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Last Update: Jul 26, 2022

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So if you're like me you're doing reviews. And some of the reviews I do are about well let's say less than moral programs promising easy online money.

No say it isn't so, someone pitching easy money online with no effort? I know, who woulda thunk huh?


Now one common theme with these crap programs is to show you an image(s) of someone claiming they made X amount of money using said program.

And in 100% of these program pitches, these are all fake testimonials with stock images.

Now just saying the image and testimonial are fake is not enough, you need to show proof. And a really great tool to do a reverse image search is one called TinEye.

Using this tool will show you everywhere the image has been shown online. And when I use this tool you'll get other websites the image has been used on, and typically it includes references to stock image resources such as Unsplash, etc.

Let me walk you through how to go about doing this. I did a review of a scam called SocialDM. And they had of course fake testimonials of people getting paid. No one gets paid.

Now with most of these images, the picture of the person is part of a bigger image, like in the examples below.

If you did a search for those images you would not get the information you're looking for. I'm looking for information on where this portrait has been used online.

What you need to do is just capture the portrait itself. So I captured the image, and I use Snagit for that.

I'll be talking about the guy to the right in the above image.

I then upload that captured image to a free tool that removes the background. You do this because you only want the portrait (image) itself being searched not any background.

Now I can upload that transparent portrait to TinEye and it will give me all the places this image has been used online.

The results I got showed this image has been used in 129 different sites. Here's a snapshot of some of the results from TinEye.

I then went to a few of those sites and took screenshots and then made a group image showing proof that the so-called money these people made were fake testimonials.

And this is the completed image I have within my review. And I did the same process for the women as well.

Now you have more credibility with your review because you went the extra mile showing people that what they are being shown and told is not true.

Also going this extra mile will put your review above many other reviews that don't do this. And that's because you're giving Google and searchers what they want, an in-depth informative review providing all the information they were looking for.

Ok that's it.

I believe in you!

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Hi, Leo.
Nice to have you continue to contribute.
Really good stuff once again.

I trust that you are well.

Peace, love, and respect sent from Ontario, Canada.

Tin Eye.
Scamdoc is another to verify sites.

I believe in you, too.
Always have since been here since 2016.

Paul Mindra.

Thanks Paul. I use Scamdoc as a resource too.

I'm doing well, thanks for asking.

How's my fellow canuck doing?

Never an end to what is possible. This extra effort should pay off in extra creditability.

Aleady in the 22nd spot on Google and I just posted it 2 days ago.

Wow, Leo! I am NOT surprised though!


What people lying about easy money? Crazy to think right? - lol

🤣🤣 Crazy, Leo!

Thanks Leo for sharing.
Scammers will always be Scammers...


Yep, all day long

Ah, that is awesome use of tech! Love it.

I was a mechanic many moons ago and a few scammers out there really made my job a bit difficult for a spell. I used to use throw away camera’s to record my work and then word got out and I had more work than I could handle.

Three bucks, a before, during and after pic. Then the next time that customer came in I gave them the photo’s of the work I performed on their vehicle.

I love this post, great idea giver there for sure. Thanks tons!

Super David Scott, the Zam man.

Nice way of proving your work, well done.

Glad you liked the post.

Take care

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