How to Work from Home and Make Money Online

Last Update: Jun 1, 2018

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Are you done with the 9 to 5? Itching to fire your boss? Tired of the long commute to work?

Or are you a stay-at-home Mom looking for ways to become a work-from-home Mom? Because that's why I started googling topics like...

How to Work from Home and Make Money Online

My hubby thinks it a bit weird that I pump up the volume whenever Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 comes on the radio. Because I don't work 9 to 5 (anymore).

But I love hearing the song for exactly that reason (it reminds me how lucky I am) and because it has one of my favourite lines ever in a song: "Pour myself a cup of ambition".

So pour yourself a cup of ambition and read on...

I discovered there are many ways to make money online but only one that really made sense to me - Create a Website of my own and Turn it into a Money Making Machine.

That's why I chose Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is NOT a get-rich-scheme, a scam or some kind of shiny object on the net (avoid those if you can).

It's a genuine path to real wealth because it teaches fundamental principles like these:

  • build a website with helpful, rich content to serve your audience
  • use keyword research and SEO to attract organic traffic
  • master affiliate marketing to maximise your income

I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for just over 2 years and I've created 3 websites so far. They are all making money.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

I've also had time to get to know some of the big Success Stories at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are just 6 of the BIG NAMES online who made their start right here at Wealthy Affiliate and now are making fortunes. (Not all of them like to reveal actual numbers, each has their own definition of success).

If you were even in doubt as to whether WA is the right place to learn how to make money online, you won't be after this post.

Steve of IveTriedThat

I'll start with Steve's post because it's thanks to Steve that I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Steve's definition of Success is closer to "Work from Anywhere" than "Work from Home". He loves taking his family to beautiful places and setting up his laptop where he has a great view. He writes a post a day 5 days a week. #laptoplifestyle

Steve's Review Site, IveTriedThat, currently has a Domain Authority of 46.

10.5 Million Visitors Have Visited My Site

Lynne Huysamen of Kaboutjie

Lynne has 6 or 7 sites (I'm losing count). I'm adding her next because she is the person who has mentored me here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Almost every cent I've made online so far has been due to a tip-off from Lynne.

Kaboutjie currently has a Domain Authority of 36.

Does Fiverr Work? YES I've made over $5000!

Dominic Wells of HumanProofDesigns

Dom Wells used the knowledge he learned at Wealthy Affiliate to create an incredible, hugely successful business selling done-for-you aged affiliate marketing websites.

He recently launched a whole new program as well.

Dom's site currently has a Domain Authority of 39.

I Never Really Expected To Build A Million Dollar Company

Loes Knetsch of WorkatHomeFuture

Loes has 6 websites (last time I checked) and is one of the most well known and well loved members of Wealthy Affiliate. She has written a whopping 708 posts and created 120 Training Tutorials on Wealthy Affilaite.

Work at Home Future has a Domain Authority of 29.

Here is just one of Loes's 120 awesome trainings.

7 Tips to Become a Successful Internet Marketer

Nathaniell Brenes of OneMoreCupof-Coffee

Nathaniell started really young. He's created many sites over the years and many of them have been successful. As far as I know, One More Cup of-Coffee is his most successful site.

One More Cup Of -Coffee has a Domain Authority of 43.

The 10 Years Question: How Long Does It Take To Be Successful?

Nathaniell also lists sooo many success posts in these two posts:

2018 - Another Year Of Success Growth At Wealthy Affiliate

Is Making Money Getting Easier in 2017 and Beyond?

Veronica of ItsVicky

Vicky also has multiple sites including an Amazon Test Site, all generating income for her and her family.

At ItsVicky Veronica's mission is to help you follow your passion and turn it into something bigger. Veronica shares loads of different ways to make money online including Affiliate Marketing.

It's Vicky has a Domain Authority of 29.

10 Years with WA - 10 Tips to Succeed with Proof

Here are a bunch of Posts by Wealthy Affiliate members who are making money after putting into practice all they learned here.


Crystal: My First $1000 Month!

Craig: 1st $1000 month - Wealthy Affiliate success!

Grace: Apr'18 Results: 358 Referrals Plus Many Milestones!


Grant Sudduth: My 2nd Goal Reached - $2000 for the Month

CraigUKTV: The Dream is Now Within Reach


Sarah (BelieveitYes): 3800 EUR in July, 1348 EUR this week!

EricCantu: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: $4k Per Month Results!


Branton Thiel: 5 K Per Month is Possible - Follow the Training and You'll Get Results

Russell: $6800 June Income Report

Peter: WA Makes me $200 per Day

Doug Beney: $6340.95 in the Month of November

Way More...

