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Last Update: March 02, 2021

Good news and good weather can not be better news, I was checking my profile and I looked at the people I am following and the number of followers that I have, I am very appreciative of the 1200 followers and I always make sure I follow them so I can stay in touch with what they are doing and watching their progress in the journey to success.that is the purpose of the WA family, helping each other succeed. I am trying to post information on subjects that will help some to improve their life and make a better living.

As I listen around the community, I hear a lot of people saying that the jobs they have is dead end jobs.

That is not true

I can give you some examples of some jobs for start to finish.

First example

I started out as a delivery boy for a dealership, then I learn to check in freight and pull orders that was to be delivered.

From there I climb up through the ranks and made manager. I retired at the age of 72 and my last few years of income, was 6 figures, that is a long way from starting salary of $3.00 per hour.

Second example

people that start out as cooks for fast food joints has great opportunities for advancements, they can learn all they can about cooking a become a qualified chef and get a higher paying job, some of them even open their own restaurant and make a good living.


what you make of your life is all up to you. Self education is the best way to progress toward success. That is why I am in the process of my new niche "Learn and live better" that is the title of my new website coming up. the content will be educational and guiding you to a better life. Hope to see you there.

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Christorv Premium Plus
The bulk of life especially for those of us who are free indeed is our choice- and we improve this by continuously learning and getting better. Learn, practice, fix mistakes, repeat repeat- no escaping this

To living a better life and learning from everything we do 😎👏
LEROYF1 Premium
yes, you are on the right on track, you learn from mistakes and it makes you stronger to what is ahead, wishing you best on your journey to success.
Newme202 Premium
Absolutely, Leroy!
Only you are responsible for the way your life turns out to be.
Thank you for sharing
LEROYF1 Premium
right, a positive attitude will always win over negative thoughts.
drjec Premium
You are right. We grow from everything we do.
LEROYF1 Premium
yes take failures and turn them to success stories. thanks
JerryMcCoy Premium
Good advice for all to take.
LEROYF1 Premium
thanks, the school of hard knoxs is a good way to learn how failures and make you push on to success.
jfbmarketing Premium
Hello Leroy,

Wow, your post brings me down memory lane. I always had a job since I was 12 years old. My day was my motivator, mentor; he bought me a paper route for my 12th birthday, and I wasn't surprised. He taught me the value of money, how to make it and how to respect it; by age 16, I had three different part-time jobs and going to school. Yes, I got good grades. I used my time wisely to study, but school came easy for me.

But what you accomplished is precisely what we did as kids. Nowadays, kids earn crazy money from Youtube and all the other apps they have access to. They have no idea what leaving the house to go to work means. It's a messed-up world we live in, Leroy.

Thanks for the memories. Much appreciate.

LEROYF1 Premium
yes, if you don't haft face some of the challenges of life you don't really appreciate what you have. if you earn it you own it. if it come easy your just skimming by with no ownership. my opinion