Wonderful Hiking In Dinosaur Country, 150 Million Years Old.


Hello everybody, here comes my monthly post.

Last month I wrote a post which was dark and kicked up some dust here and there. There were opinions to suit all tastes. Personally, I think that is good because here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are a huge group of people from all countries in the world with different backgrounds and different world views. That is good and I would not want it any other way. I think the topic is very important and for those who have missed my post here is the link.


View from El Torcal seen from the outside

A special hiking trip to El Torcal

This month, I would like to tell you about a lovely hiking trip we made recently. We picked a wonderful day with nice weather. You never know what you get here because high up in the mountains, it can be quite chilly at this time of the year. El Torcal is only about 80 minutes away from where I live and looking through the window of my workroom I can see this mountain ridge to the North.

2 Andalusian Mountain Goats

150 Million Years back in time

El Torcal is one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europe and when visiting you really have the impression you go back in time. It is no wonder because the limestone formations have been dated to about 150 million years ago to the middle of the Jurassic period. There are caves in El Torcal and one of them, Cueva del Toro ( Cave of the Bull) is important as Neolithic artifacts have been found there.

The Antequera Dolmens Site, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list on 15 July 2016, includes the mountains El Torcal de Antequera.

Amazing how trees can grow on these rocks

Unusual plants and animals

El Torcal is heaven for Fauna and Flora. There are many wildflowers like red peonies, wild rose trees, and thirty varieties of orchid. There are nocturnal mammals like badgers, weasels, and rodents. Then you might encounter the Spanish ibex ( Andalusian mountain goat ) snakes and lizards and of course birds like the Golden Eagle.

Lonely tree in El Torcal

Hiking trails for all ages

There are 3 different routes. These are clearly marked color-coded hiking trails and you can choose 1.5 km, 2.5 km, and the longest one of 4.5 km. We took the medium one of 2.5 km, which does not seem much but it took more than 3 hours to complete. You have to climb up and then again down several times. You have several opportunities to take a rest to enjoy the view, take photos and yet have a bigger rest halfway through the hike to have something to drink and eat.

The valley of the Dinosaurs

Take enough water and some food

While sitting down for the little lunch, we looked up and eagles circling above us, slowly letting themselves be guided by the wind current. It was amazing to watch.

The end of our hike

The Astronomical Observatory

I have included some private photos which convey the atmosphere of this special place. You can clearly see the erosion patterns that over millions of years, created these unusual forms. Some special places have curious names like the Sphinx, the Jug, the Camel, and the Screw. As El Torcal is far away from big towns and is at an elevation of more than 1.200 meters above sea level, it is the ideal place for having an Astronomical Observatory. The starlit skies are amazing up here.

I hope you have enjoyed our hike in El Torcal. To tell you the truth my legs did hurt a bit the next day but it was worthwhile for sure to make this trip

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

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Recent Comments


Thank you for telling about this hiking tour, Taetske!

El Torcal must be fantastic to see live. I love go hiking and I wish to go there someday. It is so fascinating to see the formations made throughout millions of years.

Concerning 5G, Taetske, I have heard they are already preparing for 6G now even before 5G is full in operation :-O


Good afternoon Pernilla,

El Torcal is very special and if you should come to the Costa del Sol we will go there.

They are not right in their heads, must be the existing radiation already. I will forward an email with some more things.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Gracias Taetske!

Yes, ist must be something in the air that blurrs the minds of the G-decision takers!

Greetings from a rainy Switzerland,

Taetske, that is a lovely and interesting landscape and I enjoyed the description of your hiking trip.

I would love to go with you to El Torcal but I think I will start with the 1.5km trail and work myself up to the next one. :))

There is so much beauty to discover and I do love of being in Nature just to disconnect from the craziness of the "modern" world.

Thanks, Taetske for sharing!


Good afternoon Sylvia,

To think that El Torcal is nearly at my front door and represents a world from faraway times. Soon we will be making a little trip to a Nature Reserve on the coast. We will stay 2 nights to have time to really explore well. I hope to find interesting stones and perhaps fossils. I am a Taurus so very connected to nature.

Sorry, clicked too soon.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Nice landscape Taetske, so different from the flat Dutch ...

Good Morning Loes,

That you can say, very different from Holland. The nice thing in El Torcal is that you can completely disconnect from everything.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske


Who would want WIFI if you can go shoulder to shoulder with a Dinosaur?

Oh wow! Thank you, Taetske for this short holidays!!
I enjoyed your blog a lot! :-))
Hope your feet are well again and wish you wonderful start in this week!
Sending love and light and many higs!
Aloha, Jenna

Good Morning Jenna,

Michael and I have decided that when we have visitors to take them to El Torcal. Of course only if they like a little hike. It is quite an experience to walk around in dinosaur country.
When are you coming to the Costa del Sol?

