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The ongoing theme for many people is that creating new content can be a challenge. Yep, I'll agree, it can be if you're working hard and not smart.How did I create a 1788 word post in just over 11 minutes? I dictated it using Dragon Naturally Speaking.I stopped typing content a long time ago. Sure I can type fast but I can talk faster. And dragon makes it really easy.Update: I have sinced upgraded from version 13 to the Professional Individual version 15. And this latest version is amazing.Here
I did post this as a reply to a thread by Chrissies but I also wanted to post it as well so everyone has the chance to make the appropriate updates.I use aweber as my autoresponder and here's the two things I added to my optin form. I also have an image of the form below so you can see what it looks like.This is just below the form fields, with a acceptance button:By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. (my domain name went here) will use the ema
May 19, 2018
Last month I had to put down my dog of 16 years "Bogey". He was a mini long haired dachshund. Not a fun day I can tell you, and to honor Bogey I have a new addition coming to the house. Say hi to Dash. In this picture she is 7 weeks old - I get her on May 28th she will be 10 weeks at that time. And on June 2nd we both start puppy classes. Really excited.
A about a month ago I mentioned to Kyle that my twin brother wanted to start a website sharing his journey of losing weight (he still is). And Itold Kyle I had an old domain name that we wanted to use and want to move it here to the WA to take advantage of all the tools.He said, "Leo it's very easy to transfer things" Soyesterday we started this process.I had the domain name at Go Daddy, so I first went into my godaddy account, turned off privacy protection and domain protection – request
Yesterday Friday April 6th the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team was on their way to a playoff game in northeastern Saskatchewan Canada. They were in a crash that occurred at around 5 p.m. on Highway 35 north of Tisdale. 15 poeple have died and another 14 have been sent to hospital.I just wanted to say to that my thoughts and prayers are with the team, famlies and everyone else that is affected by this tragedy.Leo
Every once and a while I give myself a treat, so I’ll drive down the mountain (I live in the Rocky Mountains) to my favorite coffee shop and order myself one of those $5 or so coffee’s, my weakness is a large Caramel Mochaccino.The owner is this beautiful lady from Australia, which gives me even more reason to visit that country and her coffee shop (that’s another article), anyway on her counter she has two cups and above the two cups there is always a different question of th
I've been getting more and more notifications that people are giving Jaaxy a try.So I did a ranking search for the keyword term that I used when I updated and re-did my Jaaxy review July 31st - 2017 and I happily found out that I'm ranked on Page 1 spot 7 in Google.And while as was at it, I also did a search for my wealthy affiliate review and my review under my keyword term is on Page 2 spot number 9 - that's up 9 spots, so I'm climbing. Now I'm not saying this to boost, I'm sharing this beca
As content marketers creating content on a regular basis isthe foundation to our business. And if you’re like me if you find a tool that helps you complete a task faster then I'm all over it like a fat kidon a snickers bar.And here's my secret to creating content lighting fast. Iuse speech recognition software, specifically Dragon Naturally Speaking.I can create 2000 words or more of content in less than 15minutes. I've spent money on many tools for my business but I have to say this isth
I've had a lot of great mentors (still do) and the best advice I got from one of my mentors for succeeding was this:Do The Work!!Not complicated at all is it?Want to lose weight? Do the work!Want to succeed at online marketing? Do the work!Want a better relationship? Do the work!Want to earn more money? Do the work!No matter what you want to succeed at it will always come down to you doing the work, end of story. Will it be easy? NO Will it get you to where you want to be - YES!I believe in you
A very effective way to build your mailing list is doing viralgiveaways. By encouraging your visitors to share your giveaway you cangrow your mailing list big time.And one of the best tools to do that is by using the KingSumowordpress plugin. You can learn all about this plugin here: believe in youLeo