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Last Update: July 25, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Changes Lives of Loved One's

So proud of my Mom...don't know if you saw her latest post:

Who Would Have Thunk?

Just a few short months ago, my Mom had never Googled anything in her life.

She had never been on Facebook. Or LinkedIn. Or Twitter. Or Google Plus.

She didn't know how to add an attachment in an email.

She had never taken a photo on her Smartphone.

She was scared to do anything on her laptop in case she broke she something.

She didn't know what a URL was.

And look at her now.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, she now her own URL!!

My Mom has built a gorgeous website with a Domain Authority of 11.

She writes the most amazing posts.

She knows how to take photos, resize and crop them and upload them to her site.

She has 1,245 Friends on Facebook and 3,395 Followers on LinkedIn and she shares inspirational posts with them every day, getting loads of engagement. FROM A ZERO BASE.

More importantly...

She has a whole new lease on life.

I am so so proud of my Mom and what's she's accomplished in such a short time.

Wealthy Affiliate ROCKS and my Mom is rocking Wealthy Affiliate!

Super Proud of My Amazing Mom!

Over to You

Who do you know who could turn their lives around with this opportunity?

Do you have a loved one who would enjoy this community and get as much out of this training as you do?

If you haven't already, tell them about Wealthy Affiliate NOW.

Anyone who joins this awesome community and runs with this opportunity, will THANK YOU a gazillion times over. We are in the business of changing of lives. We are making a difference.

To Your Success

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anusuya1 Premium
Hey, my friend. Nice to see you chime in with your beloved and inspiring mom.
Thank you and give a hug to your wonderful mom for me.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Anusuya. Will do. Love and hugs to you too.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hey, my love. Thank you so much Would never have managed without you and all you help and encouragement. You are an amazing daughter and friend.
Love you.
laurenjean Premium
Aw, Thanks Mom. Glad I could teach you a few of the basics. I note that you are speeding along ahead of me in some things already.
Sammy-B Premium
This is absolutely amazing, Lauren, you have such an incredible mum! And this proves: if you are dedicated, determined and hard working, you can do it.
laurenjean Premium
Absolutely Sammy! And passionate. My Mom is so passionate about everything she does and it shows.
Joes946 Premium
Wow! Congratulations! Great job. Enjoy the Journey.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your enthusiastic response Joe. Will do.
linda956 Premium
Your Mom is very impressive. It is very encouraging to see all that she has done.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Linda. I agree, I think she's a Superstar.