Eddy Salomon

How I Earned $9465.05 Thanks to WA Members

Janelle (CashedupNomad)

I Sold a Very Big Ticket Item With My Website.hundreds of thousands of buckeroonies!

Dylan Rieger

Website Sold: $40,000

Stephanie (SporkyPie):

Sold my first blog for $28,000 after 13 months

Brandon (Boston):

$12,500 - Website Sold on Flippa

And then of course there are the

Owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson

They're working from home and coffee shops and they're making... ? Who knows?

But one thing's for sure, whatever they're making, they deserve EVERY PENNY. These two guys are AMAZING.

  • They have created an awesome platform for us all to succeed
  • They openly share their knowledge gained through years of experience
  • They pay handsome Affiliate commissions
  • They are consistently upgrading and enhancing our experience (with no upsells!)
  • They offer well thought-out tools to help us build our online empires
  • And all this for only 98 cents a day ($359 a year)

So I'm going to let Kyle have the last word:

Me, blowing through 98 cents

May YOU be Wealthy Affiliate's next Success Story.

To YOUR Success

PS. This is by no means an exhaustive list of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

If you have a Success Post you'd love me to add to this post, please leave the link in the comments below.

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I love this post, Lauren! This is the perfect answer to many newbies' question when they start. I will bookmark this post so I can share it next time that question comes up.

Fab Sammy. Thanks a million for bookmarking and sharing.

Wow! This is an awesome post, Lauren! Great to share with anyone who has doubts about Wealthy Affiliate. Very inspiring:)!

Thanks so much Loes. Glad you enjoyed.
I'd be thrilled if it were shared to inspire those in doubt.

Tagged it:))

Thank you so much for sharing all these stunning success stories.

Incredibly Inspiring, Indeed!!!

Lauren, You may add yourself to this list.
You are of course also a stunning example of success!!

Aw, that's very sweet of you, Pernilla.
So happy to hear you found this post so inspiring. Mission accomplished.

Hey Lauren!
How can I be sure of what would I like for my website to be?
I've had some ideas, but I'm not sure exactly if those will work.
I'm going to read 4 websites from your post, and hope it helps!


What does your intuition tell you about the ideas you have? None of us know if something is a good idea until we try it out and gain some additional information. Don't look at the first website you create as life or death, sink or swim, but instead look at it like you are on a mission to find your purpose.

Hi Victoria, I would just start with your favourite idea and see where it takes you.
Here's a post that really helps answer this question.
I considered adding a link to Nathaniell's post dealing with exactly this question because it's one of my favourites... so here you go:

Hey Lauren. What an inspirational blog. Thank you so much. I'm so thankful for finding WA. I know success takes time. But I already feel like a success, even though I haven't started raking in the money, YET. LOL
Seriously, every day, at the end of the day, I've accomplished something I never thought I could do. I feel good about not only my website, but ME. I'm learning. I'm achieving goals that I set for myself every day. My website is growing and gaining some traction. I love my job. All of this sounds like success to me. I see different ones in our community, ready at the drop of a hat, to offer help and assistance, or even just a word of encouragement. More success stories.
Anyway, this is an absolutely wonderful post. You, my friend, are a raging success!!
All the best,

Hi Wendi, I'm so happy to hear that this post hit the sweet spot for you. Awesome the way you describe your feelings as you build your online empire and yes! I agree... that's SUCCESS.
The joy really is in the journey. And I have no doubt you will be raking in the cash soon.
Your comment in itself is tremendous encouragement for anyone starting out here.
Thanks for the compliment. You are so kind.

Hi Lauren!
Thank you for this inspiring post :)
I really enjoyed it.
How can you know the value of your site authority? I saw you wrote, ” domain authority of 29” ( for example ). I didn't understand how you can calculate that and how to know if it's a good value?
Thank you

Hi Marta, pleasure! The short answer is go to
It's an excellent indicator of the success of a site.
WA's Domain Authority is 71 by the way.
Here's a brilliant training on Moz and DA by PJ Germain:

Thank you:)

Encouraging to read the success stories. It really comes down to how bad you want it. I also think it wise to copy from the best but put your own spin on it. Like there are no original songs, there are very few original websites. Thanks!

True that, Rick. I agree. We learn, apply and make it our own.

This is a terrific acknowledge of quality of members here at WA. The training provides us with all the tools needed to follow in their footsteps. Thanks for a great validation.

Pleasure Debbie. I've been meaning to publish a WA Review post on WA for months. Finally got around to it. This is it.

Not forgetting the incredible community that'll help you anytime, anywhere!

So true, Manika. This community is PHENOMENALLY helpful and certainly has played a huge part in the success of everyone who's stayed the course.

Just being here is a step in the right direction to make money online from any where...any time.

Absolutely Jared! Agree wholeheartedly!

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