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Hello everyone! I am a mom, wife and business owner. The most important thing for me in this world is my daughter which is why I want to create something where my hard work and efforts payoff but allow me to be more present in her life. I taught for nine years before opening my own business and teaching is still in my heart. I am hoping I can find in niche in that area (education, mom, stay at home mom, etc) so that I can combine my passion for education, children and being a mom.
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IrenaB Premium
Welcome to WA. I believe this is where you can accomplish your desires. Being an at home mom is very important for your kids but also for your family. I am now a widow and have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. We did not have the opportunities that we have now to work at home. I am so thankful that they now have these opportunities. I am just getting started here and I believe this is the best place for you to obtain the training you need to fulfill your desires.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Lisbeth, nice to meet you and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Thank you for the follow and all the best in achieving your goals at WA.
Kyle Premium
Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Lisbeth? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just holler!

PS. Also, quick reminder. Today is the last day to get your first month discount/bonuses. No rush, no worries. Just a simple reminder here. :)
JasonHeard Premium
How's it going Lisbeth?

Just checking in to see if you needed help with anything, do not hesitate to ask.

Just reply to this message or you can reach me on my profile page as well.

By the way, I've compiled a list of Success Stories by fellow WA members that I thought you might be interested in!

Check it out: Jason
JasonHeard Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
JasonHeard Premium
Hello Lisbeth, welcome to WA!

I'm Jason and I believe you just joined through my website Extra Paycheck Online.

I am here to help you get started and to personally help you along the way to establishing a successful online business.

But first, I recommend you set up your profile if you haven't already. This can be done by:

1) Adding a profile image.
(It can be anything you like. WA even provides default images that you can use).

2) Add a personal description.
(Let us know a little bit about yourself and why you decided to join WA).

And that's it!

These simple steps will show that you are really serious about learning how to succeed at this business. People are also more likely to answer your questions and help if they see you've taken the short time to complete your profile.

To get started with the first lesson, simply click the green Get Started Here option (left-hand menu) or try the link below: This is the first lesson and is an introduction to the platform here and soon you will be learning how you can expect to earn money and even begin building your own website, all within these lessons.

If you have any questions or feel 'stuck' anywhere, just ask.

Myself or some of the other members of this community will be around to help.

It's good to have you here Lisbeth. Don't forget to begin the first lesson!

- Jason

PS. Feel free to say hi so that I know you made it OK and I will get back to you ASAP.