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I know the ranks aren't a huge deal, but I was super excited to log on this morning and be 100 :) It made me smile, which I needed today. I had plans to sign up for yearly with the black friday special, it was going to be a gift to myself. Unfortunately the universe had different plans. On Friday my car broke down and yesterday I found out it will cost a little over $700 to fix. This of course did not make my day, but I do like to think positive. We have saved up a little bit of money the last
Okay so I haven't had any spam comments on my site yet but I think I may have gotten 2 today. One I am almost sure of and I can't really decipher it. I rеally liκe &X77;hat you &X67;uys are usually &X75;p too. Τhis κind οf c&X6c;eveг work and reporti&X6E;g! Ke&X65;p up the terгific works guyѕ I’vе &X61;dde&X64; &X79;οu guyѕ to my blogгol&X6C; Any thoughts on that? The second one I'm not sure, maybe it was someone from here or just trying to
November 27, 2013
It's not much just $1.24 from my walmart affiliate :) I'm very excited though! Just wanted to share :)
November 24, 2013
This evening I finished course 4 in the training. I feel like I have learned so much and I'm very glad to have found Wealthy Affiliate! My website is up and getting ranked pages and posts. I'm not yet where I want to be traffic wise but I know if I stay on this path it will eventually happen. There are still so many things I want to learn so I will be devouring the classrooms next to find help in continuing to build the best site I can. It has been challenging but that is part of the excitement
So yesterday my atmail seems to have stopped forwarding. I have it set up to forward to a gmail account and it was working perfectly until yesterday morning. I have searched every where and cant find an answer or solution. Has anyone had this problem? Any idea how to fix it? I cant check any of my site email now and i need to :(
Hello WA fam! Yesterday I posted a discussion about my new site that will provide free images for us to all use. The site is up and running. All of the pictures on the site can be used by anyone and do not require any attribution. Currently only pictures i have taken are on the site I am just waiting for submissions. Speaking of submissions, I invite everyone to visit the site and feel free to submit any pictures that you personally own and have taken. Pictures that you don't mind others sharin
November 12, 2013
I decided to just google some of my own keywords and I found one on page 2. My super easy nails at home :) I hope that i checked it right. Are there any tips to getting an accurate result?
It's the end of my second week here at WA and I am feeling great about what I have accomplished. I am almost done with course 3 :) Just waiting on google adsense or infolinks to give me a yes approved! Then I will be able to move on in the course. While I patiently wait I will be writing a singular product review, not sure yet what that will be but it'll come to me. In the meantime just wanted to say thanks to everyone on WA that has helped me! Too many to name individually and some don't even
November 09, 2013
That one was easier and quicker to write than the first one :) If anyone would like to check it out for me I would love some feedback. Thank you.
I wrote my first street article. I don't know why but I found this more difficult than writing for my site. It's published though so I'm hoping it was as engaging as my site posts. If anyone would like to take a look that would be great. I'd love some feedback :)