Numbers Exciting Me Right Now

Last Update: April 18, 2019

I have a few odd numbers in my business that are interesting me right now.

What do you know...?

1. Amazon Affiliate Income is on the Increase

There's been some movement in my Amazon account. I haven't really been focusing on Amazon and it shows - Amazon UK just kicked me out of their Program for not making 1 sale in 365 days (or at least notified me that my account will be termintated in 7 days) .

But my US sales have been on the increase lately and today I received a Gift Card for $48.75 from Amazon. Woohoo!
I've been looking into Amazon Native Ads because I know I'm not doing enough with Amazon but I couldn't work out how to install it.

So I'm adding Amazon Training to my to-do list.

2. LinkedIn Connections now over 12,500

I took this screenshot yesterday when I noticed my LinkedIn Connections had just hit 12,500.

When I started building LinkedIn a year ago, I had no idea I could build this number of connections so quickly. But it's the QUALITY of connections on LinkedIn that really interests me.

I've blogged about this before, here How to Make this Your Year and here Meaningful LinkedIn Connections here LinkedIn Progress.

On LinkedIn I now have a Network of 12,500+ POWER WOMEN, hand picked by me for their amazingness. They are Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers, Bestselling Authors, Virtual Assistants, Public Relations Experts, Motivational Speakers, Bloggers, Freelancers, Content Writers et al.

Oh... and I learned a genius trick this week on LinkedIn.

You probably know by now that you can only have 30,000 Connections on LinkedIn but you can have an unlimited number of Followers.

I get loads of Connection Requests which I reject because they're not my target audience. I found out this week there's a Privacy Setting to make follow primary.

This simply means that when people first visit your Profile they will only see the option to follow you. They have to delve a little more to be able to connect with you.

The end result:

This tiny little tweak reduces the number and improves the quality of your connection requests and increases the number of your LinkedIn Followers.

Keen to try it? It's quick and easy to implement. Here's how.

How to Make Follow Primary on LinkedIn

  • Go to Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Click on the Me drop-down menu (picture of yourself, top right)
  • Scroll down to Settings and Privacy and click on it
  • Click the Privacy Tab
  • Scroll all the way down to the last section: Blocking and Hiding
  • There's a little "Change" button on the right of Followers, click that
  • It opens up a section that looks like the screenshot below
  • Under Make follow primary, toggle the blue button at the bottom to YES

3. Site Content - Nearly Half a Million Words

I'm about a post away from my next target - 500,000 Words in Site Content.

The last time I blogged about Site Content was when I hit a Quarter Million Words

4. Found some Awesome Keywords

A friend of mine offered to give me 12 weeks of Free Health and Wellness Coaching so I just started blogging about it.

What a cool niche - I found a keyword with a whopping 216,838 Average Monthly Searches and a QSR of 1.

Definitely going to follow Chuck Holmes's advice and go all out with that post. Working on a Presentation on Canva to upload to Slide Share and a video for YouTube.

(Oh, this is not a business number but it was excited to discover I've lost 2.2kgs in my first week of Health and Wellness Coaching).

5. Income is on the Increase

This month is going well, I received some nice affiliate commission on the 1st and the work flow has been pretty consistent.

I made $531 last April and I'm on $608 already via Paypal, add the Amazon Gift Card and I've earned $657. My highest month this year so far was January, I made $609.

Hoping for a great finish as I have a few extra expenses than normal to cover this month.

Also looking forward to when there's an extra digit in that number. If I play my cards right, I just scrape over that elusive $1000 mark for the first time this month. (Here's hoping).

Which numbers are exciting you this week?

I'd love to catch up on your news. Share your favourite milestones in the comments below.

To Your Success

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MKearns Premium
That's a well rounded development plan, Lauren!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Michael. How's it going your side?
MKearns Premium
Springing up while you enter fall, Lauren!
laurenjean Premium
Haha, yeah! I'm loving Autumn, the Sunrises and Sunsets have been spectacular.
Hudson Premium
Thanks for sharing this info with us and congratulations. Can I talk to you about Linkedin through PM please. I have a huge connection list (well for me it’s huge at 3000+) and I would like to understand how to tackle it, because I wasn’t as thoughtful as you and my list contains a lot of various connections whereas yours is shall I say streamlined. Would appreciate if you have time please - general approach, articles vs posts that type of thing and how to streamline mine perhaps?
laurenjean Premium
Hi Philip, sure, am happy to help wherever I can.
I'll also answer the questions you've mentioned here so everyone benefits.

You can weed through all your connections and remove any connections you don't feel are suitable.
Click on My Network
Click on Connections
There are 3 little dots next to the Message box on the right
When you click on them you'll see a place to remove the connection.

However, I think the best way is simply to move forward now with more targeted connections. To hone in on who you want simply go to the search bar on the top left. Click on Search for People and type in whatever you're searching for.

I've heard that LinkedIn favours posts and content written on their platform so it's a good idea to add posts on LinkedIn with ideas, or questions to the community to increase engagement.

I haven't had much time for that so I simply share my posts from my websites and share anything else that interests me that comes up in my feed.
Hudson Premium
Thank you that’s very useful.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Congratulations sounds like things are starting to take off for you.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Ann. It feels like they might be. Have big plans for the year.
GlenPalo Premium
Wow, thanks for sharing some great LinkedIn tips. I've neglected my account. So I need to remedy that.
laurenjean Premium
You're most welcome Glen. I was really happy to discover this tweak on LinkedIn so thought I must share with the community.
rubyandally Premium
Fantastic numbers there Lauren and some great tips. I've never been a fan of LinkedIn but you've certainly opened my eyes to the possibilities, thank you.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks, Alison. My pleasure. I felt exactly the same way until I got to know and understand LinkedIn better. Now it's my favourite platform.