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August 07, 2013
A little trick we can use to enhance a webpage is to allow visitors an easy way to jump from the bottom of a long page to the top with just one click. Of course the visitor can take the time to scroll back up to the top of the page but one click can save them time, making navigation easier.Here's how ...STEP ONEGo to the "edit-page" of the webpage you are working with (At the top-right of the edit-page there are 2 tabs on the upper right side ... "Visual" and "Text")If you are in the "visual"
March 22, 2013
Scams are plentiful on the internet, particularly in niches that focus on making money online. The following information will help you to avoid being taken advantage of:1. AVOID SITES THAT TELL YOU HOW TO GET RICH QUICKThese types of scams are widespread. You will see them in newspapers, on TV, magazines and especially on the internet. There are no quick, easy ways to make money online. Getting rich quick is not going to happen. There are many, many victims of scams who will tell you so.Think ab