What Snowball Effect?

Last Update: May 30, 2019

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We're heading into Winter fast here in South Africa. It's not quite this cold (it rarely snows in Cape Town) but my hands and fingers freeze up when I type these days. Maybe that's why this analogy popped into my mind today: The Snowball Effect.

What Snowball Effect?

It's when you find that thing that makes your heart sing and it starts gathering momentum, getting bigger and bigger and taking you places you hadn't considered before.

That's what's been happening to me now that I'm...

On the Speaker Circuit

It all started with my talk at Xtraordinary Women the day before my 46th Birthday.

Next, I got invited to speak at Entrepreneurs Indaba. It was well received last Saturday (25 May) so the Organisers invited me back to speak at their next Conference, Marketing Indaba on 6th June.

Inbetween, I landed my first paid speaking gig for the Social Media and Marketing Conference which was held on Thursday, 16th May. They also invited me back to speak at their next Cape Town Conference in September/October.

And I'm currently preparing for a 2-hour workshop I'll be presenting for a Digital Marketing Agency in the next few weeks on a profit-share basis.

At the same time, I've been going Video and really enjoying the process (even though my video quality is not up to scratch yet).

And now... drum roll...
I've set my sights on

TEDx 2019

Eagerly waiting for their applications to open.

I might even apply to speak at a Pecha Kucha Event too.

I'd forgotten how much I loved public speaking and training. I've been sat at my desk so long building my online business, I'd forgotten how much fun it is to go out into the world and network with real live people.

And of course, all these Events are fantastic preparation for my ultimate plan for the year:

Creating Online Courses

As most of you know by now, my Master Plan for the year is to:

  • Create 3 Online Courses
  • Publish 3 Amazon Kindle Books
  • Grow My Authority Online

But enough about me...

    What Makes Your Heart Sing?

    Which part of building an online business makes you feel like you are most in flow?

    Are you so busy with the daily grind that you forget what you're passionate about?

    What's your message to the world?

    What are your unique gifts, skills and talents? And how can you use them to create a Snowball Effect in your life?

    It's so easy to fall into the trap of doing, doing, doing and forgetting who we really are and what we came to achieve.

    What Snowball Effect are you about to unleash?

    To Your Success

    Recent Comments


    very inspiring as usual! Please keep us informed of your wonderful successes!

    Thanks Marc! Will do. Glad to hear you find my posts inspirational. What's causing or going to cause your snowball effect?

    my video training series on 'Mindset' beginning in June! Thanks for asking! Please follow along as I post the series up here to WA! cheers Marc.

    Aah, that sounds brilliant! Will do!

    Thanks in fact I just did and uploaded the intro video into training

    Excellent intro video, Marc. I just watched your video and left you a comment.


    Enjoyed reading of your snowballs! Mine these days are my series of books of memoirs... I've already got two up on Amazon and am nearing the last tasks for my third one, about taking LSD as a research subject in 1964. Next up is a longer one about my father, then a fun one about falling in love with a hippie.. and so it goes!

    Ooh, Rosana, your books sound fascinating. Are they on Amazon Kindle?

    Yes.. see my profile.

    Awesome....you are Doing it! You're Hard work is certainly paying of. Keep up the excellent work!

    Thanks T! Feeling so pumped now!

    You're Welcome!👍

    This is great news, Lauren! You will do a great job with all of these speaking engagements. Wear your power color of red and you will look and feel fantastic! Have fun.
    C & P

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, Colette! Yup, I did Saturday's presentation in my beautiful deep red new shirt and felt great in it!

    hi Lauren

    Its going to be busy this winter in South Africa and plates are getting full for my side as well. but from your article today you have reminded that we must keep our master plan in mind, and work on whenever we can from time to time. Best wishes to you.

    That's awesome news Luvuyo. Wishing you all the best as you discern what's important over what's urgent so you can follow your master plan.

    Wow Lauren you are awesome.

    Shame you are not here in London. I would love to go to one of your conferences.

    Going to find you on YouTube for sure.

    You are an inspiration to many Lauren :))
    Debs :)

    Thanks so much Debs. Ooh, I love your new profile pic! Gorgeous!
    London is on my radar. I'm involved in a community that may open up speaking opportunities in UK and Europe. Will keep you posted.

    I know there are many forms of communicating in today's world but I think what you're doing has to be the most rewarding. Being able to convey your thoughts, ideas and beliefs to an audience,live, must be an incredible experience for you. Brilliant.

    Great point, Twack. Yes, you're right. Doing live presentations makes me feel alive. I'm hoping I eventually feel that way with video too but I'm not there yet.

    You’re on fire Lauren!! X

    Thanks for the compliment, Melissa!

    Great to see you showing signs of spring in the dead of winter Lauren!

    Hehe, Thanks Michael.


    Congrats on your continued success.

    I hope that the videos I have suggested from Trend Hunter, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson were of help to you.

    You may want to take a look at my brief post of yesterday and articles I cite therein: Although it is info confined to the US, you may find some emerging trends that will eventually be felt worldwide and who better than us in the "knowledge industry" to be at the forefront of presenting them and starting those perhaps for many uncomfortable conversations about disruptions to the status quo.


    Thanks, Gabriel. I really enjoyed your post and left you a comment.
    Thanks for the reminder regarding those links. I had a brief look when I was preparing my Digital Marketing Trends talk. Still swamped, haven't had time to go through the entire talks by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.


    Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on my post.

    Wishing you great and continued success.


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