I wanted to share a little something with you when it comes to content.

When the word content is spoken the first thing most people think of is "text" and I guess that's only natural.

But there is other content available to use for marketing and the other content I'm talking about would be video content.

Now last year I started in a completely new niche, one I knew ZERO about, and to top ift off this niche is crazy competitive.

So when I started in this niche my plan was to use videos as my primary method of content marketing - not blog posts. I'm a video marketer so I had a good feeling about this. And I was right.

So here's what I did:

1) I built a website, this site has 8 pages plus the blog. One of those pages is a video page, I'll explain that in a second.

2) I did a total of 45 posts. My last blog post was May 2014

3) The total number of videos to date (as of this week) is 108 videos. - you can do the added math of how many videos I will have when ever you are reading this at 1 video per week.

I'm currently ranked on the first page of Google between spots 1 and 4 over 63 times (videos). These first page ranking of my videos is always increasing each month.

I'm also ranked on the first page of Google for my domain name and my YouTube channel over 66 times. I got these ranking when the keyword I used for searches did not result in the video itself getting ranked. (yet)

And when people use YouTube as their search engine within this niche many times my videos dominate the whole first page, in fact sometimes the first 10 search results will be all my videos.

The Process I Used

So to create video, oh and I have created a template for the video, this way I can simply replicate the process so all I have to do is voice the video and edit it.

I create a script and then I record the audio within the video template. (I use camtasia)

Now I edit the audio, taking out all the pauses and hum's and such, basically I clean it up.

Now all my videos are just text videos with graphics added, basically I'm a doing a voice over style video.

Total time to have a finished video on average is 2 hours.

Once the video is done I upload it to my youtube channel. Now every video has been keyword researched so the title is the keyword phrase with a tagline added.

For the description I use the all the content from the script, this gives me a detailed description of over 1000 words.

And of course all the other incidental keywords within that script have the opportunity to get indexed. I also make sure that the URL for my website is the before all the text in the description area so that's the first thing the spider crawls.

At the end of the description - I add the keyword title - as well as the link to the video itself (brands the video), plus links to my websites video page.

I have had people take my videos and re-upload them as their own, even though the videos have my brand within them. But when that happens I simple put in a copyright infringement notice to youtube and video is usually removed within hours.


I always create a custom thumbnail for the video, more branding but the custom thumbnail is also a BIG call to action to watch the video

I use annotations within the video. These are links within the video the go to my website, which is a online form for people to complete as well I have our 800 number in the video. These are the calls to actions. Most people fill out the online form.

Update: Annotations no longer available to use. You need to use Cards and End Screens to have clickable links in your videos. If you do have annotations in a published video they still work, but you can't edit them.

I then add my tags making sure I include the keyword title phrase as my first tag, my domain name as my second tag and then I have 10 other keyword tags that I add.

Once the video is uploaded, I then go to my site and remember that video page? I then take the keyword phrase and create a link from my site to the video. So currently there is a list of 108 links, linking to various videos.

I then go to Google webmaster tools and then use the fetch tool and fetch that page.

Now once that's done I now go to my Google + page that I created for this niche and I then share the video. So I create a short post and then link to the video.

And that's it. I simply rinse and repeat this process each week with just videos.

And by doing just that, this little site has generated just over $35,000 for this year (2015), I would guess by year end I will be just under $40,000. UPDATE, year end total earnings for 2015 was just over $50,000.

Total time from start to finish including the creation of the video 2 1/2 hours on average.

Here's another update. As of April of 2016 I now only create a video once every 2 weeks. Because I have such a huge foundation of videos and authority.

Creating a video every 2 weeks is more then enough now. 2016 sales exceeded 2015 sales. Can't wait to see what 2017 and beyond brings.

Here's my point to all this....

When you think content, just don't think text, there are other variations of content that work just as good if not better than text.

And I say that because I find my videos get ranked faster then regular content does.

