Great Little Book - Afformations

Last Update: Oct 25, 2017


Great Little Book - Afformations

A BIG heart-felt THANK YOU to Taetske @laparra1 for introducing me to Noah St. John's great little book on Afformations, The Secret Code of Success.

It's a fabulous book. I practically devoured the first 73 pages and can't wait to read the rest of the book but first I wanted to share some of what I've learnt with all of you.

Quick Summary

Noah St. John coined the term Afformations when he realised that traditional Affirmations are like using a chainsaw to try drill a hole in the wall. They are great in themselves, but simply the wrong tool for the job.

He found that asking empowering questions is a far quicker way to shift your mind's focus from what you lack to what you have.

He suggests that instead of just blindly repeating affirmations, that you instead:

  • consider everything you want to be, do, have and achieve
  • write them down, and then
  • turn them into empowering questions.

It works particularly well if you take a previously negative question you may have been asking unconsciously and turn it into a positive. For example - some of you may have had this question simmering somewhere below the surface.

Negative Unconscious Question: Why am I taking so long to achieve success at Wealthy Affiliate?

New Positive Question: Why am I achieving success so quickly at Wealthy Affiliate?

Noah St. John offers his Top 10 Afformations:

  1. Why am I so rich?
  2. Why am I so happy?
  3. Why am I enough?
  4. Why am I good enough?
  5. Why do I have what it takes to succeed?
  6. Why do I have the courage to do what I love?
  7. Why does opportunity come to me so easily now?
  8. Why do I enjoy so much success?
  9. Why do I have more than enough money in my business?
  10. Why does having what I want help others get what they want?

I have to admit, these seemed like strange questions to pose at first - yet I could immediately see how my mind started searching for answers that would solve the question (exactly as Noah St. John said it would) and how this, then put me in a different frame of mind. How I started to feel grateful for what I already have.

Very interested to see how my ACTIONS change as a result of firing these weird questions out into the ether every day.

And that's the final step in implementing Afformations: "Take new ACTIONS based on your new assumptions about life".

So I took the liberty of turning Monday's Affirmations to Afformations - see how these feel for you now.

Why does money come to me so easily and effortlessly?

Why do my finances improve day after day?

Why does money come to me daily in expected and unexpected ways?

Why am I worthy of earning more and more money every single day?

Why am I fully at peace with having money in my life?

Why am I open to all the wealth that life has to offer me?

Why are wealth and new opportunities flowing into my life every single day?

Why are my actions creating prosperity every day?

Why am I able to use my money for good?

Why am I able to accept large sums of money?

Why is the money I earn used to better my life and the life of others?

Why am I able to help others with their lives and their financial situations?

Why is it okay and safe for me to feel successful?

Why does money expand the opportunities and experiences I have in my life?

Why does money create a positive impact in my life and my family’s life?

Why am I worthy of making more money?

Why am I able to grow financially and personally?

Why is my money used to better the lives of all those around me?

Do you feel lighter and calmer after asking these questions?

Have they shifted your view of your life right now? Do your challenges seem smaller?

Would love to hear how you like Afformations versus Affirmations. Please leave a comment below.

To Your Success,

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Thanks for sharing. That book is on my reading list.

Pleasure Joe.

Got the book. Through chapter 5. Working on my Afformations. Thank you again.

Love this post Lauren! Love your Afformations.

Gotta get this book!

Great stuff, Pernilla!

Love the post, Lauren. I am going to read the book. The concept of afformations instead of affirmations is fascinating. I have been a long time user of affirmations but admit that sometimes I found it a bit difficult. I am going to try this different model.
Thank you.

Awesome, Sharon. Enjoy!

Good afternoon Sharon,

If you send me your email in a PM I will send you the PDF.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Love your post Lauren. Never read the book but it has immediately changed my perspective on affirmations. Please, how do I find the book? Feel free to PM me. :)


Hi Robert, happy to hear you feel that way, just wait until you read the book! You're going to love it!

Regarding getting a copy of the book, I would recommend you send a PM to Taetske @

Hi...I also benefited from Taetske's suggestion on reading the book. I always felt like I was lying to myself with Affirmations....Afformations made the difference. It really shifts your focus! I'm always so impressed with WA members willingness to share and help others. Thanks to all.

So true, Debbie. On all counts. Here's to Taetske... and how she embodies the spirit of WA.

Love the post, Lauren. Yes, after reading the afformations I did feel more relaxed and ready to move forward. I actually had a smile after reading.

I'll be tagging to revisit until I can get the book. Enjoy the journey.


No problem Randy, I will gladly send you the PDF, drop me your email on PM.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Awesome, Randy! Happy to hear that!

Grrrreat, Taetske!

Thank you! I'll drop you a PM

Innovative! and the visuals maker it sing Lauren!

Yay! Happy to hear that, Michael!

Great post thanks for sharing.

Pleasure Anand. Thanks for your comment.

Very interesting reading Lauren. Thank you for sharing. I have to admit, when I saw the title of your post I was thinking there was a typo there :)

Me thinks I have a whole list of questions I need to be asking ... including “why don’t I have this book in my library?”

Thanks again!

Haha, yeah...I hear you, Gary. I was also amazed that it wasn't in my collection. I have so many books in the self-help, motivation, inspiration genre.

Guess there will always be new information - which means there's still space for us to write books. Yeah!!

Why am I writing so many amazing bestsellers?

I just checked out Noah St. John's website, and you can get a free download of one of his books if you sign up for his newsletter.

Beautiful-thanks Lauren. I think I’ll do that - check out his site and grab his book.

I like your best seller question :)))

Or, you could send me your email on PM, I will get you the PDF.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

I have attended some of his programs and get his emails daily

Oh, awesome, Davida. No wonder you always have such motivational topics for all your posts. You're living this path. Good on you.

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