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Last Update: May 31, 2022

Ok, we all should know by now there are many different types of article structures to choose from.

A list post, a round-up post, a VS post, an alternative post, a review post, etc.

But which one to write? You may think you know but you may be wrong.

Before I get to what my little share is when it comes to which article style to write.

Know this:

1) Every keyword tool's numbers are wrong. Do not take the numbers as golden or exact. The data is skewed. Even Google's own keyword tool's data is skewed. These are just guidelines.

This next part you should already know but let me cover it again before I share my tip.

Once you've found a keyword using whatever keyword research tool you're using, that's probably that's going to be Jaaxy.

Head to Google and check out the competition. See what filling page 1. You may have found what you think is the perfect low-hanging keyword.

But if that keyword you're thinking of writing is dominated by high authority (DR) websites you're chances of getting to page one are slim to none if the sites are for example DR 75 and your site is a DR 25.

Now unless you have a close to or equally high DR website of your own it's time to find another keyword.

Not until your site starts gaining more authority and you get closer to the same DR don't go for those higher competition keywords.

Ok, my little share.

So let's say you've found a keyword that ticks off all the right boxes. Low comp, there are social sites like Quora, Reddit, or others on the first page (not a must but is great if they are) and not dominated by big authority sites. There's one more step.

If the page is dominated by list posts and you were thinking of writing a review. You may want to rethink writing a review post and write a list post instead.


Because Google is telling you that a list post is the type of post that best serves the searcher (audience).

Google is always telling you what to do for the best results. You just have to be listening.

Now, this is certainly not a hard and fast rule. But it will give you another competitive edge for getting onto page 1.

Ok, that's it

I believe in you

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JarieLyn Premium Plus
What a great resource to share with all of us. I didn't know there were tools like this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. which will be a great help in the future. I knew there were scams out there but I had no idea that people use fake photos.
leoemery Premium Plus
It does not stop there - fake testimonials, fake video testimonials, fake income reports.

When it comes to online scams it's fake everything.
Atlas782 Premium
Thanks for the info I did a product review and I'm waiting for my post to be ranked and some of my keywords in search have my blogs on the same product with this information I can make a product list instead just a product review also I think Reddit is also useful like Quora, thanks again for the read👍✨
Zoopie Premium
Quora is a great source for ideas, from the questions asked to what people post. I also use FatJoe long tail keywords and do the Google thing..
Great advice.
leoemery Premium Plus
You're welcome - yep all great resources
JKulk1 Premium
Wow Leo. It's been a while since I've read your posts. Now I'm going to have to brush up on all the different post types. Thank you for letting us know what to look out for. All the best. Jim
leoemery Premium Plus
You're welcome, all best to you as well
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Thanks, Leo. It is true if we want Google to like what we have to say, we need to listen to what they are telling us.

leoemery Premium Plus
You're welcome - yep we gotta listen