What Do You Think? - Will This Hurt Your Website?

Last Update: April 21, 2021

So, a member PM'ed me and asked me this.

"Would it hurt my site (meaning Google) if I took a break from writing content for 7 to 10 days?"

Now this is an older site, many years old in fact, with over 450 posts and this member adds fresh content every 3 days with the posts averaging 2500 to 3000 words, sometimes more.

Ok, you're up to speed.

So, my answer.

No not at all.

Firstly Google is not alive - it's an algorithm. People first - search engines second on the list and lower.

Don't let Google control what you do. You have a lot of content ranking and not ranking - moving up and down. Don't worry about it. Take your break.

Ok, that's what I said - I also told this member I would reach out to the community and see what they say.

So, do you agree or disagree with what I said?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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BrightSales Premium
I've seen people who hardly publish a new post within a month and still get traffic. These people would do short blogs on different platforms. They would tell a short story and then provide their links with a call to action like " learn more here." It's all about how you tell a story and have your readers/viewers curious to learn more. Even if you write one blog every month or so, you can still get traffic to your website by using this strategy. You just have to change up the story to make it interested for them to want to know more. This strategy along with proper SEO techniques can be use to get a steady flow of traffic to your website.
I think if a person wants to do as much blogs as he/she wants, then go for it. If he/she is cranking out 5-10 blogs a week, and gets traffic on 2 or 3 out of the 10 blogs, they'll probably be happy with that.
To me it is just a waste of time. I think quality is better than quantity. Some people are able to be in the number 1 position on page 1 and hardly get any significant amount of traffic. Their blog maybe unique but that doesn't mean they will get lots of traffic. It's all about how you tell it and make it useful or interesting to others along with the proper SEO techniques as I've stated above. All the best!
leoemery Premium
I know there is this mantra - crank out content and do as much as you can - daily if possible.

I have an issue with that - why be a slave like that. To me it's better to create 5 or 10 kickass blog posts in a month. Than 30 average ones.

I find many people nervous or even afraid of Google - afraid they're doing something to piss Google off.

As long as you're not doing any black hat stuff - it's all good. Do that and Google can do whatever it wants.

It's not like we have any control what Google does.
Newme202 Premium
When our body is telling us to take a break, we need to listen and take a break

Not ptoducing content for such a short time will not hurt her site rank.

That's one of the main reason we
chose this field
So that we are able to take breaks when.it is warranted.
Only1Hugh Premium
Well said Simone.
Newme202 Premium
Thank you
leoemery Premium
Yeah i think it has to do with a bit of burnout
Only1Hugh Premium
Dhind1 Premium
I would agree a short break will not be seen by Google in the grand scheme of things.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
I totally agree. I have some older sites that are lower priority for me.
jghwebbrand Premium
Taking a break will not hurt the website ranking in that short of a time period. Based on experience I have an older site with less posts than that but with quality content. Because of other sites I own I can't publish new posts to it every week. But the traffic grows and rankings do too.

Breaks are important! Burn out is not good.

I agree with your response.