Super Affiliate Challenge Round 2! Who's in?

Last Update: April 03, 2019

Congrats, You Are Accepted in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge!

Did you receive this message from Kyle last night or this morning?

And what was your instant reaction? Did you feel...?










Because I can tell you, I felt all of those emotions in quick succession.

Surprised to get a second chance because I didn't complete last year.

Excited because I would love the opportunity to turn it all around this year.

Grateful to be chosen. It's a real honour, isn't it?

Dread because I know there's a LOT of work ahead and it's a huge commitment and responsibility.

Fear because I don't want to let myself down AGAIN this year by not finishing. I was so sure when I started out last year that I would be one of those who made it to the finish line.

Stress because I have to figure out how to fit it all in - my current workload plus the added work required to complete the challenge.

Determined because I know the Super Affiliate Challenge aligns with my goals and plans this year and I know if I crack it, I will also crack Affiliate Marketing.

Eager to get started because my creative mind has just kicked in. It's becoming clear how I can work the Super Affiliate Challenge into my other plans for the year.

Eager to finish because I'm visualising the end in mind already. When I finish... what I'll be earning... how my life as a Digital Entrepreneur will have changed.

Inspired because I know what I'm taking on and I'm sooo ready for this. More ready than I've ever been.

I've been here just over 3 years and I haven't completed Affiliate Bootcamp yet.

What? Yes, really.

I've been working through my resistance over the last few weeks and I've realised they all just amount to excuses.

I look at how incredibly well those are doing who started at Wealthy Affiliate around the same time as me, Grace @LittleMama, Jerry Huang et al... they are meeting and superceding my income goals.

What did they do differently to me?

They were COACHABLE.

They were PATIENT.

And they did the WORK.

They completed all the training at Wealthy Affiliate and created incredible Affiliate sites. Now Jerry's even gone on to create his own Courses (one of my goals for the year) and his income is off the charts!

This training at Wealthy Affiliate is a GIFT.

It's something we can use to completely turn our lives around, to make a full-time online income.

To accept the gift, I must complete the training.

The Super Affiliate Challenge is another incredible gift from Kyle.

Kyle is offering to PARTNER with us. To take us by the hand and show us the way to the top.

We are not doing it alone. We have his full support and commitment.

And we have each other.

We can help each other over the finish line.

Let's do this!

Over to You

Comment below if you're in the Super Affiliate Challenge.

Is this your first go-around or your second?

Would love to hear what thoughts and feelings came up for you when you received Kyle's email.

To Your Success

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Recent messages
AkshaySaxena Premium
Hi Lauren. Congratulations.
I'm also IN for this challenge.

What do you think, shall we create a private Facebook or WhatsApp group for being in a single group for discussions...!!

davehayes Premium
I'd prefer WhatsApp
laurenjean Premium
Hi Akshay, Thanks and Congratulations to you too. That's a great idea.
The only thing is, all my social media platforms are women only because of my 3 niches, Mom Entrepreneurs, Mom Bloggers and Breastfeeding Moms.
I'll give it some thought.
For now, I'll keep my Super Affiliate discussions on this platform, on my own posts, and on Kyle's weekly/monthly posts:
davehayes Premium
Very good and Wise idea, keeps the focus that way
AkshaySaxena Premium
Ok, I'll keep you posted if I ever create a group. We will create it later on, only if there's any necessity further.
GlenPalo Premium
I was surprised to be accepted and now excited to do my first super affiliate challenge.
laurenjean Premium
Wonderful Glen. You're very active on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I am not surprised you were chosen.
davehayes Premium
I'm in and looking forward to t
laurenjean Premium
Great stuff Dave!
rohit1770 Premium
Meeeeee. I am super excited to be part of this big game and I am super confident that I will eventually come out as a winner!!!
laurenjean Premium
Hi Rohit, Awesome! What a great attitude. I agree with you, with your confidence and self belief you will surely win.
AlexEvans Premium
Sometimes everything just lines up, looks like it is the right timing for you Lauren, best wishes as you take your business and online presence to the next level.

Looking forward to hearing about your successes.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your encouragement, Alex. Appreciate.