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

As soon as possible, dear friend!! :-)))
Very beautiful out there. I never visited El Torcal. This would be an experience!! And especially meeting you!
Many higs to the Costa des Sol!
Aloha, Jenna

Hello Taetske,
Many thanks for sharing this information. It looks a great place for my wife and I to visit, it is certainly reachable on a day trip from Gibraltar. We may have to leave the dogs behind, though, the terrain looks a bit tough for a shih tzu.
Best wishes and thank you again,

Good afternoon Steve,

I have seen people with dogs in El Torcal. The dogs seem to have a ball for themselves running here and there, for sure faster than I was going. A Shih Tzu might be a little bit small for making bigger steps down or up
I live in Alhaurin de la Torre, between Malaga and Torremolinos, 8km inland. If you ever should come close by do let me know.
Give a ring on 952410820, best from 15.00 onwards.

Hasta Pronto, Taetske

Thanks, will do if we are driving out that way.

Thanks for the trip my friend enjoyed the scenery, great pictures, and the comments(O:

As per the weather , we are in the first days of spring and it has been snowing, what we didn't get for Christmas we got in February.

We are back on daylight savings and I got to Church an hour late this morning it's been a weird day all round.

Got a lot of catching up to do been working on my site not much time in keeping in touch. But you know I am here when ever you need me.
always a better way
Higs Linda

Good Morning Linda,

Thank you for stopping by.
My previous post was an eye opener in certain aspects and the same can be said for this post. In the WA community, you can find a great variety of people and that is what makes it so interesting being here.

We will change to summertime at the end of this month. Temperatures are not normal here, expected 24 C. We had no winter this winter and I do not know where it is leading us but it does not look good.

I am still writing to people about 5G. Last Monday published a post on the 60 chemicals that were detected in baby diapers, what a world we live in.

The little hiking trip was great as it makes you forget everything for a couple of hours.

Hasta Pronto, Higs, taetske

I am so glad you where able to get away for a few hours. I think when I come to Spain again I will have to take the hike with you guys. I will be able to do so because of the healing that I have been going through I know am walking with out pain haven't been able to do that in a long while. I love the out doors and I have been stuck in the house for to long,

Even dancing again because I love dancing and I haven't been able to do so for a very long time. This is all on my last blog. I will have to have a look at you last work. But I have been so busy with answering the comments. it has been so interesting.

You and me both have been really busy so a hike was just the thing you needed to to replenish your spirit.

higs Linda

Good Morning Linda,

Nature is the best energy giver that exists.

Hasta Pronto, higs, Taetske

Love to hike. Fortunate that we have a park system within 4 miles of our home. It has been a very cold winter and only a few times have we been out in 3 months, but within the next few weeks, it will be dry enough and warm enough so we can see spring starting, and will probably be out hiking each evening.
One of our long distance places is Zion National park in Utah, USA. Very close to Bryce and the Grand Canyon and many others. These are our favorites. If there is anyone with a nice hiking blog let me know.

Never been to Europe, yet Spain is on our list of first places to visit. Thanks for the information on El Torcal.
Take care,

Good Morning Bill,

The climate is not what it used to be. Here in the south, we are having warm winters. It has been around 20C during day time most of the months and we are lacking rain.
Sept, Oct, and till 23 Nov. there was a lot of rain. From that moment on only 1 rain each month. I am watering the garden as if it were summer. The orange field has been plowed and now the drip system has to be put back.
In 2016 I was 3 weeks on holiday in the U.S. 3000km and 5 states, it was beautiful but also tiring as the distances are so big. I visited the National Dinosaur park and many other special places.
If you should come to Spain do let me know.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Good Morning Bill,

Some time ago I left a comment through Site Comment. You might like to have a look at her site, it is on hiking etc.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

When you were here did you get to see the Grand Canyon?

Thanks for the site information, and yes someday make it there. It is on my list.

No, I did not see the Grand Canyon but I did see the Rocky Mountains, Flaming Gorge, and many more exciting places.

Yes hard to choose for sure with a certain amount of time. That was a nice site you suggested also. Thanks

Great post. I am envious of your day of hiking.

Good Morning Jerry,

Well, why not come one day and go for a hike in El Torcal. I will take you there, promise.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thank you for taking me to places I will probably never have the opportunity to visit in person. Interesting, enjoyable and informative reading. Pictures are amazing.

Thanks so much for taking me along on this short little trip.


Good Morning Barry,

Thank you for stopping by.
Nice to hear you enjoyed your hike in El Torcal. Michael, who saw it for the first time was also impressed. What I personally like is that you can forget the modern world for some hours. I call it a healthy experience.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hi Taetske,
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful snapshot. The rock formations are quite baffling. The pictures are stunning.

Good evening Twack,

Thank you for your comment.
El Torcal is an unusual place and really worthwhile a visit. Walking around there you completely forget the modern world which is really nice.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

A beautiful place.

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