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My network :) always zero :) but I have :) friends?

My network :) always zero :) but I have :) friends?

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Likely a temporary glitch!


Looks correct on my end, let me know if this persists.

Where does it show zero?

I add :) An image!

You may need to empty the browser cache, refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

Abie :) I just did :) It is still :) The same?

I reach out to Carson on their profile space and let them know.


Abie! :) Thanks :) I really appreciate :) Your time!

No worries, I hope you figure it out soon!

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Which is better :) to have :) clickable or :) anchored?

Which is better :) to have :) clickable or :) anchored?

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Everything Wordpress

Clickable or :) Anchored?

Hi Lara
Anchors and Links go together. When someone clicks a link they are sent to an Anchor.
This post might help a little... :-)

Do you mean links?

clickable or anchored what....

I don't :) Understand

what do you want clickable or anchored....
you are not telling us what you want...
images, buttons, links, sidebar, menu, what element....

Depends what's the purpose?

Clickable, you may want your visitor click and visit another resource.

Anchored, you want folks to shift to a piece of content within the same webpage, for example a table of contents for your post.

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Who decides :) to rank my :) content?

Who decides :) to rank my :) content?

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Search Engine Optimization

Google or :) Users?

Good question.

Hi Lara, the answer is both! Initially the Search Engines choose how to rank your content based on the quality and relevancy to a search (keyword) entered by the end-user. But as users engage with your content (or don't), the search engines base their decisions on that too.

How long are people on a page?
How often is the page updated (by the content owner - you - or the end-user via comments?
How fast is your website?
Is your site optimized for mobile devices?
+ many other things

Ultimately it comes down to the quality of the content and relevancy of the content to the end-user who searched for a related keyword in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Once your content is published, you're never "done" with it. You will want to keep the content updated, and always ask users to comment on your content. Try to get users to "engage" with you and leave you questions etc. Your initial content may be 800 or 1500 words, but the words in comments could be 1000's more words, helping your article to become "Pillar" content and rank extremely well.

Great question - and maybe the real answer is "YOU"...You decide who ranks your content based on the quality of the content.


Thanks :) Carson! :) I really appreciate :) Your response :) On my question! :) And your :) Time!

Carson :) Can you please :) Check? :) Thanks!

Ditto Abie.

Thanks :) Abie is :) Great!



Search engines and users.

Users may comment on your posts, showing search engines your content is getting engagement.

Abie :) Thanks :) I appreciate :) Your time!

You're very welcome!


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How can I install my google analytics for a new site?

How can I install my google analytics for a new site?

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Website Development & Programming

I forgot how to do it? Thanks

Looks like Abie answered you, Lara..

I use the Google Site Kit as a plug in and it connects me with everything Google.

How you got it done!


The SEO framework .
You can use the Ad Inserter plugin, as you do not want to edit your themes files directly as you will lose your changes when the theme updates or if you change your theme. .
How to insert code for Google Analytics

Thanks! :) Let me try!

Let me know how you get on, make sure you paste the whole code in the header section of your Ad Inserter, put the green light on and save changes.

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