I believe in you

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timtex0077 Premium
Thank you so much, Leo. My brain is ROLLing with ideas. I really needed to hear this today. Thanks for outlining your process and success. I'm going to meditate on this a while to see how/what I can do with my niche!

If you have any thoughts on it, please let me know:


I only started about a month ago with my blog.

ronbeckp Premium
Awesome, Leo!

That's a great strategy. Is this something unusual to do on Youtube? Is that why it gets ranked so well?

I find it interesting and very encouraging that the videos are getting indexed before the actual page and with a higher ranking. And that it works in such a competitive niche. I'm considering a very competitive niche as well and my initial keyword research has left me a little intimidated. This may be a way to go around bigger established sites that have thousands of back links but are not using video.

Just to clarify: the whole purpose of the videos on Youtube is to get people to visit your site, not to sell anything directly?

Thanks for sharing Leo.

leoemery Premium
You are correct the goal of the video is to get people off youtube and to your site. It's just a traffic source.

And no this is not usual. They rank because of great keyword research and strong video SEO. My goal is to ahve them rank in Google - and with that focus the crush the rankings in YouTube.

Also videos are deemed a little more valuable than written content - this is another reason they rank well.
ronbeckp Premium
Thanks a lot Leo!
KayWinkler Premium
Hey Leo!

This is one of the f****** craziest tutorials on how to do video marketing or at least on how to do the really important stuff about getting Your videos ranked. You could easily charge a lot of money for that. Thank God You are a huge contributor here at WA. THANKS a lot!

leoemery Premium
You're welcome - I also added an update - here is it so you don't have to re-read the post.

As of April 2016 I also use cards - eventually youtube is going to do away with annotations as they can only work on desk tops not mobile. Whereas cards work on both desktops and mobile. The great thing is you can add cards to any produced video and not hurt the videos ranking.

So guess what I am doing? Yep I went through all my old videos and added cards.
KayWinkler Premium
Wow, I certainly have never heard about "cards". I will google what that is... And 10 minutes later (which is right now) I know roughly what cards and even end screens are. Awesome information. Thanks again for sharing what so few out there know about.

JohnnyMark1 Premium
This is extremely interesting Leo. Thanks for sharing your story.

Although I have a YouTube Channel, I've never produced a video. I really would like to, though. I've embedded other peoples videos to help explain my articles, but I realize that I'd greatly help myself to learn to do it myself. I'm sure tutorials exist for beginners like me with regards to recommended equipment (cameras, audio, etc.), software, and how to use them, but I have much to learn about it.

As far as the SEO aspects of video, I think the info right here at WA, and what you've written is probably cutting-edge.
leoemery Premium
You're welcome, glad to hear you found it helpful
scottyb2good Premium
Hi Leo,
I have strong thoughts of doing video for my brand new niche. I will read your explanation probably 50 times and still not catch everything. But I must learn. Thanks for sharing. This new website may be my ticket out to free time From this job to spend on W.A. and DJ ing..............Scotty B
leoemery Premium
Simply put video flat out works
nakijo Premium
Thank you for sharing, I have come across your videos before and they are great! I have been looking at dong the same but in MY niche and can learn a lot from this.
I love Camtasia and have 1 YouTube video on my channel and after reading this, that is going to be my focus!

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information.

leoemery Premium
You're welcome
parrot63 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Videos would really liven up my content and actually fit my niche really well, but even though you description is clear it seems quite complicated as I've never done anything like this before but I'm going to give it a go.

Well done you! Wish me luck x
leoemery Premium
You'll be fine, the simple way to start is to simply convert your content into a short video - and then add that to your post or page.

So you could create a bullet point style video.

