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I am #2 in 486 Million! (does the happy dance!) I just thought I'd throw out a little encouraging news for all of our new folks out there. I recently followed through all of the first 2 courses here at WA that Kyle put together and did everything he told me to...step by step. Now keep in mind, I've ranked on the 1st page of Google several times in the past for some pretty crazy and some pretty competitive keywords, but this time I wanted to see what I could do with a pretty simple, but not
April 26, 2015
It's interesting what happens when you find a place that "fits". When you get involved with like-minded people, things in your life begin to change. If you don't believe this, just see what happens when you follow a mentor and ignore what your mind keeps trying to convince you of the things you think you can't do. When someone with more experience than you shows you a way to do something, just follow their directions and go with it. Kyle and Carson and many of the others in this a