My Heart Goes Out to You, Lynne Huysamen

Last Update: May 20, 2019

Hi Everyone

Lynne Huysamen asked me to send you a quick note to let you know she won't be able to log into Wealthy Affiliate for a while.

They discovered last week that her Dad had Cancer in one kidney. They removed the kidney on Friday. The op went well but he is feeling very weak and in a lot of pain.

Lynne is also still swamped with work and barely has the mental and emotional energy to handle what's already on her plate. Her focus is very much on her family right now.

Please join me in wishing Lynne and her family well at this time.
You might be going through something similar and needing someone to reach out to you with love and kind words of comfort.

Life is not a straight path. You might also be in shock about something that's happened to one of your loved one's or feeling anxious and stressed about things that are out of your control.

My heart goes out to you.

I wish there was something I could do to make it right. Alas, I am at a loss.

All I can do is send love and best wishes for a speedy recovery or speedy resolution.

Thinking of Lynne and all families at Wealthy Affiliate who are going through similar turmoil right now.

Sending love and prayers

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JillAlexaVA Premium
Thank you Lauren for letting us know about Lynne's Dad.
Lynne, do hope that your Dad heals well and that he will soon be out of pain.
Will keep you both in my prayers.
laurenjean Premium
Pleasure Ma. Thanks for your caring and concern for Lynne and her Dad.
Twack Premium
Just good thoughts coming Lynnes' way.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Twack.
mergie1 Premium
My thoughts are with you Lynne and thanks for letting us know Lauren.
laurenjean Premium
Pleasure, Michel. Appreciate your thoughts for Lynne.
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks Laura. Good luck to Lynne and her family.
laurenjean Premium
Pleasure Glenys, Thanks for caring.
Helen123 Premium
Sending positive thoughts to you Lynne and hoping that your dad improves and is well enough soon to be home again... Best wishes !!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for your lovely wish for Lynne, Helen.