Spring Cleaning

Last Update: March 30, 2016

I blame Wealthy Affiliate... I really do. Ever since I joined WA I have done the absolute bare minimum of housework everyday (unpack & pack the dishwasher, clean the surfaces, pick up stuff on the floor that might kill us), and so mess and clutter is accumulating - not to mention dirt and dust.

Fortunately we have a miracle worker who comes to clean every 2nd Monday. I feel for her, she works like a trojan from 8 to 6pm and while she works my toddler messes, so by the time she leaves, invariably its not spotless anymore.

My husband, bless his heart - rarely complains about how little I do, and he is the one who does most of the cooking and grocery shopping. Plus of course, he's been the sole breadwinner for the last 2 & a half years.

But I know, deep down, that I'm not much of a home-maker, it's not my forte. I I feel a twinge of guilt about it every now and then. But here's the thing - I detest housework. It's boring, repetitive and thankless. And tomorrow it's back. The same stuff I did today. And I have MUCH better things to do with my time.

I'd far rather be here, building websites, writing articles, finishing my book, and being inspired by all you lovely people.

So I've set a new goal for myself. It's Autumn in South Africa now - by Spring (22 September), I'd like to see enough income from my online business to have domestic help every day.

6 months to learn what I need to learn, and do what I need to do, in order to:

  • attract traffic to my sites
    • build my list of subscribers
      • enthrall them
      • inspire them
      • earn their trust
            • and bring in some monthly sales

And that's how I intend to get my Spring Cleaning sorted this year.

Who's with me?

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LizPB Premium
I'm with you too!! Your pic made me laugh out loud ;-) You can do it!! YOU GO GIRL!
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Liz! It made me laugh too, so I had to share!
JudeP Premium
I'm with you on the idea of burning the house down lol!
laurenjean Premium Plus
He he he. So I'm not alone!
mergie1 Premium Plus
Yes WA does take time out of the boring chores. But it will be worth it eventually. I would love to employ a cook.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Agree Mergie - looking forward to the day when we see the fruits of our labour! Good luck finding a cook - hope when you do that he/she's as good as my hubby. :)
MyraBeth Premium
I am a neat freak and so, I didn't mind cleaning my house when raising my children. But I have noticed that my housekeeping is not up to my usual standard since I joined WA. It is more fun to be going through the WA training, writing blogs, finding free photos online for my blog posts and connecting with the WA community.

I think I will make this one of my goals as well. Earn enough to hire a housekeeper at least one a week.

Just a household hint - when I was raising my children and even now, with just my hubby and me, I cook in double batches. Sometimes triple batches or make a big pot of stew, etc and I still buy in bulk and freeze the dinners, so I don't have to cook and clean up the kitchen every evening.

It is not easy to keep our lives in balance. The housekeeping can wait but the children have greater needs. And same with our business, the housekeeping can wait but we need that extra income. :)
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks for the household hint, Myra & for your understanding. Nice to know I'm not alone.
VSridhar Premium
All the best lauren
laurenjean Premium Plus
Thanks Sridhar. To you too.