Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus

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Are you Focused? Do you have a difficult time staying Focused?, your success depends on you being focused on your project at hand. "Focus", boy there sure is alot of do's and do

Focus is one thing that can keep you on the right track. It is to easy to become distracted on the internet .

It certainly is very easy to become distracted Dave, too many shiny objects!

Focus is very important. Those that are really successful you can see that they narrowed in on one thing and went with that. They weren't scattered around every which way.

Hi Skyhorse, so very true.

Hi Laura. This is another one of those intangibles that can help make or break virtually any endeavor. The danger (of not being focused) is that we may allow ourselves to become spread too thin. With WA, that is especially troublesome because of the tremendous amount of information available.

I agree. Progress is much easier to achieve if we are focused.


Hi Joshua, yes there is lots in WA, I just take it one lesson at a time, I will get there!

Hi. Great thoughts here. Now that summer is essentially over and I can't work outside for much longer I will be moving back inside. I want to fix up our home office and then get back into the habit of going in there to work only, I find that really helps with my focus. Thanks for this.

Hi Rick, although summer is ending I'm not looking forward to winter but it will give me alot of time to get things done, alot of progress will be made by spring!

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