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Many WA members are building a business promoting the WA, which is defiantly a solid business to build. And part of the building process is doing reviews of other products to drive traffic to your own WA website. Now there is no shortage of scammy, garbage products to review promising easy money. I know I review these products all the time.So here's one thing I do when reviewing a new product. More often than not you'll see some sort of sales (pitch) video on the products home page.And in most
November 24, 2018
Ok I'm not a big fan of social media. I find most social media just to be full of useless noise. But I've been seeing more and more people talk about Pinterest and I think this is something I could get behind. I'm a visual guy and so is Pinterest.I'm into design - such as logos and websites, - I'm heavy into video creation and design and video marketing.So after knocking it around for a while I'm taking the plunge into Pinterest. And since I have no clue what I'm going with Pinterest I'm follow
I've see in chat and on posts a lot of people getting anxious about the upcoming wordpress update to Gutenberg and how it's going to impact things because it's a new editor. Well there is no need to be anxious.You don't have to use gutenberg if you're not ready. You can still use the Classic Editor. Personally after playing around with it for some time I find gutenberg slow and clunky, and some basic functions are not available in the core, which I find odd. Now this update has no affect for me
Paul allen one of the co-founders of microsoft has passed away today Monday Oct, 15th of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - he was only 65 years old.
Dame that’s pretty bold statement - but it's true. In fact I can guarantee you can achieve anything you want to achieve, want to know how?Sure you do, but here's the caveat - even when I give the formula for this guarantee - many, well unfortunately most people will not achieve what they want to achieve.Here's the not so secret 2 step formula. Here's part 1:Do The Work Until You Get To Where You Want To Be, And Don’t Stop Until You Get There!!It's not complicated - it always comes d
September 27, 2018
$33 dollars per day does not sound like a lot does sit? But that's $990 per month. What would an extra $990 per month do for you?A car payment? Help with your morgage or rent? Vacation money? Bill payments?It does not take a lot to make a HUGE difference in your life. Even $10 per day can make a big difference. To many people (members) are focused on making the big bucks every month, which is fine. But you have to start small before you get big.Understand you have to make the small money before
I just saw a post from a member asking where Fetch As Google is in the new Google Console and I thought I would do a quick post showing where it is. Here's where you find and use it:Simply add the complete URL you want to have indexed (inspected) in the Inspect Any URL found at the top of your search console.A new window will open up and there you will see that link to request indexing (fetch). Click the Request Indexing link and you're good to go.This is what the page will look like after you
Burt Reynolds has passed away at the age of 82. I loved him in Smokey and the Bandit and in The Longest Yard.Rest in peace, and thanks for the laughs.Leo
Google does about 500 to 600 updates to it's algorithm every year, most we never notice but then there are the big ones like Panda and Hummingbird.If you want to stay up to date with Googles updates and see past ones, you can go to Moz, they have a confirmed algorithm change history page - here's the link believe in you Leo
June 30, 2018
I typically get a few PM's a week asking me about basic HTML, which is fine and I like that members are adding skills. Now I was going to have an HTML cheat sheet here but due to the content duplication program the WA has when I tried to post the cheat sheet it won't let me because the HTML I am sharing is posted all over the internet.So the next best thing I can do is provide you with a link to a fantastic resource to learn basic HTML.Now if you're not familiar with HTML. HTML is the content o