Want To Increase Your Rankings? Do This

Last Update: April 10, 2022

It's no big secret the key to generating traffic organically is through creating amazing content.

But did you know that by updating old content you can give it that ranking boost faster than creating new content?

Now of course I'm not saying to stop creating new content. But if you want to give you're already published content a ranking boost - update it.

Because if you're not you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

Like it or not old pieces of content die a slow death in the Google rankings.

Now I've been spending the last several weeks updating old content that has been on pages 2 and 3 in Google.

And I'm now noticing a boost in rankings with this content.

For example, I did a review on a membership that teaches CPA (cost per action) marketing which I originally posted on Jan 24th, 2021.

I did my update, which was done on March 28th. I was in Site Rank of Jaxxy doing other research and I thought I would check on this content.

It shows my updated piece of content went from the rank of 15 (page 2) to page 1 in the 6th spot by April 10th. Proof that updating content is a good thing.

Now when I say update I don't mean add a few lines here and there or just add some images.

I mean UPDATE it.

Update the information, fix any broken links, link to better resources, add new information, add new graphics, add multimedia, etc. And if you haven't, add FAQ schema to the page as well.

Doing this will not only help your old content rank, but it will give an overall boost to your whole website.

Also, keep this in mind. Google will place a higher priority on sites that update their content frequently.

So, pitter-patter - start updating your old content.

I believe in you!

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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Hi Leo,

Thank you for this important reminder.

I completed a Content Audit the first week of April.
For the rest of April, I am doing major updates to my content for 2020.

During the 1st week of July 2022, I will complete another Content Audit and focus on updating content for 2021.

Having a schedule like this keeps me focused.

Have a good week.
leoemery Premium Plus
I do that every 6 months for some of my content as things do update and change due to the nature of the content. And for the rest, once a year does the trick.

All the best
denisetms Premium Plus
Oh my goodness, this is great advice! I'll putting that into practice as I go along. Thanks for sharing!
leoemery Premium Plus
You're welcome
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Great advice! I am doing the same thing on my website at the moment. A real spring cleaning :-D

leoemery Premium Plus
Yeah I think if we make this a 6 month or yearly task you can stay on top of things easier
Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
That’s awesome! 🙂 Thanks for the advice!
leoemery Premium Plus
You're welcome
wozzy Premium
Thanks, Leo, I am currently working through all my posts/reviews but it is no easy task.
leoemery Premium Plus
No it's not easy. But it is worth the effort