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Hello my good friends of WA. I am facing a challenge of becoming a cook to survive without living on fast foods and TV dinners which is high in sodium which is a bad item for older seniors to have. I have done my research on healthy eating and I purchased myself a big boss rapid wave cooker, so I am in the process of learning how to best use it to and not haft to cook with oils and other items I don't need. This is a combination of a regular oven and an air fryer process. That would be just wh
March 06, 2021
WOW!!! It is so good to welcome spring as we enjoy nice warm weather after going through a bad February, At the start of February myself and my wife was tested for covid-19 and went in to quarantine for 10 day, I had to take antibiotics and so did my wife, after the ten day we both had complications and had to take another round of antibiotics ,then we had a week of below freezing weather. We had a faucet to burst and run water across the back yard, it made an ice-skating rink. We could not get
March 02, 2021
Good news and good weather can not be better news, I was checking my profile and I looked at the people I am following and the number of followers that I have, I am very appreciative of the 1200 followers and I always make sure I follow them so I can stay in touch with what they are doing and watching their progress in the journey to success.that is the purpose of the WA family, helping each other succeed. I am trying to post information on subjects that will help some to improve their life and
February 22, 2021
Hooray!!! the sun is back and it is beautiful outside. The snow is all gone and the temperature is close to 70 degrees, last week we were in the deep freeze at temperatures below freezing, It ranged from -4 to 22 degrees, we had a full week of these temperatures, It was miserable. People's electricity went off and their water lines burst, flooded their homes.In these time we saw a good side of people, there were people was out helping others that was in bad shape, churches and other organizat
Facing the everyday challenges of life is the normal daily lives of all of us. As we take on each day, we have interruptions and some disappointments that we haft to deal with that sets us back on working on projects where we are trying to educate our selves to make a better life for our selves. Distraction are not failures, think of them as training to face challenges to make us stronger, as you find solutions to those daily interruptions , life is like a chess game, the decision we make deter
February 17, 2021
As we look back on the last 30 days, it has been a real challenge, we survive the covid-19, we were lucky enough to be able to take medication and stay at home.This week it has turned bad, were below freezing and will stay there for three or four more days. A big part of the city is shut down due to no electrical power. The hotels are over run with people trying to find a warm place to stay. The city is working to keep the water supply going and we have been told to conserve water till they can
February 09, 2021
Building your network is a way to help yourself by helping others. As the story goes, by helping other to achieve their goals, you can also improve your chances of achieving your goals. This is a good rule that I have lived by all of my working life. I had mentors that would coach me and they guided me with that theory and it also stuck with me as I done business with people that always wound up being a good friend for life. I could not of accomplished what I did without the backing of all
February 05, 2021
Well it has been a rough ten months, as covid-19 came down the pipes, things changed wake up one morning and every thing is shut down, The business are searching for ways to stay alive, they had to change their way of operation completely, they went from in store business to curbside delivery and online ordering. The small business that has no website to do online business was really hurt the worst. Some of them could not adjust so they lost out all together, the restaurants when to
WOW!!! WE WONwe finally fix our problem with the blog that I could not get the ABC button to operate and check my spelling, I done so many ways to get it to get me the okay and go ahead sign, like "okay" without that okay I was afraid that there was some errors I was not seeing, it was checking it all but was not giving the all clear and okay signal. The first time I copied the complete blog and saved it. Second thing I did was deleted the blog and close out of the blog post. The next move I op
Working together makes success.Next best thing is that I really enjoy the friends a WA. Hearing of the stories of so many people at WA is Hello friends, this is a day to visit and write about all the idea's that comes to mind neighbors and friends.exciting, some are really encouragement for success. "If you can do it so can I". some of the stories are of tragic things that happen to good people and it is sad to hear those things that some family have gone through. I am glad to see the WA family