Finally! I am Going VIDEO

Last Update: April 24, 2019

Woohoo!! I just created and uploaded my first Video Training and it felt grrrreat!!

The world is going VIDEO.

It was time I caught up.

Did You Know That...?

  • YouTube is almost as popular as Google.
  • Nearly 80% of people watch online videos every week
  • 60% of people prefer online videos to TV
  • You Tube users view over a Billion Hours of Video each day on YouTube

Let those numbers sink in.

THANK YOU to Wealthy Affiliate Members for leading the way

Soooo...a huge THANK YOU to AlenkaV for publishing this post yesterday:

How to Overcome Your Mental Block about Starting on YouTube.

Alenka, you gave me the extra push I needed and I am ever grateful.

Thanks to LynneHuy for the wealth of Training Tutorials she's uploaded to Wealthy Affiliate and her constant encouragement to upload some of my own.

You can find Lynne's Tutorials here:

Thanks to ReyMott for urging us to check out TiffanyDomena's YouTube Tutorials in this post:

I'm unofficially following the Super Affiliate Challenge and I love it

What's my First Video Tutorial About?

Well, I'm a Guest on a Twitter Chat tonight for the first time, so I just learned how to Schedule Tweets using a Free Tool.

It's super user-friendly and did I mention FREE?

So, if you never find yourself needing to schedule a Tweet, you should find it useful.

Could I ask for your help?

If you have a gap, please pop over and let me know what you think of my first video tutorial. If I've made a hash up of it I need to know before I make a fool of myself on YouTube.

Here's the link:

How to Schedule Tweets FREE of Charge

Over to You

Have you gone VIDEO? And how did it impact your online business?

I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below.


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wendyk Premium
Thank you for the encouragement!
laurenjean Premium
You're most welcome Wendy. Can't wait to see your first video!
Ahimbe Premium
Your post has helpful links. Thank you for sharing.
laurenjean Premium
My pleasure Ahimbe. Glad you found it helpful.
davehayes Premium
Excellent Lauren video is fun enjoyable and once you start won't want to stop

Plus there are some stats which show You Tube could overtake Google as the world's first search engine
laurenjean Premium
Thanks for the compliment, Dave and haha, I think you're right - I can't wait to make more videos now! Especially as the response has been so encouraging.
Aah, interesting. So YouTube is definitely the place to be.
davehayes Premium
Without a shadow of a doubt, offers more options and definitely opens up more doors... I could go on, but I would bore you
JonLake Premium
Absolutely excellent Lauren. You would never know it was your first attempt. You have a lovely natural laid back style which is very watchable.

Keep up the great work

Jon and Debbie
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much, Jon and Debbie. That's very kind of you. I thought I went on a bit long and went a bit off-track a couple of times, so it's really affirming to get such great feedback.
AlenkaV Premium
Yeeey! How cool! Congratulations!

laurenjean Premium
Thanks, Alenka! You inspired me! I'm loving your YouTube videos. Thanks a mill.