Of course if you use YouTube to host your videos you will need to create YouTube channel
JackSmith1 Premium
Yes I agree there's written content, video content, image content, and you can do audio content such as podcasts. Many people can be single minded and forget about other types of content. Myself personally I like to diversify and use different types of content so then people stay engaged and stay on the site longer or return regularly.
Marlene W Premium
Hey Leo. You are just awesome. Thank you for this great information.
I have a question too if I may please. I want to do video too, but a little different. I want to have my face or me talking on the video while you can see me and not my screen. Do you know what I can use to do this. I have a good quality webcam.
leoemery Premium
This is called a talking head video. You can do these any where, - webcams are ok if you don't have a camera. An iPhone can do a great job now a days. A good HD camera is a Go Pro Silver

The biggest thing is the sound - make sure people can here you and there are no goofy outside noise. So many times it's best to have a lapel mic for great sound. You could have the best video but if the sounds sucks people won't watch it.
Marlene W Premium
wow, thanx. i really appreciate. you are absolutely awesome.
SteveCrozza Premium
This is why the WA community is so good, many ideas which work well and have been tested are put out there for others to consider. I have now added another goal to my list of goals, get a video done!! but not yet.

Thanx for the inspiration and advice. Wonderful!
OldMCSEGuy Premium
It's because you are Good Leo. I am not such a fool to think just because you did it, I can do it... BUT we are making money doing Videos now. I also realize you did not start off at this level. It took time for you to get here. You don't blow smoke and you don't suck up. YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL and you have my respect.

i provide free of charge to my employee's education in any area that they wish. 2 of them are taking an 8-week hands-on video class.

Back in 2008 I did thousands of videos personally. I was working for IBM running stuff for Disney and ABC-TV. They are sitting on my server in Houston. I recently spent some bucks updating my Video Software. Needless to say, a lot has changed since 2008.

There are as many fake Video people now as there are Fake Web Designers. They are giving us a bad name.
leoemery Premium
Thank you for the kind words, and yep lots has changed since 2008, the biggest change is the power video has - in fact it's reported that by 2017 80% of the content consumed will be through video.

And that's simply because people are using more mobile devices
kasotty Premium
Video-making stuff is not my strength at all... I am more of a writer, although I should consider having a couple of videos here and there.
P.S. I am so bad at video stuff that the process with videos that you described was hard for me to digest ! :o
rocky2 Premium
Leo, thanks for the great post! I also was thinking of adding a video to one of my blog posts. I made a bunch of cooking videos on YouTube. I am not sure how I would go about adding it. Do I add a link to the post, that will take a visitor to my YouTube video?
leoemery Premium
Yep you can add a share link or better yet embed the vidoe within your post.
Dinh Premium
Hi Leo, great post! I have just recently got on the video bandwagon and think it's a great way to get traffic to your website and generate business.
You are correct in that it's easier to get ranked on YT. My video is not that good (my first) but it's ranked 3 position within 3 hours!

Thanks for sharing all the steps!
leoemery Premium
That's great, don't worry your videos don't have to be a spielberg productions, as long as you convey your message and get them to your site, it's a success.
GotBackupGuy Premium
Thanks for detailing your process. You have refined the system beautifully. You mentioned this was a very competitive niche--it sounds like video was a great way to sneak in. Obviously you must be providing something of value to keep their interest--I would love to see some of your actual videos or check out your website.
chrisbailey Premium
Thanks for the informative post.

In case anybody is wondering, I'm going to guess that the 800 number you refer to on your sites is a Pay Per Call number from a network like SAS or CJ.

I don't see much about Pay Per Call discussed here at WA, but it can be a great addition for an affiliate site.
leoemery Premium
No it's not pay per call - it's a true 800 number
AL13 Premium
Thanks for sharing this, Leo! This great stuff!!! Sounds about right what you say about content. I think I would have much more fund with this approach. What camera, editing software, etc. do you use for your videos? Wishing you a happy, healthy and even more prosperous New Year! Adam
leoemery Premium
For editing I use camtasia - and when I do use a camera which is rare I have a go pro silver I use - I have other cameras but the go pro does what I need it to do