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Hi, my name is Larissa, I like video games, travelling and scuba diving :)

I am from Switzerland and I have tried and learn many occupations before coming here. I got an IT degree and after that, went to Australia to become a Scuba Diving Instructor :) When I got back to Switzerland I found myself in a situation that didn’t allow me to pursue in the scuba diving industry. I had to make a choice about what to do next and a desk job wasn’t on the list.

The fact is that I can’t stay put. I need to move, to try new things, to travel. I want to see the world and all its wonders! So I thought about what I could do that would allow me to see everything I dream of. The obvious answer was to get my own business.

I have a computer, I have access to internet so I can make a living out of it.

That was my solution. I searched for a long-term opportunity online and this is how I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I will be honest. Most of you know how many scams there are when looking to “make money online”. I heard about many programs and had become really skeptical. But since it was free, I decided to give it a try. And I never looked back on my decision!

I had absolutely zero knowledge about online marketing, how to build a business or even just where to start. But the training here guided me step-by-step through every part of it. It is well-thought, easy to follow and the support is really amazing.

Now don’t get me wrong this requires hard work, time and dedication but this is the best training platform hands down. You get all the mentorship, support and help you need. I had great advices and help from members and even from Kyle!

This is how it works here. The community is great, like-minded, enthusiast and really helpful. The owners show up very often on the platform and participate in the life of the chat and help you whenever they can. You will never be stuck has long as you ask for help when you need it!

Now, my next business goal is to see if I can make it to their annual meeting at Las Vegas next year!
Also, I have a very long bucket list and now I finally have the chance to go through it :D

Thanks to everyone for the great support :)
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Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
Laurel0887 Premium
Thanks for the follow and thanks for your help!

sukumarth Premium
Thanks for the follow, Larissa. Pleased to be in your network. I'm following you back. I'm sure we'll be meeting here often. Wish you much success!
kimwolfe Premium
Hi Lara. Thank you for the follow. Glad we are connected here at WA. Look forward to learning from each other.
Kerjackie Premium
Hello Lara, a pleasure to meet you on this great platform, How do you do with your online business, have you been enjoying the learning process?
Could you, please, give me a website feedback on my site, and I will return the favor to you.
Thank you.
Lara-C Premium
Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for the follow :)
I had a look at your website and have sent you a pm with my feedback ^^

And thank you very much for leaving a comment on one of my posts :)

P.S: I tried to leave a comment on one of your article but when I hit the Post Comment button, it gave me a blank page... Let me know if you still received it ^^
And don’t worry about the blank page, this is a problem on my end ;)
Kerjackie Premium
Thank you, Lara, to let me know, I will check out, and contact you soon.
HennieSteyl Premium
Thank you for the follow Larissa. All the best to you. God bless.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Best continued success to you in WA, Larissa!

manne13666 Premium
Hello Larissa and thank you for the follow. I've added you to my network. I'm a bit of a game junkie myself, mostly computer games though. What's your favorite?

Wishing you success and happiness on your journey.

Take care,

Lara-C Premium
Hi Michelle/Anne, thank you for following back :)

I also have some trouble working with people every day even when doing something I really like. This is why I decided to give this a try ^^

I mostly play computer games too. I love Skyrim (once you start modding, you never stop ^^), I am also a fan of Shadow of Mordor ^^, and I will soon get Final Fantasy XV :D

I wish you a lot of success too and I hope it is working well for you :)

manne13666 Premium
I love Skyrim, too! You're definitely right on the modding situation there. I don't see myself ever going back to vanilla again.

I can't wait for the next single player Elder Scrolls game to come out, especially if they improve the graphics again. It will be beautiful.

Good luck and take care.
Lara-C Premium
Yes, the vanilla version is good but it misses so many things at the same time ^^ (just for the survival of the horses, it is worth modding xp )

I hope we won't have to wait too long for the next Elder Scrolls :)
kenway Premium
Hi Wayne here I am going to follow all that are READY TO ROCK.
Would like to stay in contact and get things on the roll.
Good luck and God bless you.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings, Larissa!

I probably never liked the idea of working in a "regular environment" but did it because I didn't know of any other way. Ener the Internet!

I appreciate the follow and look forward to hearing about your journey as you develop and grow your online business.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Larissa, thanks for following me. I'm following you back.

