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I've been pondering and had a conversation about how some of us feel guilty if we don't reach the goal(s) we set up for ourselves. You know, that's the problem with goals. Goals are great to keep us going for something we want to achieve. But what if life steps in?What if you or some of your loved ones gets ill and you can't keep up the speed you've set up in order to achieve your goal? Or something happens and keeps your mind occupied so that you can't focus on writing at all?Let's look at me.
Much was said about gratitude. I think I have written a post about it too but I just feel I have to share my thoughts and, most of all, my experience with you on that.If you want to have a better life, to be happier, have more money or whatever you wish, be deeply and genuinely grateful for all you have. It is not just empty words. It is about the feelings.I've read and heard so much about gratitude that I decided to give it a try because I'm always ready to try something and get better at what
This is going to be a short post. Well, I always think so but it might not end up that short in the end. Nevertheless, my intention is to write rather short posts so let's see how it goes.Why short? Because I don't like too much fluff. When I talk, I always go straight to the point and don't beat around the bush. Now you might understand why I don't like when someone does. But let's get to the topic of confidence.It's been a fascinating question for me for almost all of my life, why some people
I know a lot has been said about site comments. I remember reading many rants about the quality of comments or lack thereof.I have had very good experience with site comments, usually request one for each of my new articles and receive between 3 to 5. Some are excellent. Some have so many typos or bad spelling or bad grammar that I have to correct them but I don't mind. I appreciate the effort.Yesterday, I got 5 comments and I had to disapprove one for the first time ever. I did it kindly expla
Now let me clarify that. I'm not really struggling, in many areas of my life I have the best what I could wish for and I'm extremely grateful for that. The "struggle" I'm on about is writing. But before I get to talking about my writing or lack of writing, I want to say something else. I was very active on this platform in my first months and I spent so much time here that I felt it was not good for me if I wanted to achieve something. It was hard for me to keep the balance so I decided to step
Hey WAmily, how are you doing in this time of lock down?For me, not much changed as I have been doing translation from home most of the time. However, I am blessed to live in a village where I'm in the nature just five minutes after leaving my house. I go for even longer walks now with our dog and it's the most enjoyable time of my day.But this post is not just about my life. I want to share something important we all have to deal with if we want to be successful.A Strength That Became A Weekne
Today I thought I would check on Amazon whether there were some commissions and to be honest I didn't expect anything.Surprisingly, I found $3.34 in commissions there!! Together with about $1.5 in AdSense I made my first few dollars. Almost five! It is not big earnings but it's the beginning.The nicest thing is not the money itself but the feeling that it all makes sense and someone actually reads what I write. The traffic doesn't look like that so far.So I'm gonna keep writing. Still a long wa
March 09, 2020
I've been thinking since yesterday that I haven't posted anything here for ages. I do miss you, guys but you know I've been busy.So today I just decided to post whatever comes to my mind, or rather an update on what I've been doing (in case anyone is interested) to show you I'm still alive.Constantly Working on ContentI've been constantly researching keywords and writing. I would never have thought how time-consuming finding good keywords can be. Not that I would be especially successful but wh
Hello my WAmily, I haven't been seen here much lately and I miss you but I feel I really need to work on the content for my website and youtube channel. I am logged on to WA every day looking for keywords in jaaxy and reading and commenting on one or two posts that just pop out but that's all.At first I would like to say that if any of you wants to share some life experience with me or ask me something, please send me private message, or write on my profile page. Why am I saying that? Because I
February 16, 2020
Hey, WAmily, how are on this beautiful Sunday? I want to share with you the thoughts I had on my morning walk. What about? Boredom.I was translating a document for an advertising agency yesterday and there was a headline "Bust summer boredom!". It was all about a plan how to get people to the cinema in summer giving them some special scratch cards they can win with.When I saw that, I thought: wtf is summer boredom? I have never been bored in my life. Even if I didn't get involved with WA and di