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An outgoing, hard working individual who is eager to be challenged. Extremely determined, self-motivated and self-disciplined seeking a successful career that will engage my interests. Highly approachable, with a good sense of humour and good general attitude to life. I enjoy a wide variety of sports for recreation and have played both hockey and football competitively. Other interests include travelling, music, media, debating and socialising.
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I would be happy with $1500 a month. however, i would jump ecstatically on my bed if i earned $10000 a month.. I would invest around 2-3 hours a day for $1500 a month and 10 hours a day for $10000 a month..
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Dec 19, 2016
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I would be happy with $1500 a month. however, i would jump ecstatically on my bed if i earned $10000 a month.. I would invest around 2-3 hours a day for $1500 a month and 10 hours a day for $10000 a month..
steadfast Premium
Those are Awesome goals. Those are complete easily just work hard and complete courses with daily work.
Kyle Premium Plus
Wonderful goals David! You have an entire community rooting for your success and willing to help you at every step along your journey! :)
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Christene9 Premium
Hope all is going well. Just want to drop in and make sure that you had found your way around WA.

Quick Hint:

Do not post questions directly on your profile page because they will be missed if you don't have many followers. Rather use the "live chat" and connect directly with members who will give you an instant answer to problems you might have.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions - This community has some awesome individuals that will help out gladly.
Carson Premium Plus
Hey David!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate :)

Today I wanted to stop by and welcome you to our Community for Internet Entrepreneurs! In the coming days you are going to work through our getting started training that will teach you about the potential of Internet marketing. You will be able to get started right away and begin building your online business.

A few pointers as you get started are to ask lots of questions, and familiarize yourself with what is offered at WA. Our services are vast, and you now have everything that you need at your fingertips. Here is a link to the "Getting Started" course:


I look forward to working with you soon, I will be here to help at each step of the way :)

Christene9 Premium
Allow me to personally welcome you to our Wealthy Affiliate family, you had made a wise decision to try out the program and if you use it wisely within the next few days you will learn a lot and also meet some wonderful people that will not hesitate to help you personally.

The most difficult part is always to TAKE ACTION and I strongly advise you to start with the "Get Started Here" section of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as possible in order to get the valuable head start that you need towards building an online business and earning money.

Just remember every day you sit idle is a day wasted!

Never hesitate to ask for help here on Wealthy Affiliate all of us will do our best to help.