Help, A Rant, A Lesson

Last Update: September 01, 2019

Today will not be an inspirational post. Today I am asking for help please and on a short rant.

I also want all to know that no matter where we are in our walk at WA, we will always need assistance.

Making Videos

I am trying to use Camtasia and screencast Omotic. I have an issue and a mental block with video app recorders because I have listened to most of the tutorials with no change when I apply it.

I cannot get screencast to load correctly. I sent a ticket to support. No answer yet.

So, I downloaded the free Camtasia. I can not get a video to upload to it so I can edit it. I can not understand how to edit a video even if I could get one to load.

I have been working on this for three days now. I have gotten up and walked away so many times I have built new muscles in my legs.

Any suggestion on these issues is much appreciated.

Site Feedback

The second issue, did I misunderstand the recent email by Kyle that stated we could get feedback and to head on over to the community feedback area to post our website?

I posted mine over a week ago then I went through and gave feedback on other sites.

Mine is still sitting there untouched. I am starting to think there must be something wrong with my site and no one wants to tell me.


And while I am at this, I may as well get this other part off of my chest. I purposefully did not become an ambassador for a year because of the small group of jealous mean people who target ambassadors.

I decided that the business world is like this. Most are great, but a select few are just ruthless with no purpose. I decided to face it head-on.

I have been heading off insults since I became an ambassador 29 days ago.

Everyone Wants To Know

Everyone wants to know how much I make and why I don’t have the answer to everything because I have been here a year.

I will stick by my decision not to disclose my income not now or ever. If you want to it is fine with me and I will not judge you for it. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

As for the right answer, I am not superwoman. I am an ordinary human being who will never have the answer to everything. I will continue to give the wrong answer occasionally. If this bothers some, they will have to get used to it.

What To Learn From This?

Now I said this was not an inspirational post, but I can’t leave it like this. I am getting better at addressing these people and holding my own. It is a good learning experience.

And the lessons to take away from these issues are

1. Men are so much easier to work with than women

2. There will always be hateful people in this world

3. Everyone needs help no matter where they are in their WA walk

4. Inspiration does have a definite place in the business world, regardless of what a select few say.

5. And just because a person is nice does not mean they are stupid.

Beware of the kind person with integrity, values, and grit.

There you have it. My request is out to the community, and my rant is over.

Have a beautiful Sunday or Monday, where ever you are in the world.

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KC1953 Premium
Sorry to hear about your issues with Camtasia. I went with the IceCream screen recorder app cuz I had no issue using it as soon as I downloaded it. There's a free version I think but I opted to go with the paid version. They have several other useful apps and some of them are free.

For the record and the benefit of those meanies you referred to, I am not an affiliate for IceCream products.

The nay-sayers or Grumble Stiltsons? Just tell 'em to go install a self-threading attaching device in themselves. (how's that for politically correct?} lol Don't give them power to control your actions. They're merely ankle biting nuisances.
LauraFuller Premium
Thanks, I'll check it out. Thanks for the good laugh. It is good for the soul. And please be safe for the next few days on the coast.

Swangirl Premium
Ha ha...great description!
Joes946 Premium
Laura, I'm sure most of us have suffered some of the same stuff and by the way, it's okay to rant! I really can't help much with the video except to say that I have used Camtasia and haven't had a problem, so don't know what to say there.
There have always been, always will be nasty people, even at WA. I've run across a few but choose to ignore them. I won't even give them the satisfaction of an answer. You don't have to stoop to their level.
Not sure about the male/female argument as I have found nasty on both levels!
Well, there are a few good ones out there and they far outweigh the bad ones for me.
Ever need a shoulder to rant on feel free to PM me (no this is not an invitation for the community!).
I love your posts and thanks so much for your great work and contributions. Wasn't on Chat for a couple days so didn't see your website. Will be glad to take a look at it if you want to PM me.
Hang in there. This too shall pass.
LauraFuller Premium
Joe, It has already passed. Thank you. As for the male/female part. You are right. I will PM you and thank you for the listening ear.

Joes946 Premium
Always glad to listen and help.
jayhey Premium
That is very well said. As far as your website though with the feedback I have no clue. I had the opposite problem with the feedback giving me a few I had never asked for and they just completely missed the point of my website anyway.

I welcome feedback that helps me out but if they completely miss the point of my posts/website in all I will just say thank you and move on.

I think we as business owners can only put up with so much before we have to take a break and just focus on our content.

As far as nice goes I would think building relationships with our consumers is just a little more important here than commenting on the latest trend that looks like a five-year-old could make it a trend.

Just my opinion though.
LauraFuller Premium
I value your opinion, and it has helped me put all into better perspective.

Thank you

jayhey Premium
Your welcome. We can't be playing with a full deck all the time and there will be times where we just have to fold for the day until the next game.
ChrisP3 Premium
I would worry to much about your video problems. It seems to me that anybody over 18 yrs is an IT numbskull. Worries me when I hear my adult children saying they cannot keep up with computer progress. So what chance have I!

I have thought for a long time that if you are nice, happy and straight with people thats the sort of friends you attract. The people who are the opposite are not those you want for friends and companions in life. Chris
LauraFuller Premium
As Mark said, Amen.

ExpatMark Premium