No I Don't Worry About Ambassadorship

Last Update: Dec 9, 2014


It's weird in the last several days I have gotten questions about my ranking here.

In the last few weeks my ranking as an ambassador has dropped from 10 to 18th place.

So I thought I would just share my thoughts about it.

Yep my ranking is dropping. And my honest response is 'I don't care that it has"

My focus is and always be 2 things:

  1. Constantly building my business
  2. Helping people whenever I can

My rank in the WA in real honesty has no real tangible meaning to me.

Yes it's an indication of my engagement here in the WA - but it the real world (online) it has no meaning or value.

It does not make me money or grow my business inside or outside the WA.

My point is - my focus is pointed to where it benefits my business and the people I can help here in the WA or outside the WA.

And that will never change whether I am ranked 18th or 10,000 in the WA.

I believe in you

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Nicely said Leo, I agree. :))


Since I joined the yearly membership I have toned it back myself and trying to figure out what direction to go in next for my site or a new site...not sure.
How much do you know about the update services settings. I know we put pingomatic in originally, then I saw recommendations to add others, so I did. But I was reading in the area for the update services that WP automatically turns it off if you have more than one listed there. They recommended to use the activate update services plugin so that they are all working, but I am not sure if they are actually working or not....other than pingomatic I do know is working.
What is your thought on this.

Well said Leo !

Thank you

What you present here at WA is always helpful and to the point. We appreciate it.

Thank you for that.

Simply make sure you are focused in the right direction.

It's like people who spend all day on Facebook and are confused as why they aren't making any money online.

I totally agree too. Maybe some people are here for the fun of it and the rankings but I don't have that luxury. If I can't make any money out of this, it's up the Jobcentre for me in the spring! Lol

Keep the same focus of building your business first and you will keep decreasing the likelihood of heading to the job center in the spring.

I will, and thank you Leo for all the amazing help you've given me, and everyone else.

Good that you are more focused on your business than a ranking. I prefer to see ambassadors who actually have made it in the IM arena as opposed to the ambassadors that are really the "Walmart Greeters" of WA It is great to give of yourself and your time but as an ambassador I would want it to be someone who I can look up to and one who has made it in the IM market. You my friend are one of the few that makes a good living by doing this thus your ambassadorship should stay same.

Thanks David, yeah my ranking has never been an important factor here in the WA.

Sure it's a nice little pat on the back - but it could go away tomorrow and it would make zero difference on my focus.

When it starts earning me the money I make online then I'll take real notice - LOL

Leo, for me you will always be a great Ambassador no matter what number your ranking shows. I thank you for everything you have done to help me. You have not gone the extra have gone at least 100 extra miles! Blessings!

Thanks Hilda - that's very kind of you to say. But I would not do it unless I loved to help - so you know you can reach out anytime you need to.

Yes, Leo...thank God I know how and where to reach you!! Thanks ;)

Cool Leo!

I agree, we are here first and foremost to develop an awesome presence online with websites that make us money! Once we know how to do that we can help others do the same, as we have time to.

Some have more time than others. Some think of WA like it's Facebook. It's great to be social at WA, and post all kinds of personal things, but unless you have the time and just enjoy sharing, it makes no you no money. Also, you can really only help the community if you spend the time to learn what you need to know to build a successful online business and then act on that knowledge!

When I have some downtime I enjoy reading what people are up to and sharing in their lives, but only after getting done each day what is on my list! In fact, I need to keep at it right now. I always enjoy your posts Leo, and this one caught my attention.

Ranking numbers mean nothing really. You can get to the top just by being social and posting every day. That's great! People here put out some good stuff, but I hope they focus on their business first because if they are not making the money they want then their attention should be directed elsewhere.

So Leo, thanks for your great educational posts. I always like to read and listen to the things you pass along.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

First off thank you for the kind words.

You made a great point - prioritize things - build your business first - get the things that need to be done that will grow your business done first.

Once that is done then you can socialize, share and help people here in the WA.

People say to me "I see you here all the time"

It may look like that but I work on my business first - then I come here - I also pop in here when I want to step away while I am in the middle of working on my business - it's a nice diversion.

And Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year to you as well.

Amen ....

Likewise, mine is the result of creating training and helping others, which without that help when I arrived here I would have never accomplished any kind of success building my business.
To keep it we must also give it away :)

Exactly -

I couldn't agree more. :)

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