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November 01, 2020
Happy days is here again, We fell good with completion of section 2, it was a battle on somethings and it took some thinking ang putting all the pieces together to where everything worked. Some time I would haft to read the information twice to get the message that was being presented, finally I get it and it would be so easy to do to proceed through the course. Some time we have a mental block and we just have to take a break, relax and come back refreshed and go after it again. I am proud be
October 25, 2020
Take charge of you life's dreams doing what you enjoy best is a good thing, it helps motivate you to get up and get going, if you did not have some that you passion about, you would have a hard time getting up and facing the day, which would be bad for you health it can cause a lot of muscle lost as you sat around and do nothing. Have you heard the old saying?"use it or lose it", well it is true. Exercise is good for the body's health, think about this, being creative is making you brain work,
October 24, 2020
Traveling through WA WOW !!!!!, The last 90 days have been great since I joined WA, the people I have met is a good class of people with the same goals that I have and that is to build a website and go on to learn how to become and wealthyaffiliate , there is also serious work to be done and some time you wonder if it is worth it. I have always been a fighter and when I start a project I plan on finishing it. I want to encourage every one that some time when you take a lesson and it does't regi
October 14, 2020
As we go through the day we are busy answering people that are following my blogs and post on the web sites, we appreciate all the replies and likes that we have received is great, I enjoy talking with the WA family, I have read some very good articles and I try to respond to each of them, its take a while to read every blog an answer a good reply to the person writing the blog. I can' t say enough above the support and friendship that I have received from all that I have conversed with, as we
I can't believe it! I just got indexed by Google. Now I can cross this off my list of goals to accomplish this year. Anything is possible! Onward to the next goal. This just goes to show you that putting in the effort and having patience DOES pay off!
October 11, 2020
I'm in the dog house now. Things started out as normal. We ate breakfast and took care of getting ready for another day. As, we watched the news, to see what was happening until there was a knock on the door. My daughter entered and then it happened. She had a card and handed it to my wife. It said "Happy Anniversary!". I thought, oh no! I am in trouble now. My wife grinned at me and said, "I forgot too!". I told her "Your birthday is coming up so I will buy you double boxes of candy." My wife
October 06, 2020
As the day begins, your thoughts are, what can I do to make progress on all the projects that I have going, first of all I have the usual daily chores to take care of. As we eat breakfast and drinking coffee things start going on in my mind, trying to figure what to do first is easy, As we start planning what first is going fine.then it happens, we may be taking care of one thing and then find that another project needs attention, so here we go, changing direction on a moments notice. Have y
October 05, 2020
Enjoy the seasons as we go through life. As we look around this morning the sun is up and grass is green and looking good. This is October and cooler weather is happening. I am going to take walk in my back yard and check on my 50 year old pecan tree which bares a good pecan crop mostly ever year. Some time we will have a small crop but most of the time we really get a good batch of pecans. I crack them and put them in a quart size bag. It will hold a pound which is 16 oz. works real good. I st
October 04, 2020
I did it , I fixed my e-mail problem, thanks to a good training video. I am really excited with the course and how easy it is to follow the steps and learn what I need to go forward. Let's keep going to reach our goals, reaching goals is like my first car. It had a standard transmission. It had 4 speeds. First, second, third,overdrive. Well I feel like I am second go to third and I am looking forward to shifting in to overdrive. Watch me go.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 03, 2020
I was about 13 in the year 1950 we were living on a farm that was four miles from a small town in Oklahoma, I was invited to go to a rodeo in that small town. The get ready to go I had to fix some problems, I did not own a saddle so I had to ride bare back and that created another problem, a neighbor had given me a pair of boots that was to big but that all I had to wear. I would jump up on my horse my boots would fall off. I fixed that. I took a piece of binder twine up one pant leg and do