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You often hear the phrase "Freedom doesn't come free..." fly off the lips of many patriotic folks. Seeing that this weekend marks my country's 239th year of Independence as a sovereign nation, I felt compelled to go all out and establish somewhat of my own Declaration of Independence Freedom Principles!What is the Definition of Freedom? Independence? Let's start with the basics...The dictionary definition of "freedom":nounthe power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindranc
Welll...what do ya know? I've reached a milestone already that was a little unexpected.I opened my browser this morning and low and behold...I seem to have made the Top 200! :) Very cool! But that's just the beginning!I'm not so much focused on a Rank as I am to progress in my business. None of us here should be too targeted on watching that number go down, but it does bring a sense of accomplishment when it does!I know moving forward that number will only get smaller, but it's what gets big
Seem a bit overzealous? Hardly!As a person that ran his own home-based business for over 15 years, who had to revert to becoming an employee for six, falling into near-bankruptcy, then building a successful six-figure business that just wasn't my passion.... (that was a mouthful, wasn't it?) I'm so excited about turning the next page starting July 1st!My time in the early morning will be spent just like any other... waking up, grabbing a coffee, turning on the computer and checking my email.
Sometimes as business owners we tend to fall into the belief that we can't possibly give up at whatever it is we're trying to create. Failure, to many, is the place one can never venture. But is failure really all that it's cracked up to be?If we confine ourselves to linear thinking such as going from point "A" to point "B" without any chance for making improvisational choices along the way, are we ever really thinking "out of the box"?I've always been one who works hard to get what I want. B
Ok, I'm never one to brag or anything (sic?), but after checking some pages today I just had to gloat a little bit about my progress! So here goes...As you probably already know, both Kyle and I run at least one website that focuses a bit on reviews for some of the trendy affiliate marketing programs out there. WA of course being one of those.Well over the past week or so, we have been battling it out on the 1st page of Google for a couple of highly competitive keywords. We've been seen toget
Are You Marketing and Running Your Business with the Utmost of Integrity?"Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong." - Thomas Jefferson Not sure if that's Tom in the photo?! Either way, I pose the question above to all my fellow online marketers because of a confrontation I experienced this evening.I follow several of the big names in this industry, names that have been around for quite awhile (10-15 years). Now, I won't use any of those names in this article for the sake of protecting
So you've put together your website, written a ton of content, added some ads and you're just waiting on the traffic to roll in.1 view, 10 views, maybe 100 views.You're analytic dashboard isn't quite keeping the upward angle you were hoping to see...and you begin to ask yourself, "Did I do something wrong?"You followed all the directions, yet you don't seem to be getting the traffic you were expecting. Maybe it was a site you started to build before WA and you thought you did a good job of reva
May 10, 2015
I've been noticing several people getting all worked up over trojans and viruses and other such things out here on WA as though the system is bugged or has caused problems with other computers when people visit their sites. Bugs don't have a very long life span fact, they shouldn't have one at all.It is very RARE if not IMPOSSIBLE to receive a virus from a managed WP server site. (ie. Wealthy Affiliate is such a system) If you have friends telling you that they visited your site and g
Hey All!Did you miss me? /winkHad a little "snafu" with one of my laptops this week. Seems the charging cable decided to give it's last breath and finally went kaputz.Soooo, I've been out of commission for about a week now, (ok that's not completely true...I have a PC AND another laptop AND a PC connected to the TV AND a PC at the shop AND a tablet AND smartphones...whew! Sounds like "no excuses" there doesn't it?!) .....anywhoooo, when I logged in I noticed I had about 40 comments on my profi
Ok, so maybe I'm not THAT fast, but I can say that after signing up a mere 5 days ago my ranking as a Premium member here at WA has gone from 24, 993!!I love helping folks learn about site building and internet marketing strategies, along with keeping a positive mindset throughout the process! I've learned from some of the best in the industry and now it's time that I pass some of my knowledge on to the folks here at WA.I'm not a big shot, high-paid coach by any sense of the imaginatio