A positive mental attitude.

Last Update: October 18, 2016

I can remember a dialogue from an old James Bond movie (The Spy Who Loved Me - one of my favourites) between Bond and his obligatory 'Bond Girl' of the moment, where survival was the topic. The character played if I remember by the gorgeous Barbara Bach, exclaimed in a Russian accent that what was important is a positive mental attitude. While Roger Moore clearly got the benefit of the rest of her advice, I would like to touch on the wider benefits of maintaining a positive mental attitude.

I can remember some years ago (I'm old enough to) just beginning to research topics around business and motivation. Internet was still in its infancy (my first PC was a Windows 386 for those old enough to remember them) and my learning came largely from books borrowed from the library, from friends, or occasionally actually purchased. I learned a great deal from college studies also, and from practical experience in management within different industries.

I have to say that after everything I've learned over the years, the one thing that stands out over and above everything else in importance, is maintaining a positive mental attitude. The Law of Attraction works flawlessly according to your thinking, as you literally bring forth into your life exactly what you put out in energy.

Over the past few years, prior to my joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have really struggled to maintain a positive attitude. I've left jobs through a combination of work and home life stress. I've taken on lesser roles with new employers only to not impress, get annoyed at myself and leave, only to go to another employer and repeat the cycle. I set myself in a destructive downward spiral that for some time, I couldn't see myself getting out of.

Then I met an old friend I used to work with in better times. This led to an opportunity to get myself back on track as a role ideally suited to my experience opened up, and I took it and ran with it. I took the opportunity to get my professional life back in order, but it hasn't been plain sailing. I had to work hard and my confidence was still dented. My motivation was good but my emotional state was still a little shaky. I didn't perform any miracles in my new role but I did keep my head on and get on with it.

So what's the difference between just surviving and excelling? It's attitude. Your thinking defines you. Thoughts are deeds you do unto yourself, as the energy created by your thoughts returns to you good or not so good. In the past year and with a positive mental attitude, I've moved ahead from a position of just surviving, to excelling in my role. It's also just a few months ago that I joined Wealthy Affiliate and began really working on what will become an online business.

If that's not enough, only in the past week have I really been working on myself again the way I used to years ago. I meditate daily, use affirmation, and monitor my thoughts and feelings. I maintain a positive mental attitude in every situation.

Just today, my work has been audited as has been expected for some time. Mine was the last audit to take place and had seemingly been delayed. I was beginning to wonder what was going on, that it had been delayed so long. Since my previous performance had been shaky, I hadn't been all that confident about how it would go when it did happen. And I've only been practising motivational techniques again for one week.

I had nothing to worry about. My audit came in 100% Pass! By rediscovering my positive mental attitude, I turned the tide and returned to my high performing state. And the energy I created with my new positive attitude returned to me in the form of that audit pass!

Proof positive that your attitude defines you. If you want to change your level of success, change your thinking and it will happen.

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MPollock Premium
Thanks, and love the attitude
lairdjohn64 Premium
You're welcome. I'm really glad I've been able to make a worthwhile contribution here.
drjec Premium
Thanks for this post. I think attitude has a lot to do with how we move through life and surely how we work through business.
lairdjohn64 Premium
Hi, and thank you for your comment. I think you're right that attitude affects our life as well as business. I think also that the two are linked. A balanced personal life is also good for business.
Thanks again.