Wishing you success with WA :)
CraigO1 Premium
Hello Larissa so nice to meet you. Thank you for the follow and I am now following you back. I'm also a big music lover, mainly 60s and 70s rock but occasionally venture to other areas. My hobby is buying and selling records. I sell records on eBay as a hobby. My niche site here at WA is about vinyl records and music. Pretty new site and am getting it going slowly but surely.
StPaul Premium
Thanks for the follow and wishing you great success!!!
CraigW315 Premium
Hi there!
Thank you for following me. I am following back!
I hope that 2018 will be a wonderful, successful year for you. Best of luck!
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for the follow and following you back. This is the right platform to establish your own online business. May you enjoy great success with your Wealthy Affiliate venture.
djjimusolar Premium
Larissa, thanks for the follow back. All the best to you and yours. -Jim Schupbach
Danjv500 Premium
Hi Lara and thanks for following me. It's great to meet you. I'm living in Costa Rica and it's a good place for us as one of our passions is great çoffee and that's one of my niches.
Stay well and have a great afternoon.
Vpublisher Premium
hi Lara, thanks for following me back, I wish you good luck here and you are welcome to my WA profile any time or to my sites to get cool tips and freebies. I hope we can do great things together :) Vitaliy
SantaFez Premium
Hi Lara and thanks for following me. following you back =)
Looking forward to networking with you.
Merry Xmas - SF
rileyroman Premium
thank you, following you back
MMarcus Premium
It's nice to have you in my network. Following you back
Keisi Premium
Hola Lara!

Thank you for adding me to your network and I have also added you to mine.

All the best wishes for a speedy accomplishment of your hopes and dreams right here at WAU!

Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
omr213 Premium
Thanks so much Lara for following! Nice to meet you.
ArmaniTol Premium
Hi Lara! I just thought I'd drop by your WA profile space here to say "hello"! May you be successful in your online business ventures. All the best.
Kyle Premium
How are things going today? Just wanted to pop in to see how things are going with you thus far and how your website/niche is coming along.

Hope you are rocking it Lara and of course (and as always) I am in your corner if you ever need anything!

PS. Today is my last day for Premium bonuses, if you are interested in getting them make sure you upgrade today.
Kyle Premium
Hey Lara,

I forgot to mention the other day that I am going to still be offering you my awesome bonuses if you join within the next 4 days.

Here are the bonuses that you are going to be getting:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there. Where else can you access the CEO of the company for help?
(3) I am going to be giving you my "Diamond Traffic Bonus". This is going to show you how I walk into absolutely any niche and get unlimited traffic.

But only if you join in the next 4 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways, just wanted to mention this. Hope your training is going well Lara and Reply to this if you do have any “pending” questions. :)

Kyle Premium
Here we are, 10 days into your experience at WA. :)

I hope things are going well Lara! I want to remind you of one thing, your hard work and dedication IS going to pay off. Keep working through the training, communicating within the community, and of course, ask for help when you need it.

Just heading out for a bit here, but do leave me a message if you need a hand with anything. You should have Premium communication back for an additional 7 days now, so hit me up when you get a chance Lara!
Kyle Premium
Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Lara? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just holler!

PS. Also, quick reminder. Today is the last day to get your first month discount/bonuses. No rush, no worries. Just a simple reminder here. :)
PurrPower Premium
Hi Lara,

Brad here again. I just wanted to followup with a specific example of an advanced strategy you can take advantage of here at Wealthy Affiliate that is not possible anywhere else.

First, I noticed that you have not yet completed your account setup. Setting up your profile is key to getting the most out of Wealthy Affiliate. This is your calling card when it comes to contributing to the community and getting other members here to help you out learning strategies like the one I will explain here in this post. People are just less likely to respond to "invisible" people.

To complete your setup, go into your profile page (click the box to the right side the blue Rank box at the top right of any page in Wealthy Affiliate to get there). From the top of that page, click the big green "Edit Your Profile Here" button to enter a bit about yourself and your goals.

Then click on the green "Add an Image Here" button to upload an image of yourself or your dog or anything really that you would like people to associate with you. Some people change their images frequently just for fun, like rotating between their favorite Star Trek characters or whatever.

Ok, back to the advanced strategy I promised.

A somewhat little known fact about Wealthy Affiliate is that the internal blog system here ranks highly in Google. If you are in your profile page reading this, then you should see a "My Blog" link at the top of the page. Go there and simply click on the big blue "Create a new blog" button to create your first blog post.

