, that did their own investigation.

There is a thirty-day money back guarantee. Oh my gosh what a relief.

Expectation of the money back guarantee. Oh my gosh, it does not seem to be happening.

To the person(s) who offered this guarantee, I certainly would appreciate you living up to your word, and exercise your claim(s).

Thank you,

Michael Mortimer,

Well that is still on the table. I just hope I can get some feedback at least, and this does not get too ugly.

Please, my friends be careful of the bait. Investigate, unlike me before you spend your money.

Sorry Kyle if I do not get a refund from these guys, I won't be able to pay you for July 2019. Just kidding. I have no intention of leaving WA.

All the best,


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cris1018 Premium
Glad to hear your positive mind and determination to succeed, Michael.

Yes, WA'ers need to keep in mind, that there is indeed a learning process here for us website owners, just as with any field of work.

And the time it takes for one to succeed is determined by one's own efforts and ability to apply what's taught. As we are all different "students" our paths vary. The road to success lies in the determination to make it so.

The only people guaranteed to fail, are those who quit!

Continued progress and success to you,
lesabre Premium
Hi Cris, that is very encouraging and true. I thank you for your comment
All the best,
LindaBaxter Premium
I have no experience with Aurora but I do have with plenty of other guru's who use the same plan of "upgrade now" to more money and more money and more....

That's what I love about WA, we don't have to deal with upsells. And until we are making money, we can go on learning how to....
whatever. No additional costs to learn.
lesabre Premium
Hi Linda, you are so right. WA seems to be a comfortable safe environment

All the best,
LauraFuller Premium
Michael, I am impressed with your strength. You are moving forward.

Is the mirror OK after your discussion with it?

lesabre Premium
Hi Laura, the mirror won the argument and knocked some sense into me :)

All the best,
AffMktgRt Premium

So sorry about your situation, we are all living in the same realm and within the reach of some shady people and offers.

Hang in there, you will remember it when the sun will shine bright for you again,

lesabre Premium
Thank you, much appreciated

Mama used to sing us this "Que Sera, Sera song.

The sun will always shine.

All the best,
MikeAdkins Premium
I Salute you Michael.

Your post is full of Honesty and self doubt and yet I feel you are definitely on the right path....

All the best - Mike
lesabre Premium
Thank you Mike

All the best to you also and I Salute tight back,