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Last Update: October 02, 2016

Hello my dearest WA friends and all newcomers...

I think once people realize that Wealthy Affiliate isn't a scam, it's very easy to see why people fall head over heals and in love with the WA program.

There's only one way with Wealthy Affiliate and that's up...and again up... and I'll say it again UP!

So, for those who've been here for many years let me tell you you'll always be a winner. And, for newcomers to WA, your success will depend on how much you focus on WAs fab training.

I remember when I first started out with WA; boy, it was so overwhelming and I had knowledge of creating websites. Thus, for those who have zero knowledge and understanding I empathize with you! However, this isn't to despair you - no not at all.

All I want to do is encourage you, WAs training is easier than saying CHEESE, lol where did I get that from? Well the fact is, it is made very easy, it's all in bite size pieces and we just need to take daily baby steps.

Wealthy Affiliates training is second to none, I can tell you that I've tried other training programs and they're not a patch on WA.

I believe you will find your glimmer of hope here!

Here are some step to aid your success

  • If you're struggling with a particular lesson, then go over it again. Once you've grasped it, tick the DONE box. By doing this, WA will remember which lesson you're up to each time you login.
  • If you can, go over the lessons again at a later date when you have time, you'll be surprised how much you've you missed.
  • Be patient with your questions, you'll find 99% of them will be answered in due time as you move forward.
  • If you have any questions, you could ask by clicking on the menubar above 'the pen button' to create your question, then sit back and watch the answers comerolling in from other WA members.
  • Forget about what you can't do and concentrate on what you can do because all will be revealed in due time!
  • You have two choices when creating a site, to work your new site alongside the training or do the training first. If you have the time, I'd suggest to do the training first, then attempt to do your site alongside the training again - you'll find it easier.
  • Keep your focus and set a daily schedule when to complete a lesson. Even members who've been here many years still set 1/2 hour or so a day to learn new things.
  • Once you've completed the Certificate Course, you will have the option to go through the Bootcamp course.
  • When you become confident, you may want to blog on WA and/or eventually produce valuable training.

I am always happy to help, you can contact me below.

Have a great day

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Freedomseekr Premium
Thanks for sharing, Sharon! This is great advice to us all, whether we're new here or not. I agree, it helps so much to go back over the training again, it's surprising what you missed the first time around.

I came here with no knowledge at all of building websites or affiliate marketing and wow, it's amazing what you can learn here!

At first, it was a bit overwhelming, until I realized I needed to just take it a step at a time and stop focusing on everything at once...instead focus on the steps that get you there. Like you said, they're all laid out in bite-size pieces for us.

I really like that advice, "forget about what you can't do and concentrate on what you CAN do because all will be revealed in due time." That is very true, as I've found out. Everything eventually starts to click if we just give it time and keep learning.

Thanks again for sharing...guess you got me going here, lol!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Magieken Premium
Sharon this is great advice for all of us. Thank you for putting it out there. I am sure it will help a lot of people. WA training is constant and ongoing from the updates by Kyle, to Carson's posts, Jays video training every Saturday and all the training by our members. Yes, it can get overwhelming but I think the best advice I have had was from Jay who said don't try to learn everything. Just take what you need to know to complete a task at any given time and learn it completely. Then learn the next need to know and so on.
kempes Premium
Thank you Sharon for your explicit advice on what to do and how to to do while consuming the training WA offers together with it's community. ln fact, it is worth something than nothing taken in ignorance. l will follow the training as you rightly tell me. And will also exercise patience as well. Thank you very much and stay blessed.
Lady May Premium
Your welcome and I'm glad it was helpful :)
SweetTLC Premium
Thank you so much Sharon. I appreciate the great post. I look forward to following you all along in my journey here at WA. I'm most excited about this community and all the great training and learning here. So much to learn. In due time. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish you monstrous success online and in life. Cheers
Lady May Premium
Likewise and thank you for your kind words :)
raghu123 Premium
Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing this useful info!

I started with Certificate course and nearing to complete course -1. Sometime in due course, I found difficulty in selection of niche and took much time.
In the middle, I jumped into Boot Camp Training and finding it comfortable. Presently nearing to complete Course-1 and yet to start Course-2 in Boot Camp!

My thought was there are two ways of learning
1. Certification Course with our own niche
2. Boot Camp Course with promoting WA

My website is ready now based on Boot Camp and of course needs continual improvement as I move on further into Boot Camp Course!

Could you suggest how helpful if I complete Certification course and then start Boot Camp?
Lady May Premium
I don't think it's two ways of learning, but that the Boot Camp Course is more advanced over the Certification Course.

Some people are happy just learning the Certification Course, they never start the Boot Camp Course - I can't understand that but it is the way it is I guess.

Some people find the Certification Course too easy and move straight to the Bootcamp. I personally whizzed through the Certification Course and have no desire to go through it again, yet the Bootcamp I could go through it over and over.

It's your choice. Hope that helps
raghu123 Premium
Hi Sharon,
Yes, I will try to go through Certification Course...
Thanks for your response!

Happy New Year 2017!
rosieM Premium
So happy to see your blog! As always, nothing but the best advice.....I tried to do training without a website, although I completely understood everything, it truly 'embedded in the brain' better with a visual accompaniment. Since SiteRubix affords a free website, this was an excellent plus for me!
Laura3 Premium
I so much appreciate your blog and the practical help you offered. The suggestion that really appealed to me was the one about going through the training first, and then coming back and going through the training again as you build your site. I think that is exactly what I will do. Thanks Sharon!
addgypsee83 Premium
Thanks sharon, that does help. I just wrote a blog about the baby steps. I have a tendency to get ahead of myself and find myself overwhelmed so often. I've been busy trying to develop my site and noticed they sent me an email that I had stayed the boot camp and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to take that on to considering I'm already struggling to keep up with the other, I hope I can contin it later because I know is got to be great, but I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew yet, which I may have already with staying with such a broad niche.
msh2501 Premium
Hi Sharon, good advice. In my case I went to the Affiliate Bootcamp because I do not know what I really like or what niche I could have.
I am back after some months, I have to re-learn many things. However, I am glad to read your post and give you my point of view.
With my best wishes, Martha.
Lilika84 Premium
''Forget about what you can't do and concentrate on what you can do because all will be revealed in due time!''
I've just done that! One question, when you suggest finishing the certification course before starting with the Bootcamp, do you mean the whole 6 levels of the Certification course?
Anyway I am going for it, just curious if you waited to finish all 60 lessons before you started with the Bootcamp?
Lady May Premium
I think it's good to do them all, but maybe some will be easier than others may be because you might be more familiar with it, in that case scanning and moving on to the next would be OK. Hope you're doing well :)
Lilika84 Premium
Thanks :)
I am going through everything again ;)
Just finished L1/lesson1 for the 3rd time lol
Thandi1420 Premium
Thank you, Sharon, It's great to be in connection with a group of people who share similar goals, working together and helping each other to achieve these goals. I am not alone in building my business a, I'm in month 2, and already feel like I'm part of the family. Thank you to everyone.
womo2015 Premium
Hi Lady May,

Just depressed by my inability to solve problem by my own I try to use your declaration to help. After more than 1 year with WA i lost stimulant to do work step by step.
Maybe you want to find challenge how to help looping fellow?

Lady May Premium
Bless you, I remember those first days literally screaming at the PC, of course it wasn't my fault lol. It does get easier it just takes some people longer to grasp it - me included I've got brain block most days!
womo2015 Premium
That is for me simpler. I just procrascinated to much plus taking care of Twiter, Pinterest, Tumnnrn, ans others.
And here is my problem!