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Last Update: September 20, 2014

I've been noticing that a lot of the same questions are getting asked in live chat - so I thought I would put the answers to those common questions in a post. There are 20 of them.

Of course I'm going to miss a bunch but maybe this can serve as a quick reference for many of them.

So here we go...

1) Does Updating WordPress Effect My SEO?

No it does not - when updating WordPress all that is happening is WordPress is doing function updates and bug fixes. So when you're prompted to update WordPress go ahead and do so. You always want to be running the latest version of wordpress.

Just remember to backup your website before you do any updates - this is a habit you want to get into. Nothing's perfect so make sure you protect yourself.

2) I Bought A Domain Name And Changed The DNS Why Can't I Access My Site?

Once you have changed the DNS (domain name server) setting to point to the wealthy affiliate it can take any where from 24 to 48 hours to propagate (update).

But on average it usually takes only a few hours. One little tip is when you're buying your domain name during the purchase process you can set the name servers. By doing this there is no delay and you can have access to your site right away.

3) Where Are The Banners For Promoting The Wealthy Affiliate?

Click on the link in the WA's sidebar called WA Affiliate Program - once on that page look to the top right of the page and you will see a link called Banners.

Click that and you'll find all the banners and the corresponding code with your affiliate link embedded into each banners code.

Simply grab the HTML code and paste where you want it on your site.

4) Where Do I Find The Name Server Information (DNS) For The WA?

The DNS information for the WA is located under the link Website and Hosting. Once on that page click on Domains - there you will find the Primary and Secondary DNS information which looks like this:

Primary Nameserver:
Secondary Nameserver:

5) I Want To Buy A Domain Name - Where Do I do That?

You buy domain names through a domain registrar. There are several to choose from.

The most popular place is and as the name suggests the domains are cheap on average about $10 - some domain extension are lower.

The great thing about Namecheap is the provide the first year WhoisGaurd for free - this keeps all your information private and away from prying eyes.

If you're going to buy a domain name remember what I mentioned in question 2 you can set your DNS to the free premium hosting here at the WA during the domain purchase process.

6) The WA Videos Are Not Playing What's Wrong?

In most cases it's because your web browser that you have does not support HTML5 or Flash. However most current versions of browsers work. Make sure you have the latest version of browser installed.

If that does not work try a different browser I use Chrome and have not had issues. Kyle has told me Firefox is the preferred browser to watch videos in the WA.

Here is the install link for Firefox:

And to install flash simply open Firefox after you have installed it then visit the Flash install page here:

7) What Payment Options Are There For Upgrading To A Premium Membership?

The WA accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

8) Where Is My Affiliate Link For The WA?

Click the WA Affiliate Program link in left-hand sidebar once on that page you'll find your affiliate link displayed at the top of the page. You will also find everything else related to the WA affiliate program on this page as well.

Including the Bootcamp Course for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate.

9) How Long Can I Be A Free Member?

You can be a free wealthy affiliate member as long as you like. You'll always have access to the Getting Started Course (first 10 lessons) as well as the Boot Camp course (first 10 lessons).

Your free websites and hosting will always be available. However you will not have access to live chat after the first 7 days of your free membership.

10) I Want To Cancel My Membership How Do I Do That?

You need to login into your PayPal account and cancel the wealthy affiliate subscription. Once in your PayPal account view the details for your subscription to "Wealthy Affiliate", and click "Cancel Subscription".

11) My Sites Are Hosted Here What Happens To My Websites If I Cancel My Membership?

Free hosting of private domains is only available to premium members. So if you decided to cancel your premium membership you have 30 days to transfer your website to outside hosting such as HostGator or Go Daddy.

12) How Many Websites Can I Have As A Premium Member?

As a premium member you can have as many site rubix websites as you want. Site rubix is the sub domain that the wealthy affiliate uses for their free websites. And you can host as many of your private domains as well.

13) I Keep Finding Great Information In The WA How Can I Bookmark It So I Can Refer Back To It?

Carson has laid out exactly how to bookmark your favorites in the WA. Here's the link.

14) How Do I Search For Things In The Wealthy Affiliate?

To search for things in the WA simply use the search bar located at the top of the site. Type in your query and the corresponding results will appear in a drop down menu.

15) I'm New Where Do I Start?

As a new member you want to start your training with the Getting Started Here course. You will find the green link for that at the top left corner of the site. The direct link is below.

16) What Is This Site All About How Do I Make Money?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a very lively and interactive community training center teaching people how to build their own thriving online businesses.

By taking the Online Entrepreneur Certification course you will be walked through the 10 steps for building a solid foundation for creating a successful online business.

You can earn money by using different monetization models on your website and/or by promoting the wealthy affiliate through their affiliate program.

There is a dedicated program that teaches you how to promote the wealthy affiliate and it is called the Affiliate Bootcamp.

17) I'm A Free member How Do I Cancel My Membership?

As a free member there is nothing to cancel - simply do not return to the WA.

And if you don't want to receive any emails from the wealthy affiliate simply go into your wealthy affiliate account settings before you leave and scroll to the bottom of that page and un-check all the email notification. And that's it.

18) Can I Make Affiliate Commissions For The Wealthy Affiliate As A Free member?

Yes you can. However the commission payout is less than what a premium members can earn.

For complete details of the commission payout for free members simply click on the WA Affiliate Program link and under the heading Program Details is where you will find all the payout information.

19) What Is The Advantage Of Buying A Professional Theme - And Where Can I Buy One?

The biggest advantage of professional themes is that they are updated, more stable and are supported more then most free themes. Also most professional themes use Child themes.

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme.

A child theme is the safest and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within.

Some of the more reputable places to buy themes are:

Studio Press

Woo Themes

Theme Forest

DIYThemes - Thesis

20) How Do I Set The Time Zone For The Live Webinars?

You want to make sure you have "Your" time zone set so you don't miss the live webinars held each Friday evening. To do this simply go into Account Setting and there you can set your time zone. Easy pezzy!

Well that's it - like I said I'm sure there are many more - but hey it's a start.

I believe in you

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Steve397 Premium
Very comprehensive, I have seen many of these asked over the last couple of months.
leoemery Premium
Yeah I just thought it would save people a lot of time
Melanie1508 Premium
Terrific Leo....Thanks so much. I like that you signed this "I believe in you".....I have a website called "Believe In Yourself" It is a spare site and I haven't decided what to do with it yet. *smile* As always this is great info....*Melanie*
leoemery Premium
You're welcome - and I do believe in you
techhound Premium
Hey Leo,

I see these questions from people as well. This is a great FAQ that you've put together that we can all use to guide others. Thanks for putting this together.

Best Regards,
leoemery Premium
You're welcome
Shawn Martin Premium
Nice work, thanks!
leoemery Premium
Thanks shawn
Trialynn Premium
You covered a lot Leo. Maybe a short into to WA should be written. I know I was frustrated with the magistudios videos for awhile because they said "your time". But that is only true if you have set your time zone in account settings.
leoemery Premium
I've added that to the list