First Sales Funnel, Videos, Podcasts and More

Last Update: July 25, 2019

Hey hey Everyone

Apologies for being absent for so long... you can bet it's because I've been super busy building my online business. Thought it was high time I gave you a quick update on my progress.


So much has been going on behind the scenes.. I created my first Sales Funnel and am now learning how to promote it.

I've been very slow in building my email list, it's building a lot faster now thanks to my Funnel (though still LOTS to do - haven't even added my funnel to my websites yet).

Who's already rocking their Sales Funnels?

Any tips would be most welcome!


I've started adding (almost) Daily VIDEO tips for Online Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to test which platforms generate the most engagement.

I uploaded them to Instagram too but have archived the original 3 I posted as I think I could do a better job on Instagram by uploading 3 posts at a time. Post the video in the middle flanked by two images. Watcha think?

Video is still so new to me, I'm still kinda learning the ropes.

Have a question for all you YouTubers....

Do you think I should upload these vids to YouTube too? They are super short (30 to 40 seconds long).


I've never really considered creating my own Podcast but I've been invited as a guest on one tomorrow.

Maybe I'll be SOLD after tomorrow's interview Who knows?

Any Wealthy Affiliate Podcasters?

Any Tips would be welcome before I go on air tomorrow.


As most of you know by now, my favourite platform is LinkedIn (other than Wealthy Affiliate of course).

I now have over 14,000 MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS on LinkedIn and YES, the Podcast opportunity came through someone who found me on LinkedIn.

Isn't that exciting?

Would love to know how things are going your side. I'm out of touch. Fill me in.


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N33 Premium
Excellent, Lauren, good luck to you.
laurenjean Premium
Thank You Anne. Hope all is well with your world.
Janet1919 Premium
Great congratulations
Keep doing what you are doing
All the best

laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Janet. Great to meet you!
AffMktgRt Premium

Congrats on all of your progress and on all of the mediums/platforms.

Too few look into sales funnels, the power of YouTube video ads and using LinkedIn as well. I myself have close to 12,000 contacts there.

The podcast idea is great and make sure that you also connect with other influencers there and their audiences. You can also ask other influencers to allow you to interview them and then you can present that interview to their audiences and grow your contact list exponentially.

I will send you via PM some third party great tips on YouTube ads and I think that you will truly benefit from that advice.

laurenjean Premium
Hi Gabriel, Thanks for all your helpful advice and tips. I'll definitely look into YouTube Ads. Thanks for the tips on PM as well. I'll reply as soon as I get a chance to check out the links.
phakacha8 Premium
Hey L Kinghorn,
Was just checking out my WA emails and come across your exciting post.

Am into what you're telling here - except Podcasts. Connecting you soon on LinkedIn.

Keep up the good fight.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Phomrong, great to hear from you and especially to hear that you're also into all this fun stuff. :)
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Lauren. You have touched on all those elements of affiliate marketing I haven't looked into yet. Although I am a LinkedIn member U hadn't even thought about utilizing it for my online business. But you've sparked an interest in me and I will now check all these things out, starting with Jay's training on funnelsm . Jim
laurenjean Premium
Excellent, Jim. I'd best check out Jay's Training on Funnels too. Thanks for the heads up. Wishing you all the best as you continue to grow your online business.
starfalex123 Premium
Congratulation wish you all the best may you continue to have great success all the best to you. Have a wonderful day. Fitzgerald
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Fitzgerald. Appreciate. Wishing you all the best.