Course 2 down-Loving every minute of it!

Last Update: November 05, 2013

Hi all! I'm just finishing up lesson 10 on course 2 and things are going great so far. Finding this program has truly felt like a blessing to me. Being able to learn how to create my own website is awesome. I, like most every one here, have been to probably thousands of websites, I always wondered how do they do it? In the past I had bought a domain name and had a business idea, but I was completely lost and had no idea how to actually create something from the blank godaddy creator I was using. If I would of found this program 3 years ago I believe I'd already be established and doing well. It's okay though, we can't go back so I'll just keep moving forward. A big thank you to Kyle and Carson for all the training and a thank you to Vince who led me to this site :)

As I mentioned above I previously wanted to start a website, it was completely different than what I have created here, but that actually makes me happier. My site I developed is something that I am personally passionate about and experience/experiment with on a daily basis. I'm a plus size gal and a fashion fanatic. So I created This is the perfect niche for me! I'm knowledgeable and I am truly interested in what I'm creating. In my case I find that enjoying what I've decided to devote my site to makes me more inclined to get involved everyday. My suggestion would be to anyone to find something that keeps you engaged so that you will feel that passion to create content and reach others.

I'm very proud of what I have created with my content. I enjoy writing and always have, I think that's one reason this is great for me. I have an outlet for my creativity and it's an opportunity to reach hopefully thousands of people. I have yet to make any money with my site, but I still feel I've accomplished a lot. What i'm most proud of? Myself :) I can look at my site and be happy knowing I made this-it's my creation. That, my friends, is a great feeling.

As far as my future is concerned I see only bright roads ahead. I have some personal goals I've set that I'd like to share with my WA fam. Over the next three months I want to get my site ranked in google and hopefully be involved in some affiliations. My top goal is to gain some true followers to my sight. In six months time I am hoping that I will be making money from my site, I am hoping it will be enough to supplement our current income so I can continue to do this as my main job. That is what I am currently doing. Right now to me this is my job and I am going to continue treating it as such. I plan on being my own tough boss :)

I know this is a long post but I do hope you found it interesting. Thanks to everyone I've met and received help from. Also to all the people who have visited my site, provided feed back and left me comments-it is extremely appreciated!



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hart48 Premium
Love your post and I am so glad your niche is also your passion. I will have to check out your site.
TravelHacker Premium
Keep up the awesome work Stacy!
As I've mentioned before, I love you site and I can't wait to see what else is coming... ;)
LadyOdd Premium
Thank you! I can't wait to keep the creative juices flowing!
Blessings44 Premium
Congratulations! You have achieved a lot in a short time.You're so right about choosing a niche that you're passionate about.We are actually so lucky not to have had to to try & figure it out as so many others have had to.
Good luck!
LadyOdd Premium
Thanks! yeah I find it's so much easier for me to create since I know what I'm writing about :)
findingemo Premium
Congrats on getting so much done. You should be very proud of yourself. IMHO picking a niche you are so passionate and involved in is an excellent idea, like you said, it is exciting and easy for you to write about because you enjoy it so much.

Good luck on your venture and being your "own tough boss" , I wish my boss (myself) was a little tougher, I'd get more work done. LOL

Patty :)
LadyOdd Premium
Lol, yeah I'm still working on being tougher on myself. I slack off a little but I'm trying to crack down :)
BIS Premium
Good for you. You're right there's no point in looking back. And you have the start of a nice website that's in a niche that people have often felt unrepresented - so I have no doubt you will do well. Onwards and upwards!
LadyOdd Premium
Thank You! I am so excited to be doing this :)