Site Comments - An Unexpected Positive Spin-Off

Last Update: Apr 25, 2016


Hi Everyone

It's taken me aaaages to get back to the Certification Courses (limited time, limited data), but I finally got to Level 2, Lesson 5 today. Don't laugh! I know I'm taking this reeeeally slowly!

If it's any excuse, I've been hard at work adding actual content to my site and learning how to create infographics on Canva to make my posts visually appealing (lessons 3 & 4).

I digress...

Anyway... this is how I finally got around to adding some official Site Comments - I had so much fun with it, I added 10 instead of the required 4!

First-off, I love the Site Comments tool! I didn't realise we'd get to...

  1. Choose categories of interest - That's FAB!
  2. Skip past pages that don't interest you and choose one's that do.

The unexpected spin-off was that I discovered some stunning WP Themes in the process. (Have been looking for new theme for my one site, and I think I may have found it!).

Kyle and Carson, thanks for a fantastic tool! It ranks right up there with your Keyword Tool! I totally see how WA in all its entirety can become addictive!!

Oh, and I learnt something new too - one of the posts I commented on was about IBO Toolbox, which sounds worth investigating!

Of course, there are still more positive spin-offs to come... the glorious gift of 5 new comments on my site! Bring it on!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

To Your Success,


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Recent Comments


Good job . I also like site comments.

Thanks Joyce. Fab!

You can learn much from the site comments feature it is a great addition

Agree Katie!

You're forging ahead Lauren and doing just fine :)

Thanks Jude! You may want to reply personally to the comments on your interview. Go have a look-see when you're not sipping prosecco. :)

Will do :)

Fantastic, Lauren!
I'm slow, too, and loving it!
Giving and Receiving comments is so much fun!
Haven't done it the credits way though, still trying to avoid Gravatar a bit, hope I'll soon overcome my shy of it.......

Hi Therese, I also gave loads of site comments my own way prior to trying out site comments. Wish I had tried it out for myself instead of believing what others had to say about it - now I actually prefer it!
Funny, it took me a while to get gravatar going too - once I logged in & set up my first gravatar I couldn't get over how simple it was! Go for it!

Its on my schedule, waiting like a rising sun......:-)))))))
Thanks Lauren!

Thanks for this blog post, Lauren.

I've not used SiteComments but have been intending to. So far I've only read not so good feedback about this tool. I'm glad to read something positive about it :) I look forward to using it now!

Oh yay! Happy to hear my conversion converted you, Pam!

Nice blog and sounds like you are doing the courses in the right time....your time, which I think everybody should do. Take the time that suits oneself and you are sure to absorb more! Cheers, Lisa

Thanks so much for that validation Lisa! I needed to hear that. :)

Hello Lauren, It looks as though you have learnt loads so if you are taking your time it has been so worth it.
what you have typed above is lovely to read and beautifully set out and it has made me feel really positive and happy.
Those are nice pens you are using good job and very creative. Love it.
Addictive doesn't seem a strong enough word for WA.

Aah Andi, what wonderful comments. Thank you!

Just left your site:) Great interview with Jude:))

Thanks Loes! And thanks for your wonderful comment on Jude's article! Theres a new comment addressed to you on your interview with questions for you to answer. :)

My pleasure, thanks:)

Awesome Lauren,

The site comments tool is definitely another one of many available to us here at WA.

Amazing graphic as well, did you create that?

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my website post as well as the great questions!

Thank you Lauren for sharing & caring my Friend,


Hi Tony, I wish I could say I created that image, but no - that one I nicked off the net. Hope there's no copyright on it. I am les careful about looking for free images in WA blogs but aim to replace it once I've created my own.

Absolute pleasure. Thanks for your article on IBO Toolbox!

You are welcome Lauren, It is my pleasure to share with Friends how to earn an income online from anywhere in the world.

Thanks for sharing Lauren! :)

Absolute pleasure Ed!

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One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
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