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Last Update: October 28, 2013

Hi everyone out there!

So yesterday I was online looking for a new job. Back in July I was let go from my position. Not just a position either, at the time I felt it was a new step in a new career. I had become a licensed insurance agent. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and something that every job I've held has been about. The problem with my previous jobs is they were lacking one thing, creativity. When I was growing up I was so creative, mostly writing, poetry and stories. It was a big part of who I was for a very long time. Grown up life caused a bit of a detour in that area. I was just working to live paycheck to paycheck, pay bills. That just wasn't what I wanted to be doing anymore. I want that creative aspect back in my life, back in what I'm devoting my time too.

Now as I was looking through endless postings about jobs I came across another site, work from home, project payday. It looked like a good opportunity and I figured why not look at some reviews. The first one I came across was an unbiased review by WA member Vince. His video was engaging and made me understand that the other site probably wasn't what I'd been searching for. At the end of his review he mentioned how he was making money now, at WA. I clicked the link and I was hooked. It was an easy decision to see if this was a good fit. The website didn't look like those get rich quick scams, there was no mlm or pyramid here. That's what got me to start the free trial.

I've always been one to try and learn as much as I can. I didn't have an opportunity to attend college when I was younger, which always bothered me because, not to toot my own horn too loudly, I'm very smart. Believe me I'm usually quite modest, but sometimes you just have to speak the truth ;) I ran through the getting started course one, it was exhilarating. I'd never learned how to build a website or how to actually drive traffic. I had purchased a website in the past but was so lost as to how to start or what to do, that I honestly never really did anything. This was so different from other supposed "opportunities" on the internet. By this morning my website was built, I had keywords and steps to move forward. I could of just stayed on with the free trial, I'd read many discussions on here that said you can make money without signing up. I believe you can, that getting started course has given me a firm foundation to build from. But...

For me, I want to learn more. I also want to have the access to all of these people on the site that are doing what I'm doing. The ones who have been where I am right now. It's my goal to learn from them and the courses that the premium membership offers me. In my opinion it's worth it and in the end the only thing that matters is what you think about it. Community is an important thing in life, not just offline but online as well. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I can log on at 3 in the morning ask a question that's keeping me up and someone will be there for me. Even if they don't have the answer they can point me in the right direction. That is what i want in my online career. I get the chance to start my own site about something I am passionate about. It gives me an outlet to write again, to come up with new and interesting content. Mainly it allows me to challenge myself, and I think everyone should do something that challenges them everyday.

Well, now that I have rambled on for awhile I'll conclude this post. I hope this helps anyone who is trying to decide whether premium is for you or not. Good luck out there to the newbies like me :) Hope to see you around the water cooler, or um, virtual water cooler I suppose :)

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wei Premium
Stacy, I can say you make a right choice. You act fast, with this same speed and eagerness to learn, I believe you can obtain success.
judebanks Premium
Stacy, you are off to a great start. I enjoyed reading your post. You come across as genuine and authentic. I agree, I think people not sure whether to go premium should read your entry here. ~ Jude
jespinola Premium
Hey Stacy. Welcome to WA and going on Premium. If you are so creating I am sure you have a change to work in your site and be a sucessful member. :)

My best wish to you and remember you have a whole community that we can help you :)
Rick Jantz Premium
So glad you found your way here and congrats on choosing to go Premium. All the best to you.
BIS Premium
Hello Stacy - Welcome to WA. You've come to the right place. Wishing you every success as you get to grips with setting up your first website.
LadyOdd Premium
Thank you! So far everyone has been friendly and helpful, I'm glad I found this place :)