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I think most of you are aware of the value of Wealthy Affiliate and I have seen the value from the very beginning. However, it never stops amazing me. Now I have another reason to be astouned. Do you know how much would you pay for all the advice you get here from other members for free? Advice regarding SEO, Wordpress issues and many other things? Invaluable advice of membersLately, I got two invaluable pieces of advice. One from Marion regarding YouTube channel settings and I'm very grateful
January 05, 2020
Hello and happy Sunday, my friends! This is going to be a very short post. Well, I know I always say that, or at least think that but this one really is just a shout of excitement. I just want to share how thrilled I am about my new website. As you know from my last post, I registered a new domain on 1.1.2020. The date itself made me excited already.I've been with WA for 3 months and my first website was meant to be for reviews. I started with a WA review, then I published a negative review abo
January 01, 2020
It's been about a month since I started thinking about another domain. You know, I've got two websites already, one about language learning in my native language and another one about reviews (mainly focused on WA promotion). None of them is a real affiliate marketing website.I haven't promoted anything else than language learning apps and WA yet as I couldn't decide what niche to choose. I feel sort of like Jack of all trades (or Jane). Look at all the things I am interested in: nutrients and
While listening to Jay's last webinar, I was also looking at pictures in my phone and thinking of other things. You see, concentrating on one thing at a time is not my strength :) But I've got an idea so I stopped the webinar to write this post.I learned to expect only the best. I believe if we have good intentions, we deserve the best in this life and we are going to have it. I'm truly excited about the upcoming new year and I'm looking forward to it like a little child. Finding WA was like a
I was thinking about how to improve my ranking yesterday. As I haven't hit the first page in google with any article yet, my traffic is very poor. I'm not bothered about sales, I just want to understand all principles correctly and build a solid base that will improve in time. I can see the ranking slowly improving. But the traffic is poor and I was wondering: could I do something that would improve the ranking faster? What about backlinks? What about making the articles longer? (Most of my art
The title of this blog was sitting in my drafts for about a month. Today I had a feeling it's time to shoot it off and let it work :) I think most of us would love to have the results right now. To get the commissions flowing today. It would be nice, wouldn't it? But would it really be the best for us? We first need to become the person that attracts these results, we have to work on our confidence and share something really valuable with the world. Each of us has their own journey in this worl
After reading an excellent post yesterday and a wonderful message this morning, the idea of what success is or isn't dwelt in my mind. I know it is different for everyone but most people consider success as either having a lot of money or being famous, or both.In that sense, I have never felt any successful. If you read my profile, you might think I've achieved a lot but to me, it seems nothing special. I always considered things I could do well as normal and admired talents and skills of other
December 19, 2019
Today on my way home I saw an accident, car upside down in ditch, firemen there, police was just arriving. It made me think. We really should enjoy the present moment. Be grateful for all we have. Of course we have to follow our dreams and goals but should also ENJOY THE NOW. We have to learn to live in the present moment. One would think it is natural to do so but for many of us it isn't. We either dream about our future (that's my case), or live in the past thinking how nice it was earlier on
December 16, 2019
This morning when I was combing my hair, I remembered my former hairdresser. Sorry dear male members, I guess hair is not a very intersting topic for you :) You know, I haven't been to hairdresser for almost two years. And here's the reason why.I always wanted a hair reaching down my waist, or at least coming close. But my hair didn't want to grow that long. Or just couldn't? Of course it couldn't. When you think about it, hair is supposed to grow, if we speak about normal growth and not miracl
This morning was a bit strange for me, I had three topics on my mind and wasn't sure which one to write about. Most of all, I wanted to write about how grateful I was for having Janie written such a lovely post about me last night.But then a question came up: What is most important in our lives? And here I am writing about it. Stop for a minute and ask yourself: What do I think is the most important in life?Many of you will probably say love. Or family. But this question goes deeper. For me it'