This is different from your own free blogs that you will create here using SiteRubix. The most well known aspect of the My Blog feature is that all your followers within Wealthy Affiliate will be notified of your new posts. That is how most people think about it and how they use it.

However, with the My Blog feature the blog posts you create show up directly on http://my.wealthyaffiliate.com. The posts are accessible there by anyone searching on Google (no need for them to be a WA member). According to the backlink checker I use, http://my.wealthyaffiliate.com has over 35,000 backlinks pointing to it from other websites. Type site:my.wealthyaffiliate.com into Google and you will find it has over 400,000+ pages indexed in Google. This makes it an authority site and gives it ranking power in Google.

Even better, when non-members access your WA blog posts from google you automatically get credit if they signup for Wealthy Affiliate (e.g. your WA cookie gets set even without your affiliate link, you get credit based on the fact that they visited your WA blog post).

And it gets even better. When non-members visit your WA "My Blog" posts, if they click on a link on that page it automatically opens a signup form for Wealthy Affiliate, where you get credit for that referral in the WA affiliate program. Even if they don't click on a link, that signup form pops up after 15 or 20 seconds of arriving on that page. Outside visitors can either signup or close the popup and continue reading your blog post. You can see how this works by creating your own WA blog post and visiting that page in a browser where you are not logged in to WA.

There is no other program out there that allows you to write posts directly on their authority site and make commissions from those posts. In your other promotions on your own blogs you can link to your WA My Blog posts without using your affiliate link, since you get credit anyway. There can be various advantages to this, as you will learn in later training here at WA.

The only caveat to this strategy is your My Blog posts should be helpful to the other WA members. You can't blog about dog training for instance, it should be about affiliate marketing, blogging and online business topics.

However, since it is all optimized to support you in making money from the WA affiliate program, this isn't really a downside. Just use your SiteRubix niche sites to promote niche topics like dog training, and use your WA Blog as (one way) to promote the WA affiliate program. For example, you could use one of your free Site Rubix sites for a favorite niche topic, and one for an online business related niche to promote the WA affiliate program.

Here is a link that explains more about how to make the most of this strategy:
Here is the next step in that training that shows how one WA Blog post is ranking in Google: Hope that helps!

PurrPower Premium
Hi Lara,

I'm glad you made it! After you begin to see the powerful tools, training, and remarkable opportunities available here, I know you will be glad also.

Beyond giving you everything you need to succeed as an affiliate in your area of interest, you can also promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate:


With a strong recurring commission structure, and a product that people love, this is a dream affiliate program that you now have access to as a Starter Member.

Although it is worth noting that the commissions are double for Premium Members, so the premium upgrade is worth considering for that reason alone if you decide to pursue this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. To learn more, click the black "Affiliate Bootcamp" button at the top left of this page.

If you are new to making money online, it will take you awhile to fully appreciate everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. If you have been struggling to get things working with your online business, then be prepared for some "light bulb moments" as you go through the training and begin to understand how the Wealthy Affiliate platform can accelerate your results.

I will follow up with you in a few days to give you a concrete example of an excellent advanced strategy that is possible here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a strategy that is simply not possible anywhere else (check this page for that update in a few days).

In the meantime, I would suggest you take the following 3 steps:

1. Complete your profile with a brief description of your goals, and of course with a nice photo of your smiling face! This makes a huge difference when interacting with the community here.

2. For a quick look at how easy it is to setup your first website (which is the basis for any online business), I highly recommend you take a look at Kyle's excellent video on creating your first website right here within Wealthy Affiliate in under 30 seconds (yes, this really is possible!): 3. Complete the free training lessons and videos to get started with your first niche website. Just click on the green "Get Started Here" button on the top left side of the page.

The fastest way to get your questions answered is to take advantage of the live chat and the question area at the bottom of each training module. There are many members here willing to help out.

These ways are faster (than asking an individual person) because you are more likely to connect with people that are actually online here at WA at the same time you are asking your questions.

Even before asking however, the search bar at the top of every page in Wealthy Affiliate is great for finding answers. That is what I use the most. WA has been in business for over 10 years, so almost any question you can think of has been asked and answered already. The search bar is great for finding those answers,

Have fun in your first few days at Wealthy Affiliate!